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A deafening noise comes from the crowd as Cobra celebrates the best he can at the moment, leaning against the apron as he raises an arm. Then, looking down at his opponent for the night, he walks over and offers a hand to the man who was just now coming into full consciousness.

You know you won, right? Celebrate or wave or something dummy, they're cheering for ya.

Cobra: I don't think they're just cheerin' for me jerk. We might've put everything behind us now, but we did a pretty good job of kicking each other's asses today. Why don't you get up and wave or something with me?

Looking around at the crowd, he noticed a few of them looking directly at him and screaming for him to get up. Not quite knowing what to do with this, Rane closes his eyes and lifts a weak thumbs up to the sky, the roar of the audience growing just that little bit more.

Thanks, but no thanks, I'm just gonna go to sleep here if you don't mind. I'll probably roll under the ring or something so I don't get in anybody's way. You enjoy this moment, I've got sh*t to think about.

Nodding, Cobra celebrates with the crowd for a couple of minutes before heading off to the back. Then, with Rane drifting in and out of consciousness in the same spot as before, none other than Kassidy Hayes decides now is a good time to pay his former friend a visit.

Slapping him awake, Hayes mocks the boos of the crowd as Xander struggles to get up seeing the situation he's currently in.

You're pathetic.

Seeing paramedics and security already rushing down the ramp, Kassidy drops Rane with The Turn before jumping the barricade and escaping through the crowd.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What a jerk!

You say jerk I say caring friend!

It has been a hell of a few weeks for Jackson Montgomery. Fighting his former best friend, Ashley Blaine causing trouble, losing to Big Ed, then Kassidy Hayes superkicks him at the end of Turmoil. Needless to say, Jackson has had enough. It was time for things to get back on track and Savage Lands is the perfect place for just that.

Jackson is sitting on the edge of a bed in a ratty motel 30 minutes south of the Allstate Arena in Rosemont Illinois wearing nothing but a pair of faded blue boxer shorts.

With his hands placed on either side of him, he sits with his eyes closed, every few seconds, clenching them tight before relaxing. He breaths in deep, then lets the built up air release slowly from his lungs.

As he begins to breathe normally again, we hear a door open behind him and out walks a woman wearing an extremely short, black dress. She walks through the motel room and over near Jackson, adjusting her dress to keep her ass hidden. She starts to speak but before she can, Jackson just points towards the door.

Jackson Montgomery:
It’s by the door.

The woman looks in the direction Jackson is pointing. She smiles and says ”bye hun.” kissing on the top of the head. She heads towards to the door and grabs a stack of money off a table that wobbles when she touches it because of a broken leg.

The woman leaves and Jackson still sits on the bed. Outside, a car starts and the sound of it backing out and driving away can be heard. Jackson then opens his eyes and stares blankly at the wall in front of him.

After a few minutes, Jackson breaks his stare and reaches over to an iPhone on the nightstand. He turns it on and scrolls through his music before landing on Creeping Death” by Metallica.

He presses play, turns the volume all the way up, and tosses it on the bed. Jackson stands up and walks over to a small fridge, reaching inside and pulling out a Lonestar beer.

He cracks it open and drinks the whole can. After tossing it on the floor, Jackson makes sure the bag he’s packing has his ring gear and Turmoil Championship in it before zipping it up.

He sloppily gets dressed in torn jeans and a stained black shirt that reads THE TRUE GENTLEMAN across the front. Jackson grabs his phone and his bag and heads to the parking lot.

Climbing into his truck, Jackson makes his way towards the arena. About 10 minutes into his ride, his cell phone rings. Jackson picks it up and doesn’t recognize the number, but answers it anyway.

Jim Black:
Hey Jackson, it’s Jim. Jim Black from OCW. Since you haven’t made it to the arena yet, I wanted to call ask you a few ques…

Jackson doesn’t let Jim finish and hangs up on him. With the windows down and one hand on the wheel, Jackson reaches into a cooler in the passenger seat and pulls out another Lone Star beer.

Jackson Montgomery:
You know Davie, it’s been a hell of a ride these last few months in OCW. Almost immediately, I was tossed into the title picture for Turmoil, I made a fool out of myself trying to pander to the monkeys that fill the arena seats every week and when I was done with that nonsense, I took the title and rose up miles ahead of the competition. Look at me now. Jackson says sarcastically. Cheers old buddy.

Jackson raises his beer as if he was toasting before taking a drink. He takes his hand off the wheel to wipe his mouth.

Jackson Montgomery:
Davie, I cemented my reign as Turmoil champion last month at Wrestlution and it looks like I’m going to have to do the same tonight at Savage Lands against the bane of my existence, Kassidy. After that kick he gave me a few nights ago, my mind was opened. I was able to see clearly. Well not actually see clearly, you know I tossed back some of grand pappy’s old cough medicine!

Jackson laughs under his breath, lifts his beer again, then takes another drink.

Jackson Montgomery:
I mean, in my mind’s eye, I could see what my role is in OCW. It’s like the whole plan was laid out for me and I could see past, present and future. Silence fills the truck for a split second before Jackson shouts. Well if you’d shut the hell up for a minute, I’d tell you!

Jackson Montgomery:
After I won the Turmoil championship against Jimmy Henry, he had a few more matches and then he split. Poof! Gone! Jackson Montgomery extinguished Jimmy Henry’s fire and sent him packing.

Jackson Montgomery:
After that, B-17 decided he wasn’t getting what he deserved. Along with Ashley Blaine, Austin Lee and Sid Harrison, B-17 was laughing at me behind my back. He says he wanted to help. He says he tried to put me on the right path but that path led to nothing but pain.

Jackson Montgomery:
You see Davie Jackson takes another drink of his beer, finishing the can and tossing it out the window it’s not the blood you spill that gets you what you want. It’s the blood you share. Your family, your friendships. These are the most valuable thing a man can have. B-17 wasn’t seeing this well enough so I did my job. I sent B-17 up the path he tried pushing me down. Poof! Gone! B-17 splits like a deadbeat dad “going out for cigarettes”.

Jackson pulls up to the arena and parks his truck. He stares at the entrance in silence before speaking again.

Jackson Montgomery:
Tonight, it’s time to send Kassidy Hayes back to the sparkly grave he came from. It’s time to show EVERYONE that I am the one and only. That I am their king. That I will take this title and this brand to the next level. It doesn’t matter if it’s B-17, Big Ed, Malu, Irving, Bill Ding, Skull Face #42 or Kassidy Hayes. The end is nigh and I’m leading the charge.

Jackson turns the truck off and flings the door open. He hops out grabbing his duffel bag on the way out. Before shutting the door, he looks back into the empty truck.

Jackson Montgomery:
I’ll see you in there D. I’ve got to get ready.

Jackson shuts the door to the F-150 and heads towards the arena.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

The Champs ready to kick some ass!

As well he should be, Kassidy is no pushover!


Turmoil #1 Contendership!

Malu vs Bray S. Spur

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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

He's gonna kill him!

Send that message!

The cameras start rolling to reveal a door spray painted crudely in magenta....ahem.....Mugenta. Coming into focus, the sign says OCW Ruler of the Ring, Mugen. The door conveniently opens as the camera starts to move into the room revealing Mugen and Molly sitting across from each other at a desk made of glass and metal.

Molly: So what's the game plan for tonight? You need us to get you the belt?

Mugen: No. Absolutely no help from you guys, all of you.

As Mugen starts to point his finger across the office, the camera reveals that Molly and Mugen aren't the only ones in the room. Damian Dark, Bobby Minio, Dimsmore are also in the room awaiting to take care of their business tonight. Clearly missing is the devil Matsuda who is for some reason not on TV.

Mugen: Pugh, that punk.....pig.....peasant.....prick......peni....

Molly: WHOA WHOA stop it there, you can't call him that on TV.

Mugen: What? I was gonna say he's a.....

Mugen jumps out of his seat in excitement and starts yelling in Molly's face.


Mugen calms down almost instantly and sits back down in his seat. Molly wipes off some of the spit that landed on her face.

Mugen: Like I said, I don't need help. Just be close by so you can take his body out of my ring after I win that belt.

Molly: And when you win that belt, mission complete right?

Mugen smiles at the statement that Molly just made.

Mugen: Mission complete. Then we go onto the next stage of The Purge.

Mugen delivers his signature maniacal laugh as the scene fades out.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Seems like the new boss has a plan!

Murder isn't a plan its an instinct!