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Dennis had a determined look on his face as he exited his dressing room. It was a rare moment the cameras caught Dennis without Madison at his side. He had not even changed into wrestling attire just yet.

Leon looked up as Dennis walked by him. The Hall of Famer was limbering up for his match. He called Dennis back, saying it was rather rude not to even say hello. Dennis took a few steps backwards until he was in front of Leon. Leon stood and offered Dennis his hand.

"Sorry about that. Nerves and all. No ill will intended."

"No problem. I think you’re one of the more...uh...humble rooks we’ve got around here. Certainly less annoying."

Did you watch the opening of the show?

Both men look on silently...in an effort to break the silence.

Dennis: "Great to finally meet you."

"You’re Jim Black’s kid, right?"

The Crowd Laughs!


"Oh? I had assumed. Keeping it in the family and all. Ah well. Good luck out there tonight. I know from personal experience that Trance doesn't stay down. I mean he's like that annoying turd that you keep trying to flush but it keeps on coming back up."

Dennis Laughs.

"So yeah, good luck in your match tonight."

"Yeah, good luck in your match against the monster."

"Thanks, see you around."

Dennis frowned as Leon started to walk away.

"Hey...While I have you here…"

Leon turned to face Dennis, brow raised.

"What’s it like having a fan base that supports your endeavors but hates the woman you’re aligned with?"

Leon folded his arms and had a blank look on his face. There was yet another awkward silence between the two before Leon shrugged and laughed.

"I can’t imagine what that would feel like. Surely you might have some insight to share?"

Dennis paused before answering.


The two shared an awkward handshake before going in their separate directions.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Dennis and the Penguin now thats an Odd Couple Team I could get behind!

........ You are a stupid man!

The Camera pans to the ramp!

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Parker parades around the ring for a while as he waits for the crowd to settle down, he retrieves a cigar from his pocket, lights it up and begins to smoke away as he leans on the ropes, looking more relaxed than every before, shouting and gesturing to some members of the crowd.

He removes a high school report card from his other pocket, the name 'Kwan Watts' can be seen written on a sticky label plastered onto the front of the card.

: I know what you're all thinking...'why is he dressed like a teacher'?

He takes a few tokes on his cigar.

Parker : Well..I'm dressed like a teacher, because tonight...tonight I take Kwan Watts to school!!

He begins to laugh, mockingly outloud.

He opens the reports card and pretends to begin reading.

Parker : You see, this is the problem with all you 'rookies'....all banging on about respect, yet you have no 'education'..and I don't mean academic education, I mean OCW education!!

Parker : So tonight Kwan, Professor Stevens is going to give you a history lesson.

He mockingly swings his cigar like a baseball bat.

Parker : I'm going to teach you WHY I'm a walking hardcore legend, I'm going to teach you WHY, 8 years later I STILL hold the OCW Hardcore title record.

Parker : You see Kwan, you and your little greens are so quick to ask for recognition, yet so slow to actually put in the course work, here's some revision notes for you.....

Parker : Every 'final boss' has a beginning...and I am the origin story son.

He re-adjusts the jumper tied around his shoulders.

Parker : But don't fret Kwan Watts, get your mom to pack you bag, make your lunch, walk you to the bus stop, I'll pick you up, drive you to school, eat your lunch, and wait for you to finish your exam, all whilst dressed like a school teacher.

He pretends to get a phone call, and answers it with his hand, holding it up against his ear.

Parker : Oh , wait a minute, the results for your test are already in....

He looks down at the 'report card'

Parker : You FAILED kid!!

He begins to laugh manically outloud as he turns the card to the hard camera, with the letter 'F' scrawled all over the inside of the card.

Parker : Now hurry on down to class, skittles, so I can 'Hit the Kwan'......

He takes a few more tokes on his cigar, before putting it out in the centre of his taped hand and tossing it aside

Parker : With a baseball bat.....


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Did he just??

Just go with it, HIT THE KWAN, YALL!!!

Parker Stevens vs Kwan Watts

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

This should be illegal!

You want savagary, YOU GOT IT OCW HAHAHAHAHA

The scene opens on the backstage area. The hallway has been dressed with wallpaper featuring the OCW and Savage Land logos in a repeating pattern. The scene is lit by set spotlights, all focused on the center of the wall.

The One Man Revolution, The Voice of the Purge, Bobby Minio, steps into frame, standing on the mark in the center of the screen. He’s wearing a black “Drop the Mic, Start a Fight” t-shirt over his ring gear, as well as a displeased look plastered across his face.

Bobby Minio: So this is where it all leads, eh? The Savage Lands. An uhh… appropriate title.

Bobby Minio: Maybe this path, this journey, has been savage. Maybe each step of the way was savage...

Bobby Minio: Was it the disrespect? When Versus blew smoke in my face, coined the ‘Cereal’ name that has plagued me until this VERY DAY, as I heard it from the greaseball fans waiting out front of our hotel?

Bobby Minio: Was it the savage way in which Versus resorted to cheating against me at Wrestlelution? Compromising his moral high ground for a win over the Veteran Killer himself?

Bobby Minio: Was it the embarrassment? The goose-chase that Versus and Ed led me on through the streets of New York as I was covered in the questionable contents of their volcano’s “magma?”

Bobby Minio: How about the cheap shots? How about the VIOLENCE, as Versus and I have traded opportunities to inflict whatever harm on each other that I could dream up in my red-eyed rage or his smoke-added brain?

With a shrug of the shoulders, Minio’s lips lock into a disgusted sneer. His brow furrowed, his mood sour.

Bobby Minio: All of that, it seems so far behind us now… Because, things reached all new lows. Lows I’ve never reached in my entire career as a PROFESSIONAL WRESTLER. When Versus, and his lackey Ed, concocted some insane scheme to both mislead me into thinking I had found my runaway father, got him arrested, flew him out to an OCW show and basically guided his dishonest di-... No.

He shakes his head, his eyes closing as he struggles to clear the thought for his head.

Bobby Minio: No, I won’t even… I won’t even say it. What they did to me. What they did to my Mom… but… but I’m the bad guy here, right? I’m the bad guy. You all boo me, because I’m the guy who drags families into wrestling feuds, puts them in jail, puts them in compromising situations, tears them apart.

Bobby Minio: All that crap, that was me, right? RIGHT? Unbelievable.

Bobby Minio: Now? I don’t even care right now. Because I’ve facilitated his comeuppance. Tonight? We get even. What happened to Buddy Burns? On Unleashed? A teaser trailer, of the show I’m about to put on tonight. What happened to Majin? On Riot? A taste, of the sweet revenge I’m going to enact upon Versus’ person tonight.

He looks off camera, staring a hole through the wall behind it.

Bobby Minio: You people made a mistake letting this happen. Versus made a mistake putting himself in a ring with me again. Tonight, the Veteran Killer, lives up to hi-

Versus: Yo, Cereal! Got a sec?

As Minio turns his head to face the sound of Versus’ voice, Versus walks into frame from Minio’s blind side. Under his arm, a wooden crate filled with shredded cardboard protecting contents unseen. Minio’s eyes locked shut, the upset pouring from his face like sweat.


Versus: I come with gifts and an apology.

Versus: I heard whatcha said and I agree whole heartedly. And I'm sorry things had to come down this path.

Minio's head tilts a bit with intrigue and a bit of confusion, his brow still furrowed.

Versus: So I put together this gift basket for you.

Versus hands Minio a basket full of Almond Joy bars, coconut milk, a pair of "Got Coconuts?" undergarments, and a gift card for 2 free sessions of Tropitherapy.

Bobby Minio: Ya know, you... You just don't get it do you Verse? You involved family... MY FAMILY!

Versus grabs an Almond Joy from the basket, opens it up and begins eating.

Versus: You have to understand, that was a simple misunderstanding. How was I supposed to know that your mom has a thing for guys that look like your dad?

Minio's head virtually explodes, as Versus swaps out his empty Almond Joy wrapper with another Almond Joy from Minio's gift basket.

Versus: I can tell... (takes a bite of the Almond Joy, and continues to talk with the candy in house mouth) I can tell this really bothers you. So, I got you one more gift.

Versus pulls out s framed picture of Minio's mom, Versus, the guy that's not Bobby's dad and Ed that looks to have been taken at a K-Mart.

Minio's eye begins to twitch, and a look of concentrated rage floods Minio's whole persona immediately. Versus calmly exchanges another empty wrapper in Minio's basket for the remaining Almond Joy.

Versus: We got this taken at K-Mart! We all went out for nachos. It was a good day. Kinda weird looking back at that now, you know, with him not really being your dad and all...and kinda hittin the skins with...

Bobby Minio: You. son. of. a. BITCH. I... am going to kill you tonight. Do you understand me, you piece of sh...

Versus: Ok, ok. You're clearly a little mad about something, so I'll just take off and let you get ready for our match. Buck up, this'll be fun man! I'll just put this here...

Versus puts the picture on top of the basket.

Versus: ...and take this here...

Versus takes the coconut milk.

Versus: ...and I'll be on my way. I'll see you out there Cereal! Cheers!

Versus takes a swig from the coconut milk. Minio looks down at the gift basket, now filled with empty coconut wrappers and a pair of "Got Coconuts?" underwear staring him in the face.

Minio violently smashes the basket against the wall, the basket exploding into debris, sending empty Almond Joy wrappers into the air like confetti.

Bobby Minio: Dead. You. are. goddamned dead!

As Minio leans down, grabbing the undies, the scene begins fading into the next segment. Before it fades, Minio can be seen shredding the underwear in a blind rage.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

That Minio is so Wound up!



Xtron Flickers On!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

The gauntlet has been thrown down!


The camera once again pans backstage, the audience finding themselves looking in on the locker room of the group composed of four former World Heavyweight Champions. This time, however, there's no one drinking Buff Blaster, and the lights are dimmed. Seated on a stool in the corner, in front of a long floor mirror, is The Monster. He's holding out that same left arm that he offered to Sean McGee earlier in the night.

The Monster:
You can have it now. Temporarily of course. It's been a while since we've talked.

He reaches, with his left arm, for an erasable marker that's laying nearby. He palms it. His fingers clenching and releasing around it, not quite like earlier, more like a newborn testing their reflexes for the first time.

The Monster:
So, your friend thinks he can bring you back. Thinks he's strong enough to meet me amongst the chaos and survive; not just survive, but persevere. Brave or stupid? I'm not entirely sure which. But I do know he won't be walking out, and you won't be getting out.

The left arm twitches again, rising up and bringing the marker to meet the mirror, sloppily spelling out something. The Monster's head roars back in laughter as everyone watching sees the letters "FU" scrawled on the mirror. The Monster takes a paper towl from the desk beside him and rubs the profanity away.

The Monster:
A bit testy aren't we? Shouldn't you be more appreciative? Is that really any way to talk to the man willing to give someone a shot at rescuing you? Surely you've come to understand by now that I could easily toss the key and keep you locked up there forever.

The Monster: You couldn't do anything when I broke Tobin Frost. You couldn't do anything when I hurt all of those innocent people. When I broke that officer's back. You were helpless watching as I tossed your wife around like a ragdoll. You are entirely impotent.

The Monster raises his right hand, his index finger pointed towards the left arm.

The Monster:
Unless of course I've given you power. You're completely at the mercy of my will. Much like the rest of this world you've created for yourself prior to my existence, it morphs and contorts at my touch. Shifts to fulfill my desire. I am the planner and you simply have to watch.

The left hand rises again to the level of the mirror scrawling: "When I get out of he....."

Suddenly the arm falls limp, failing mid message.

The Monster:
I think that's enough of that now..... Enjoy what I do to your former mentor tonight, and know that it's all your fault. You have the best seat in the house Cody.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

That man is plum loco!

Be respectful!