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The Camera pans to the announce team!




We now go live to a local area Detroit hospital ER waiting room in the heart of the ghetto. EMTs have recently dropped off OCW performer Gentleman Jack.

However, as this facility is in the heart of too urban America, Jack's mostly lifeless body has just been pushed to the side as large women and freakishly skinny men with fake ailments seeking prescriptions narcotics have clogged the system.

A 325 lb nurse with a name tag reading Courvoisier waddles past our intrepid protagonist. Mustering every ounce of strength in his broken body, Jack quietly whispers out for aid.

Jack: "Please help... So much pain... I need drugs... Lots of drugs..."

Courvoisier: "Take a number sugar, erbody need drugs here. Its almost the holidays child."

Jack: "I can't feel my fingers or toes."

Courvoisier: "Well honey that's a good thing because they look f***ed up."

Jack: "Kill me."

Courvoisier: "Uh uh child. I ain't no angel of mercy. I'm just a tall drink of Courvoisier!!!"

We hear a random man yell from off screen.

Man: "Yeah you are!"

Courvoisier snaps her sausage like fingers in a sassy, stereotypical fashion.

Courvoisier: Mmmmhmmm

As the XXXL SSBBW nurse waddles away, Jack begins to quietly pray as he fades in out of consciousness.

Jack: "Heavenly Father... Versus be thy name... Why? Why have you forsaken me?"

Our fallen friend continues his hazy contemplation as we hear a shrill, high pitched voice yelling into the waiting room.

???: "Oh Gentleman Jack.... Come out and plaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!"

The sliding glass doors open to reveal newly dethroned North American Champion Leon Valentine and his loyal monster, The Butcher. Leon is wild eyed, clearly in the midst of a downward spiral. The Butcher meanwhile just towers over everyone with his dead, lifeless eyes.

Leon: "Jackie boy!!! Come out, come out, where ever you are!"

One of the rougher patients, lets just make the safe assumption that he's a crackhead, approaches our dastardly duo.

Crackles the Bum: "Hey man, that's a sweet jacket you got there. You want me to hold that for you?"

Leon is shocked to the core that this peon, this miserable failure of a human being, is speaking to him.

Leon: "Is this some sort of joke? Are you MOCKING ME???"

Crackles the Bum: "Oh you one of them fancy motherf***ers. One of them high fallutin boys! Only get your kicks with kinky shit. Aight, I'll piss on you, but you got to pay cash. Up front! I been burned... well pissed on actually, one too many times."

As Crackles and Leon converse man to man, Courvoisier inserts herself into the situation.

Courvoisier: "Oh no, I already got one skinny white boy asking me to kill him. You and your 7 ft tall life partner got to get out. This is a good place for good people. We don't need this kinky dookieshoes in here! No sir, not on Courvoisier's watch! What what!!!"

Leon: "Seriously, am I on one of those hidden camera shows? Where is this skinny white boy Hennessy?"

Courvoisier: "It's COURVOISIER!!!"

Showing no fear, and possibly no sense, Courvoisier charges at our former champion, shocking him, and taking him down. Sensing his master in danger, the Butcher grabs the bulbous nurse and effortlessly hoists her massive frame through the door. Leon jumps to his feet, enraged.


The junkies, bums, and prostitutes scatter like roaches as the behemoth Butcher begins his rampage. The beast begins tossing human trash with ease. He throws chairs, busts tvs, and simply ravages the entire room.

Leon cackles with sadistic glee, surveying the damage done by his favorite weapon. Jack meanwhile has witnessed everything, but being unable to move begins to blow feverishly, hoping the thrust from the breeze will propel his gurney to freedom... It does not.

Leon walks over to Jack's bedside. The Butcher stands, silently guarding his master, not even acknowledging the destruction that just occurred by his hand.

Leon: "Listen well Jack. I was on a roll this year, I even took away the North American Championship from Drago, something no one else could do... I then went onto to defend that belt beating Purge scum, anyone that got in my way and even your so called GOD of Revolution Inc. The night I beat GOD everything changed."

Leon: "Majin along with Parker, Matsuda, Willow and Casey vanished into thin air. We have not seen them since. Then, Revolution Inc started winning all of a sudden."

Leon: "But now I know... All this is to do with devine intervention! Everything that has happened to the Skwad, to Dupree and now me!"

Leon: "So now I am not ASKING... But tell me Jack. Where is he???! WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW!!!"

Jack looks up, knowing his fate is sealed. He stares into Leon's eyes, motioning him to come closer. The Gentleman, near death's door, whisper's into Valentine's ear.

Jack: "He's... cough, cough.... probably.... cough....eating... cough... your mom's.... cough..."

Leon: "Don't say it. Don't you say it Jack. If you do, this will end badly for you!"

Jack: "Your...mom's....cough.... pussy."

Leon slowly stands, an angry, smug, smirk growing on his face.

Leon: "I don't even know why you believe in your GOD so much. I mean where was he for your match? Where was he WHEN THE BUTCHER put you in here?"

Leon: "But if this is how you want 2016 to end? Then so be it..."

Leon looks at his monster and back down to the crumpled pile of humanity known as Gentleman Jack.

Leon: "Do me a favor Jack. When you get to where you're going, tell your GOD that the DEVIL is coming for him! He has a lot to answer for, including the disappearance of my former Skwad members!"

Jack: "There is no death.... only... Versus."

Leon gets up. He turns from Jack and begins to exit the waiting room. He pauses at the door, taking the scene in one more time and then turns to his monster.

Leon: "You know what to do! Now if you'll excuse me I have other matters to attend to! "

Our scene ends as Leon clicks his fingers and exits the hospital, with Jack meeting his possible destiny at the hands of his former best friend.


The Camera pans to the announce team!


You pay the the price for the friends you make!

Up next its Betterness on a pole!

Kassidy Hayes and Dupree go head to head!



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The Camera pans to the announce team!


Oh man!


We go backstage to the revolution inc locker room. Dennis Black is sitting on the bench thinking about tonight's match. He has both of his championships next to him.

"Hey Dennis."

The door to the revolution inc locker room opens as in walks Alex Robinson. She's a bit beat up after her match.

"What do you want?"

Alex: "Do you mind if I have a seat?"

Dennis: "Kinda, you're not exactly on my Christmas list."

Alex: "I just needed to talk to you, about Madison."

Dennis: "Stop... I don't know what mind games your husba... EX husband is playing. But Madison would never do that. Leon is lying to you."

Alex: "You think so? Because it didn't look like he was."

Dennis: "Look... I know Madison and I know she is a lot of things, but she would never do that. She has standards you know."

Alex: "I don't think you know Madison as well as you think."

Dennis: "...And I don't think you know Leon as well as you think. He's playing with you Alex."

Alex: "It's over between me and Leon Dennis. I am just here because I don't want to see you get hurt too."

Dennis: "Thanks for the concern, but I'll be fine."

Alex: "Guess I'll leave then, good luck in your match tonight."

"Thank you I guess."

Alex lets herself out the door as Dennis starts to get ready for his match tonight. A few moments later, Madison exits the restroom with a towel in hand. She has a concerned look on her face as she dries her hands. Dennis stands and drapes the Turmoil Heavyweight title over his shoulder.

...You ready for this?

Dennis walks right passed her, brushing her shoulder in the process.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

It's sink or swim time!

And its NEXT!


Main Event

Turmoil Championship

OCW World ChampionshipOCW World ChampionshipOCW World Championship

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

The history of OCW has been altered!


Xtron Flickers On!

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