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The scene opens up and we see Jookie Marley in his locker room getting ready for his match against AC. Cobra. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Marley continues to get ready as the knocks get harder. The door bursts open and Jim Black rushes in. He runs up to Marley and gives him a hug from behind.

Jim Black:
You're BACCKKK!!

Jookie Marley: WHAT THE HELL!!

Marley takes out his earbuds as Black lets go of his grip. Marley quickly turns around and notices Black behind him.

Jookie Marley: Neighbor are you crazy? You know I don't play that battyman mess. You lucky I didn't swing on you.

Jim Black: I'm sorry man, I'm just so happy to see you back. Hows the neck treating you after what Elijah did to you?

Marley starts to rub his neck.

Jookie Marley: Its fully healed now. I don't really remember anything about that night. I seen the replay though and seen a big Harambe looking dude drop me on my neck through the announcer table.

Jim Black: Yeah, Elijah Dean really did a number on you. He got released the same night though because of the incident.

Jookie Marley: Lucky him! I was hoping to see him tonight so I could put him in a chair with wheels.

Marley grabs his boots and sits down.

Jookie Marley: The Doctors kept telling me that I might not be able to wrestle again. Hearing them continually tell me that, only made me go harder. I made sure I was the first one in and the last one out of the gym every damn night. They warned me that I would hurt myself even more if I didn't rest but I'm too unruly to listen to no Doctors. Pass me the wrap in my bag.

Jim Black opens Marleys gym bag and quickly turns his head away.

Jim Black:
Damn, your bag smells bad. I guess some things never change.

Jookie Marley: The hell you talking about?

Jim Black pulls out a Ziploc bag full of marijuana. Marley gets up and walks over to Black, snatches the bag and smells it.

Jookie Marley: This right here smells better than any flower, air freshener, or any food you have smelled in your life. To be honest, this is another reason why I recovered so fast. Herb is the healing of a nation, Black.

Jim Black:
Put that away before you get both of us in trouble.

Marley put the Ziploc back in his gym bag and pulls out the hand wrap.

Jookie Marley:
I see you still acting like a lil girl. Take the G-string off and get you some boxers.

Jim Black: On to a more serious subject, how do you feel about your chances going into this Light Heavyweight Tournament? Do you think you can walk out of New York as a winner?

Jookie Marley:
My long vacation only made me better, faster and stronger. Right now I'm feeling like I can take on tables, ladders and chairs in a handicap hardcore match and win.

Jim Black and Marley start to laugh.

Jookie Marley:
To be honest, I never felt this determined in a long time. I want to be back at the top in OCW. I want to wear gold again.

Jim Black: Well good luck out there. AC. Cobra is a tough competitor so you'll have to try and beat him first.

Jim Black makes his way out of the locker room as Marley walks behind him.

Jookie Marley:
I got a question for you guy. Who'd you go for? Hillary or Trump?

Jim Black turns around slowly. Marley walks over to him and looks down in his face. You can see the sweat start to build up on Blacks forehead.

Jookie Marley: You aint hear me bruh? Hillary or Trump?

Jim Black away from Marley slowly.

Jim Black: I-I-I vo-voted f-for Tr-Trum-Tr..

Suddenly Marley grabs Black by his belt and tosses him out of the locker room like his name was Jazzy Jeff.


Jookie Marley: You one of the reasons why some of us wont be here in a couple of months, dumb ass!

The camera cuts to ringside as Jim Black struggles to get up.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

HAHAA hes back!

Thats assault BRUUUH!

Speaking of Assault! Anthony Baker defends his Hardcore Championship! In the first official Riot Championship match of the Season!

These sort of matches set the tempo for the season!



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The Camera pans to the announce team!


He did it!!!


The X-tron flickers on and Joe Zhivago, has now made his way to the main entrance. Almost everyone was inside the arena and Joe could find no way in that wasn't guarded by security or that foolish Cactus Gauge.

Dejected and still pissed that Cactus slammed a door in his face, he stopped in front of the merchandise stand and stared blankly at all the t-shirts. The young woman working there beamed at him.

Young woman:
Hullo sir! Can I get you anything? The Dennis Black t-shirts are very popular!

Joe's eyes narrow at the mention of the Turmoil and TV champion. He grabs hold of one side of the stand and flips the whole thing over - a cascade of OCW merchandise flies into the air. Joe reaches up and catches one of the t-shirts, while a pile of them land on the shocked woman's head, covering her face with a t-shirt that reads, "Cox".

Thanks for the recommendation...

Joe smirks to himself and casually leaves the arena. Camers fades.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh thats not nice!



Turmoil Tag Team Championship


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The Camera pans to the announce team!

....THEY DID IT!!!



We fade into the locker room of Revolution, Inc. The mood of this meeting is quite different from the usual, with most of them being rather silent as they grab a few chairs and take their seats. K.D. is devouring his bag of Sun Chips while Jackson tries to take them from the big man with little success, Dennis and Madison are talking about subjects that may or may not be too urban for us to comprehend, and Sophia is somehow having a conversation with Bubba, who is adorned with a Rev Inc. jersey. Nate Ortiz and Versus are standing opposite of them, planning.

Nate Ortiz: I think we're missing someone.

Versus: I should do a quick head count.

Versus turns and starts counting but then he abruptly stops himself.

Actually, I should probably NOT be the one doing the counting around here.

He takes a quick puff of his vape machine thing as Nate counts everyone up. He looks around and his expression turns to one of confusion. He turns to Versus.

Nate Ortiz:
...You heard from Drago?

Versus: Last time I saw him, he was in a coma. I don't think he's coming back for a while.

Nate Ortiz (under his breath): Great.

Nate clears his throat.

Nate Ortiz:
Folks, I wanna thank you all for coming out here tonight. I hope that the off-season has given us some time to think about where we go from here, because it's no secret that the past couple of shows haven't exactly gone our way.

Nate Ortiz: Versus came up short in his title match. Sophia almost suffered a career-ending injury. That psychopath Majin didn't even show up for my match, and what I got instead was a beatdown courtesy of Bald Guy #1 and Bald Guy #2.

Madison Cox: You're welcome!

Nate shoots her a stern look before he continues.

Nate Ortiz:
...And we may or may not have lost Drago. He's probably breathing through a tube right now.

Madison stands and raises her hand. Everyone turned to stare at her as she lowered her arm.

And once again, Dennis was attacked by a pack of Skwad members.

Versus coughs and Madison turns to look at him. Dennis covered his face in embarrassment.

Might want to look less like you’re doing a Nazi salute.

Madison let her arm fall to her side.

I had no idea!

Sophia massages her temples.


KD: Blond hair. Blue eyes. Big boobies. Hitler would have loved you.

Madison: Anyway! This is the second time Dennis has been attacked by the Skwad after a title match with no help from Rev. Inc. I even tried to shield him with my perfect body in hopes of Majin stopping.

Madison: But no, he hit me with a chair anyway. The man...or....lady is a monster. But, what is the point of us being here if he can't rely on you guys to back him up? Do I need to stand outside of a Home Depot and hire some of Sophia and Nate’s people for protection? If I must I will.

Sophia: What?!

Sophia: Collectively, we’ve had a hell of a lot of stuff thrown our way this year. Between all the factions coming out of the woodwork, we’ve got to keep making our mark. They have pushed us for far too long already… now it's our moment to really push back. With the addition of Drago, it's time to put our plans into action… both as a team, for the good of Rev. Inc., and for ourselves. I know I've got a score to settle with a certain slimy Skrub. We all do.

K.D. is about to raise his hand to interject but he's interrupted by the door swinging open. The figure quickly enters and slowly closes the door shut. He turns around much to everyone's surprise. The camera pans to reveal that it is Drago Cesar, looking no worse for wear. He pulls up a chair in front of Bubba and sits on it while extending his arm behind him to pet the lion. Versus and Nate look at each other for a few seconds before Nate turns back.

Nate Ortiz:
Drago, you hanging in there?

The hunter simply nods.

Nate Ortiz:
Right. We've gone through some serious shortcomings as of late. And I know that this might seem a little harsh, but if we continue going in this direction, Purge and Skwad are gonna take over OCW. As much as it pains me to say this it could be for good.

Nate Ortiz: I know we've been feeling a lot of pain. Some more than others. But we are a team and we need to heal as a team, or we are going to crumble. Tonight we leave everything in that damn ring. The 20ft by 20ft sanctuary that we all call home. Move by move, punching, kicking, clawing our way to victory and redemption.

Nate looks around the room.

Now we all can sit on our asses and get the crap kicked out of us, or we can fight back. One match at a time. While Versus and I can help, we're not as young as we used to be. I look around this room.....and I see some of the best in this business.

Nate Ortiz: There is nothing we can't do. But you have to ask yourself it you want it. I don't need a pledge. But just watch what I go out there and do tonight. Follow my lead and lets start year 12 by painting this place red!

The members of Rev Inc start hyping themselves up and hollering with the exception of Drago, who remains silent, giving the occasional high five. The scene fades to black.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Rallying cry by non other than the GTG.

Tonight could be Rev Inc's night1

Up next Tre Golden goes One On One with the Enforcer of the Purge! Dimsmore!

A win here could lead him closer to getting his Fro back!

Light Heavyweight Contendership

Ryu Matsumoto vs Kassidy Hayes

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

He is moving on to the finals!

Thats Pretty rad!

Up next Tre Golden goes One On One with the Enforcer of the Purge! Dimsmore!

A win here could lead him closer to getting his Fro back!



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Well this is interesting. Dimsmore is not even dressed for competition. He has a very perturbed look on his face as he paces around the ring. The Sergeant in Arms of The PURGE finally walks over and receives the mic from the ring announcer.

He continues to dart left and right across the ring from the hard camera angle. Even more interesting is the absence of Lacy Love, who is home still recovering from her surgery.

Dimsmore finally stops in the middle of the ring, drops down to both knees and is facing the hard camera. He hasn’t lifted his head up from looking at the mat yet.

Dimsmore: 12 years……

Dimsmore: 12 long painstaking years….

Dimsmore: Year in and year out. Era after era. This place has flourished in times of prosperity. And has also see the darkest of ages at times. I’ve seen on screen sexual assaults, large tanker trucks go on high speed chases. I've seen the death and rebirth and death and resurrection of Leonheart. I’ve seen beheadings and whatever the hell was in that LOTUS entrance video.

A slight pause as the OCW Universe applauded the mini history lesson.

Dimsmore: And as for my footprint in OCW’s 12 years, I’ve seen them all. Tiberius Dupree, Patolomai, BUFFNESS, KD, The Steve, Guy Fausto, The Darkside, The Inner Circle. The list goes on and on.

Now Dimsmore begins to look at the lights.

Dimsmore: Now with all of the history here and all of the talent that has set foot in this ring. Who in the world do the powers that be give me for a match on this anniversary show, Something called a Tre Golden??

Dimsmore slowly comes to his feet. And is now staring directly into the hard camera.

Dimsmore: This is what you have for me OCW? After the 6 years that I've put in and the 12 years of existence. You offer up Tre Golden?

Dimsmore: So no. Not then, not now, not ever. As a member of the most powerful faction in OCW history, I will NOT belittle myself down to a Tre Golden.

Dimsmore turns towards the entrance ramp.

Dimsmore: So OCW, give me something worth my time. Don't play me for a fool with whatever that was. I need something big, something epic. Something……

The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

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