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* Kat stands in the back with Stacy Clark*

Stacy Clark :
Well I'm so pleased to have the first ever , longest reigning Bombshell champion of all time.

* Kat then takes the mic from Stacy and puts her hand in her face.*

Kat :
Really ? Did you forget the most dominant. Did I not destroy the entire division. Also remember I still would be champion if those b.... wouldn't have conspired against me.

* Stacy Clark starts apologizing*

Kat :
See it's women like you that gives a goddess like me,well it doesn't matter cause you aren't in my league. So stand there and keep quiet.

Listen up skanks! I want to make this very clear, I have one agenda which is my title. Im going to get my one on one opportunity.

But who am I? I need to prove myself. Sophia!!!! I begin with you trick. You won't go home this time but to the hospital.

* Kat shoves the mic in the chest of Stacy Clark. Kat stares down at her then jumps at Stacy. Kat then smiles and walks away.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Well that was rude AF.

Kat making it very clear her New Year's resolution is a hospital bound Sophia!

Up next a match Turmoil wants to see as The Prime Cut takes on Seb Abbot!

They gonna go to war!



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The Camera pans to the announce team!

He got all of it!

Gonna need a new dentist!

After his match, Jackson Montgomery is walking around backstage still steaming. Jim Black catches up with him and grabs him by the arm to stop Jackson and get him to turn around.

Jim Black:
Jackson! What happened out there?

Jackson quickly whipped around, snatching his arm away from Jim.

Jackson Montgomery:
Keep your hands off me! You want to know what happened out there? I'll keep this short and sweet. Austin Lee crossed the line when he attacked my family on Turmoil. He's on this crusade to destroy me and I beat Sid within an inch of his life.

Jackson Montgomery: The difference? Sid is a monster of a man and my uncle June? He's a 115 pound geezer. What I proved tonight is that Austin Lee is nothing more than a bully who preys on the weak.

Jackson Montgomery: I did to him exactly what I said I was going to do and that was show him what I showed Sid a while back.

Jackson looks directly into the camera: Austin. Give it up. You come at me or my family again and the consequences will be dire. Come at me again and we'll finish this once and for all!

Jackson pushes past Jim Black and the cameraman and out of view as the camera pans over to Jim Black as he watches Jackson walk away.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

You don't mess with a mans family!

Rule #1