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Prince is in the locker-room as he has just heard the news that his match has been cancelled due to Smythe no showing the PPV. He makes his way out of the locker-room area down to the Gorilla Postion just before the entrance ramp.

He motions for a mic ready to make an announcement.

Prince looks up to crowd avoiding eye contact with any cameras and addresses tonights poor events..

Prince: Sadly Smythe.. Your fear and paranoia has driven you away.. I wouldn't have expected this from an esteemed Hall of Famer.. But alas I kinda thought this would happen.. You're out poisoning your body day in and day out with your gross ego and highly incompetent friends who boast you higher than the clouds..

Prince: See I guess in the end.. The light shed upon the darkness because Smythe you attacked me last month and tried to make me quit.. But I didn't quit I was ready to save your soul and make you embrace the light..

Prince: But you didn't want to face your demons and let your clouded judgment confuse you.. You are an unsaveable man and for that I am done with you..

Prince: Stay in your little cave of ego and incompetence to never return to the ring Smythe.. This company no longer wants you and has needed you for a long time.. You are no wonder anymore you are a fluke and a joke.. May the light save you one day my friend..

Prince: But tonight.. I will save a soul.. I will help someone find their light! I will be their messiah and guide them through the depths of their inner hells and make them see the light.. I will save someone anyone.. So come now someone from the back come forth and let me save you let me bring you to the light..

Prince: Hit my music!

Princes music begins as he prepares to make his way down to the ring, demanding a match!

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Did he just lay out an open challenge?

I wonder who will answer the call?


Open Challenge!
PRINCE vs ?????

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Mother of Shugaboogah!



Dennis and Madison enter the catering area, already heavily engaged in conversation. The expression on Dennis's face tells a thousand words as he contemplates tonight's event.

The fans, did you hear them? They boo me here! Have they no appreciation for what I've done?

Madison: Well Dennis, it's because you're a Champion… They just don't know what one looks like here, especially by the likes of you. It's because… you’re Blek.

Do they not see what an underdog I am? I still am one, right?

Madison stares at Dennis, confused.

Madison: S-sure. Yes Dennis, of course you are.

Dennis sighs as he sits down in a chair. Madison follows suit and pulls up a chair next to him. She pulls out her bedazzled compact mirror from her purse and opens it, showing it to Dennis.

Dennis, I want you to look in this mirror, and not just at me, but yourself as well. Tell me what you see.

Dennis: I see… Me?

Madison: No Dennis, really look.

Dennis peers into his reflection to try to see what Madison is saying. He continues to look puzzled.

Dennis: My- my hair change?

Madison: No!! Well yes, the cinnamon hue suits you, you're welcome. But not just that, Dennis. I want you to see the man that has overcome all the odds.

I want you to see the man who, beginning one year ago to this very day, defied all the odds and proved all the naysayers wrong.

The man who pushed and pushed despite the weight of the world and the corruption of the company bearing down on his shoulders.

Madison: See the man who has rewritten chapters of history within this very year alone. A man who potentially, can break the record for most defenses in a single title reign.

Madison: Something many...thought would never happen. The Television Title was found in the Trash, Dennis. We dusted her off, named her, made her mean something.

Madison: That Television Title is worth more than the North American Title, Lightweight, and even the OCW title. Do you know why?

Dennis: ...We cleaned her?

Madison: No!!, because of the man who has worn that title proudly before and after seventeen successful defenses.

Madison: Most join OCW in search of titles to define who they are.

Madison: They hunt titles to elevate their worth. But you?

Madison: You make titles mean something. You elevate titles. You were the best this company has when we entered this GOD AWFUL arena, and you will be the best when you leave this GOD AWFUL state, win or lose.

Madison: Because you’re at the top of the company, regardless of gold.

Madison coughs: I mean, i prefer you retain, obviously. I like to shop.

Madison: Now with all the obstacles that you've overcome in mind, do you really still see RD Money being the roadblock that breaks your stride? He is nothing but chump change now.

Rather than answer her question, Dennis quickly stood from his seat, almost knocking Madison over in the process. If not for the referees standing between them, Dennis would be face to face with R.D. Money.

Bentley: Well if it ain’t the bore and the whore. What it do, dummies?

Dennis: We....we have no idea what that means.

Madison glared at the Hall of Famer while hiding behind her Champion. Dennis hands Madison the Turmoil Heavyweight title and she holds it high above her head. R.D. Money looks at the belt and returns his attention to Dennis.

Bentley: I'm taking that and Madison if she behaves herself. But first, you catching these hands, son. What you did to my boy won't stand.

Dennis: I'm glad we understand each other. Embarrassing Madison the way you did won't stand. I hope you're ready. I truly mean that. Because the moment that bell rings, I'll be-

The Hall of Famer yawned loudly.

Bentley: Booooooore...and the whore. I got a whole locker room begging and pleading. Straight drooling at the thought of me taking that belt.

Bentley: You're no underdog. You've become everything you were fighting against a year ago, son.

Madison: You're no different than Pugh. Malu and Valentine. But don't worry, you'll know your place when all Is said and done.

Bentley: We’ll see. Only one man will be standing tall at the end of the night, and it won't be Dennis Black. I'll bet every cent I got on it.

Madison: Poor it is, then. I could use a new dress. Let's go, Dennis.

The scene ends with the Champion and his challenger walking in opposite directions.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

This is history in the making!

I Can't wait!


Xtron Flickers On!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

This one has pier Six written all over it!

I cannot wait!


Previously recorded February 24th.

It's is a beautiful bright sunny day here in Baltimore. The view of Downtown Baltimore is great from the tallest building ever built here, Bank of America Building. It sits 34 stories tall (509 ft.).

The wind blowing a steady 15 mph. But from up here it feels closer to 20. To H2O, it's nothing. Being from Colorado the weather out here in the east is nothing.

Only dressed down with a grey OCW hoodie, sleeves rolled up, light brown tinted aviators, brown khakis and some Timbo’s his new found lady, Heather Angelo, bought for him.

He chuckles for a moment thinking about her trying to convert him to dress like a New Yorker. To be a New Yorker you have to own a pair of Tim’s right? Anyways…

H2O stands with his hands in the pockets of his hoody. He looks over Baltimore as he thinks about his biggest match yet; the Light Heavyweight Championship versus Pugh.

This weekend I'll be showcasing my abilities with one of the most talented Superstars on OCW’s roster, a Legend!. I signed to OCW after the 12 Year Anniversary Show. Riot 451 was the 1st show aired after my signing and it featured Pugh.

H2O: I was there that night. Dennis Black almost nearly killed you. You wouldn't quit, you wouldn't stay down, you wouldn't give up. The refs had to call the fight….I LOVED it!

A gust of wind blows making H2O pause mid thought. He closes his eyes and opens his arms. With no fear of falling off, H2O maintains perfect balance along the edge of the building. Almost as if he's meditating; blocking off all distractions.

My adrenaline is rising steadily as I remain relaxed standing on this ledge. At Certified Greatness when I square off with Pugh, my body will be doing the same thing. Adrenaline pumping on the inside but calm and relaxed on the outside.

H2O: Your accomplishments, your accolades, your stature is impressive. Defeating you in front of my OCW Universe is going to be even more impressive. Gaining The Light Heavyweight title will be an added bonus.

H2O: I've witnessed you being a tough son of b(beep)tch in that ring so I know it won't be a walk in the park for me. I just hope you take that very same statement and apply it to yourself when you talk about me. So……

H2O: It's time to set the bar high… raise the stakes…or any other idioms you can think of that relates to elevation of…

Camera zooms in slow closer to his face. He opens his eyes and the camera focuses in on them.

The Aerial Assassin!

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Kid is hyped up and ready to fly!

But will it be enough?