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Drago gets to his feet as the match comes to its conclusion. He is announced as the winner as the crowd goes nuts. The ref raises his hand and another official hands him the official S-Cup trophy. Drago raises it high for everybody to see. He then puts the trophy down beside him as Stacy Clark comes in with a mic.

Stacy Clark:
Drago, congratulations on becoming the winner of Riot's S-Cup tournament. How are you feeling after getting the win tonight? Did you think you would win?

Stacy puts the mic close to Drago but the hunter is silent, looking up towards the sky, taking a deep breath. He makes a fist with his right hand. Stacy nervously laughs.

Stacy Clark:
I guess there are no words to describe such a huge win! So what's next for Drago Cesar in these upcoming weeks?

Drago starts breathing heavily, covering his face with his hands. Stacy doesn't know what to make of this, so she slowly retracts the mic toward her and starts speaking again when Drago suddenly snatches the mic from her.....


Drago let out a guttural scream that could be heard from miles away. His voice was one of simultaneous rage and anguish. He gives the mic back to Stacy as she slowly walks away.

Drago looks toward the ramp to see if the former CEO would step out to confront him, but after about a minute it was clear that that wasn't going to happen.

Drago looks at the hard camera, his arms shaking and his breathing getting deeper. The crowd is going ballistic at the thought of Drago getting his revenge on Sensation.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Drago is a man on a mission! His next target is Mr.Sensation!

That can't possibly end well!

The Camera Pans To The Back

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

KNEESUS CHRIST!!!! his ancestors will feel that!!!

I don't think I've ever seen someone hit that hard in my life!

And as we come to a close we have the final Main Event of the Evening!. Dennis Black takes on Malu with the winner being crowned the FIRST Turmoil S Cup Winner!

History time!


Turmoil S Cup Finals

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

He's done it!! We have a Turmoil Super S Cup Winner!

History made!!!!