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(Stacy Clark rushes to H2O backstage to talk to him quickly. She catches her breath...)

Stacy: Hey hey hey. I thought you were hurt? What's with that attack on Ligermask?

(Calm but with rage in his eyes. He walks closer to her while staring into her eyes. He answers...)

H2O: You're asking me what was all that about? No one asks Liger what was that all about on Riot though, huh? Of course not!

H2O: I've been in this company for 2 1/2 minutes and already I'm a victim of an attack. I'm sick and tired AND The OCW Universe is sick and tired of these "Superstars" walking around here looking and sooounding sick and tired. You know what to do with the sick... and tiiiired, Stacy?

(She shakes her head no.)

H2O: You treat them like the walking dead. You put them in a confined area, pour gas on them, preferably...High Octane cause it burns hot and slow. You throw IN A MATCH... And I'll light them bi(beep) ches up until they can't TAKE IT anymore. We're in The Motorcity, Detroit Michigan they know what's that about!

(He pauses for a moment as he gathers his composure back. You hear the crowd chant High Octane.)

H2O: Do.. you.. understand.. me? I don't take assaults lightly. If you do it you better do it right or I'll come back and serve them an Energy Shot that'll make them think they were in a a head on collision!

(Yells over his shoulder.)

H2O: Isn't that right Liger?

Stacy: But clearly you're not fit to be in a scuffle with anyone with your bruise!

H2O: (Smirks) Hmph, well it's funny you should say that....

(H2O takes the wrap off his leg and does Jumping Jack's and runs in place. Then he stops and looks into the camera.)

(You can hear the crowd erupt from the arena.)

H2O: So it seems it's true that Elmhurst Hospital doesn't know what the hell they're talking about because I'm fine! You gotta think like a fox and be be cunning in this business. That's how you maintain longevity and success.

H2O: Now I gotta feeling this guy may stand in my way in achieving some lofty goals I set out for myself during my stay in OCW. So when he wakes up from that Energy Shot, he can come find me.

(H2O just walks off camera away from Stacy leaving her baffled to what just occurred. Then suddenly he comes right back into the shot...This time his mood slightly changed from being serious.)

H2O: Annnnd the next time I offer you a Snickers bar you take it, comprede!? Or however the hell you say it! Oh and Stacy, don't eat the La Purga here. It's rancid and needs to be thrown in the trash. That's why I don't eat pork.

(H2O walks off again leaving Stacy shaking her head.)

Stacy: H2O La Purga doesn't mean...aww nevermind. Back to you guys.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

H20 just made a statement!

Do you really want to anger a member of the purge!!!


The scene shifts back to Madison Cox seated in a limo, with only the light from her tablet illuminating the scene. She sighed as a single tear shed down her cheek. “Stupid Bertha.

No way she's got a vagina. Stupid Leon...Stupid Alex...” She said before frantically rummaging through her purse for a tissue. Things just weren't going her way, a tissue couldn't be found. Rubbing her eye only made matters worse. “No no no, don't…damnit!” And the waterworks began.

The limo driver looks through the rear view mirror and asks if the leggy blond is alright. She stares right back at him before closing the partition with the push of a button.

The cameras caught her sobbing in her hands for almost a full minute until a knock at the window could be heard. She looks up to see it was Dennis and immediately lowered the pane.

I’m glad you’re okay.

Dennis leans in closer to the window and just simply glares at her. She leans away, only slightly.

...nothing happened with Leon.

Dennis: I took Four men to the limit over the course of a weekend. Over half of this company can't string together four matches in two months, let alone three days. The Turmoil tag team champions. Two world Champions, and two future hall of famers. I'M EXHAUSTED!

Madison: I -

Dennis: No. Just no, Madison. I will get to the bottom of this one way or another, and then I will end him. He may never walk again when I’m done with him.

Madison tries to open the door but Dennis forces it to close again with his knee.

I’ll find my own way back to New York.

Madison: I need you. Now more than ever.

Dennis: I’m going to humble him, Madison. And i’m going to make you watch.

Dennis: I’m tired of the secrets, Madison. I’m tired of being led on. I’m tired of being mocked, told that i’m in the friend zone by people that aren’t even remotely on my level. I work too damn hard to be treated this way. Summercide, the Turmoil finale, The Anniversary show, my victory in the perfect freaking circle,...and now this? My moment continues to be stolen form me.

Madison: Everything I do. Everything I’ve done. Everything I will do moving forward, I do for you and only for you. You have to believe me... I just...there are some things i’ve had to keep from you so you can focus. I’ve had to lie to your face to protect you.

Dennis: Where is the faith? I would have kept what ever secrets you had. I have your back, just as I expect you to have mine. There NEEDS to be trust here. Our dynamic changes here and now. Do you understand me?


Dennis: Yes or no. Those are your only options.

Madison narrows her eyes at him: Excuse me?! What’s gotten into you?

Dennis: I’m tired of being looked down on by people that aren’t smart enough to realize their place is beneath me. I’m the King of Turmoil. A dual Champion, and the third man in twelve F****** years to retain in a perfect circle...and I haven’t even been here a year yet. Better yet, why don’t you go manage someone else. I suggest you forget what it feels like to raise the hand of a winner.

Dennis turns his back on Madison and leaves. He only gets a few steps out of the car before she calls out to him.

Okay!..No more secrets. But there is no going back, not even pretending to be clueless if I let you in. Once I tell you, you can make the choice if you'll stay or go. I hope you stay. I truly do. Just know...it has been all for you. For what I have planned.

Madison: ...For us.

Dennis turns to face the limo and folds his arms. Madison motions for him to approach the limo before opening it for him. The two share a look before he gets in. A few minutes later, the limo slowly leaves the parking garage as the scene ends.

The Camera pans to the announce team!



It's now time for the Main Event, The Overlord Mugen defends his championship against and I am not making this up! Nate Ortiz!

It's 2016 and Nate Ortiz is in the title picture I can't belive it!


The Main Event

OCW World Championship

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The Camera pans to the announce team!




Thank You Everyone Who Participated! Have a Great New Year!