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We return backstage to the image of Sean McGee and Mez Murdock battling it out in the catering area. Sorry for anyone looking to eat because there won’t be anything left with these two men doing battle.

McGee looks like he’s taken the “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball” mantra from Dodgeball to heart as he avoid the forks, dishes, and food being thrown at him by Mez.

Both men looks to be running on fumes at this point having been going at it for such a long time. But neither man wants to let up.

As with Tobin and Gibbs this has gone beyond the ring and is personal. It’s about family and both men want the other to pay. With nothing left to throw Mez tosses a table aside clearing a path for he and McGee.

McGee wipes the sweat from his face, Mez cracks his knuckles, the two titans looking like they are about to begin the final battle of a movie. The two charge at each other and when they make contact neither budges.

They lock hands pushing each trying to gain the upper hand. Just as Mez looks to be gaining control Sean knees him in the stomach sending Mez to a knee. Sean then delivers a double axe handle sending Mez to the floor.

Mez returns to his knee before McGee can really take advantage. McGee grabs Mez by the throat trying to choke him out, Mez tries to break free but can’t break McGee’s grip.

Just as it looks like all hope is lost Mez takes a page out of McGee’s book and connects with a low blow sending Buffness crashing to the floor. Seizing the upper hand Mez begins to deliever punches to McGee’s face connection cleanly every other punch.

Mez gets off the ground and tries to prop Sean up against the catering table. He has Boots to Bustas on his mind, but Sean can barely stand. When he finally gets McGee in the position he wants he backs up to gain the right momentum to finish the former champion.

Ready, Mez charges at Buffness when out of nowhere Tobin Frost connect with a shoulder block reminiscent of a Heinz Ward crackback block. The force sends Tobin to the ground as well.

McGee begins to come to and helps up Tobin who was trying to get to his feet as well. Savage U now stalks Mez who is stirring a little but has no fight left. The two pick Mez up and Tobin sets Mez up for a Tobin Bomb.

The former champ can’t pick Mez up on his first attempt still weak from fighting Gibbs. Tobin tries again and this time with McGee’s help gets Mez up and drops him through a table.

Tobin physically and mentally spent stirs on the floor as McGee staggers over to Mez with a smirk on his face. McGee grabs the motionless Mez by the arm in the Kimura position and without hesitation twists Mez’s arm breaking it like he has so many others. Mez isn’t even able to react he just lays there barely moving with his broken arm laid behind his back.

McGee helps Tobin up and they access the damage.

McGee: We done?

Tobin: Yea it’s finished.

McGee and Tobin leave the catering room as officials rush to Mez, the scene fades as Savage U limps down the arena hallway.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Its finally over!

Its OVER!!!

Turmoil Champion

MALU vs Jackson Montgomery (C)

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Holy SHET!!




Champagne flowed as several unfamiliar guests flooded the Black Cox dressing room. Many looked on as Madison took her very first photo shoot as the Queen of Turmoil. Far too much time and effort went into creating the set.

Dennis was far off in the back of the dressing room, exhausted, cramped, and hot. To make matters worse, he wasn’t even offered any champagne by the photographer’s staff! Alex Robinson clapped loudly as the final photo of the session was taken. It wasn’t long before Madison was hounded for autographs.

Ginger approached Dennis and offered the TV Champ a bottle of water.

Yea, thanks.

You look exhausted. Though i appreciate you winning against Abbot. I put a lot of money on you.

Dennis: Yea…

Ginger looked on as Madison signed more posters.

She’s really taken to her new role as Queen. Didn’t take her long to adjust. Though one must wonder, why are all of these people here to celebrate her when you’re the King?

Dennis took a small sip from his water bottle, never taking his eyes off Madison.

Not sure what you’re getting at. I’ve been celebrated as well. Let her have this moment. She’s earned this...well, that’s what she told me.

Uh huh...how many pictures have you taken since becoming King?


Exactly, something to think about. Before I go, i’ve got a question.

Madison approached, followed by three women with cameras. Dennis looked to Ginger and smirked.

See? My turn.

Madison kissed Dennis on the cheek and took the belt from him. She posed with the title after gently pushing Dennis to the left, out of view of the lens. Dennis frowned and looked to Ginger.

Not a word!

Madison draped the title over her shoulder. Her voice raised, getting the attention of every person in the cramped dressing room. It grew very quiet. The Queen demanded respect.

Citizens, spread the word. Be sure to tune in to Turmoil this week for our Coronation as Queen and Queen's Guard of Turmoil. It will be something Legends are made of! Take all the pictures you need and DVR if you must, because the ceremony will also be our very last time appearing on Turmoil until Season 12.

The photographers and guests looked and spoke among themselves. Needless to say, they were beyond confused.

...Now get out!


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Long Live King Dennis!




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The Camera pans to the announce team!