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Chapter 5

Road 2 Glory



The Camera pans to ramp as an old nostalgic tune hits and the duo of Scaggs and Poling head down to the ring!! The packed crowd roars in excitement and begins to chant "OCW" OCW" "OCW"

Ladies and Gentleman YOU HAVE VOTED!


Stacy Clark stands by The Current Greatest OCW World Heavyweight Champion H2O. Stacy smiles at Harvey as she watches him look out towards nothing as he strokes his clean goatee.

Wha ha ho, Harvey. I must say it’s nice to see you looking sharp like how I’m used to seeing you!

H2O: Thank you very much, Stace! I look and feel good about tonight in Denver, Colorado!

You hear the fans pop off in the distance.

You and DOC put on a great show on Riot against your current rivals. But now you get Blacksmith all to yourself.

Stacy: Are you a bit nervous about what the stipulation may be against him tonight?

H2O: No matter the stipulation; Sudden Death, ACCENDI Tables or Gorilla Warfare, Harvey Hamilton Ocean is ready.

Suddenly The former OCW World Heavyweight Champion DOC walks into frame. Stacy finds herself between them.

Nice one, Harvey, good to see you around, bro.

H2O: It’s good to see you again, DOC! Thank you for fending off that crazy horse for me last week. We both have como se de se….hijos de puta locos.

H2O: Wish Heather was here to help me with spanish.

Stacy: Oh by the way, why isn’t she here tonight?

H2O: Family emergency. That’s all I got.

DOC: Listen, mate, now’s the time to put that to the back of your mind. Heather’s not here, but you still have a job to do. You know exactly what it takes to win tonight, time to prove why you’re the longest reigning OCW World Heavyweight Champion in history.

H2O tilts his head quickly from left to right snapping his neck.

Thanks man. No matter the stipulation tonight, I know that the only rookie to ever be crowned as The OCW World Heavyweight Champion is going to bring Solomon Caine back to reality.

DOC: Tonight, some of the best damn wrestlers in the world come together and do battle because we’re the only ones crazy enough to put it all on the line for this honour. Nobody in OCW becomes a champion by accident, Caine is no exception to that, but tonight, this false prophet’s reign of terror meets its end because there is nowhere else for him to run.

H2O: ...and there’s nowhere for Blacksmith to hide.

The two men nod their heads as they leave in opposite directions.



The camera opens to Jim Black in a backstage interview area, wearing his best three-piece suit and holding a microphone.

Jim Black: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time: Judge Leroy Brown III!

Judge Leroy Brown III comes into frame, wearing his judge robes. He glances around with a serious look on his face.

Jim Black: The last time we saw you Judge, you lost to Alex Asher in a triple threat when he pinned your opponent Joshua Tucker. So my question is, what's next for the Judge?

Judge Leroy Brown III puts his hand over the top of Black's microphone.

Judge Leroy Brown III: I've got this one, son.

The Judge takes the microphone from Black as the lead interviewer walks off-camera with a solemn look. Brown readjusts himself to be at the center of the camera.

Judge Leroy Brown III: I'm a patient man. Believe me, I waited years to become a judge. Passed over plenty of times for people I thought deserved it less than me. But I never complained, not a word out of me.

Brown looks up at the ceiling for a moment and then back at the camera.

Judge Leroy Brown III: I'm not a complainin' man, never have been, never will be. What I am... is a workin' man. A man who will grab opportunity by the balls if I have to. Don't ever mistake my patience for complacency.

Judge Leroy Brown III: I'm doggone tired of sittin' around, waitin' for something to come to me. No, I'm comin' to O-cee-dubya like a gavel on wood. I don't care if it's Asher, I don't care who or what it is. It's time the people of O-cee-dubya know what this judge is truly made of. And I'll be damn glad to show 'em.

The Judge hands the microphone back to Black off-screen and mouths "Thanks Jim." as the camera fades to black.