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We’re backstage in the parking lot where Alex Robinson is just getting ready to leave. She is just about to get in her car when Stacy comes running in.

“Alex do you have a second?”

Alex: “I am about to go out to my victory celebration so it better be quick.”

Stacy: “I just wanted to get a few quick words about your match tonight. The odds were against you but somehow and someway… You did it.”

Alex: “That’s right Stacy I did, you look shocked? Were you really expecting someone like Sophia to win tonight?”

“Well, going off the poll on ocwfed.com, it looks like everyone's money was on Big Bertha.”

Alex: “I bet those people feel stupid now.”

Stacy: “So one of the main questions I wanted to ask you is about the reaction you have been getting since becoming the women's champion. I mean I have never seen a reaction like that before that like the one you had at ladies night. Then tonight the reaction of the crowd and…”

Alex interrupts Stacy.

Alex: “Stacy please… It’s like Leon once told me. Haters are gonna hate! At Ladies Night, eight of OCW’s best in the women's division today stepped into the ring for this…”

Alex holds up and begins patting her women’s championship.

Alex: “Out of them eight women Stacy, I walked out the champion whether people like that or not. I didn’t cheat. I had no one help me. I did it all by myself and then tonight. I stepped in the ring with BIG BERTHA! A women that has dominated this division until now and let’s not forget sweet innocent SOPHIA!!! The woman that this business and everyone in the back has gotten behind since day one.”

Alex: “Tonight though. I walked into that match the champion and I walked out still your OCW women’s champion. So all these haters in the back can tell me I don't deserve this and keep on hating but as long as I hold this. THIS says otherwise!!! I am the new face of this division now!”

Alex: “Not some barbie girl called Jessica Jessie. Not that stupid clown Lacy. Not that dumb Kat. Definitely not scary spice Holly. Not BIG BERTHA! Not that fake queen you call Madison and last but not least… Not sweet Innocent Sophia!!!”

“That being said Alex. Sophia has a connection with everyone in the back and with all the fans across the world. Why do you...”

Alex pulls the microphone away from from Stacy.

Alex: “I am not even going to answer that. I am done with this interview. Go tell the people in the back they need to get my picture on the front page along with my women’s championship.”

Alex opens the door to her car when...

Sophia: “You sure have a lot of crap to say about everyone else, but even YOU don't know how you made it this far.”

Sophia: “Did you retain tonight? Absolutely. But you didn't beat me. You've ‘never’ beaten me, and you never will. The charity win that purge got over me at Ladies night was as charitable as I'm gonna get this season.”

Sophia points at that women’s title.

Sophia: “Your reign won't mean anything until you beat me on your own. You know it just as well as I do. So what do you say? Prove your doubters wrong. Beat me at Turmoil 150. Unless...you still have PTSD from Lution?”

Alex: “Aww, that’s so cute. You don’t deserve this match, not one bit but you know what hun? I am going to give it you! Turmoil 150… You got your match and it will be for this!”

Alex holds up the championship in front of Sophia.

Alex: “You may have beat my at Lution but that was no more than a fluke win and I will RIGHT THAT WRONG!”

Alex gets into her car, puts her keys in and turns the ignition. She begins to reverse. She looks at Sophia and holds the button to bring down her window.

Alex: “At Turmoil 150. Make no mistake about it. I will beat you and then you and everyone else are going to realize that your time is up and MY TIME... IS NOW!!!”

Alex starts laughing at herself for that one as she starts driving off.


The Camera pans to the announce team!


Show some RESPECT!!!




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The Camera pans to the announce team!

That was odd.

But he got all of it!


Stacy Clark didn’t even get a chance to speak. B-17 had just peacocked his way back from his earlier destruction of Cactus Gauge, the voice of the hopeless. Instead of B-17 waiting patiently to be interviewed he snatched the mic away from her and looked directly into the camera.

B-17: I know how to work in front of a camera, Clark!

She just put her hands up, rolled her eyes, and stepped away.

B-17 was about to speak when something caught his eyes off screen. He strutted away briefly and then returned holding a poster for The Clash.

His eyes searched the poster with disdain: SERIOUSLY, CAN WE GET SOME BETTER LIGHTING HERE?

Clark: No.


Clark: Do you have anything to say?

B-17: Yes. This promotional poster asked some questions and I have the answers.

He cleared his throat.

B-17: Who wore it better? That would be me, my singlet is splendid and functional. Not to mention did you see what Cactus was wearing tonight?

B-17 stared at the camera as if expecting a response. When he received none he looked over at Clark: Did you?

Clark: Cowboy gear?


Clark: Of course you are.

B-17: Anyways. The next question. Who does it better? Obviously me! Who is the true star of Hollyweird? Me! I’m the Leo of OCW, he’s the Nicholas Cage of OCW!

B-17 tosses the mic to Clark and storms off.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What a douche!

How dare you speak ill of that man he has a SAG CARD!!!