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Majin celebrates his victory, having apparently vanquished the Devil himself, standing atop the turnbuckle with arms raised. The OCW Universe are in a frenzy over what they had just witnessed.

On the mat behind him, the Devil apparently was as surprised as this capacity crowd at the super kick out of nowhere that had foiled his signature Spider Splash.

Unbeknownst to Majin, the Infernal Ex DIvision Champion seemed to recover rather quickly. Sitting up, putting a hand to his jaw as if to snap it back into place and to everyone’s surprise, he begins to laugh.

It starts of low, but proceeds to become maniacal. So much so that Majin is forced to take notice, hopping off the ropes and turning around to put his rival back to rest. As he leans over to deliver more punishment, he is met with red mist to the face, which is more than enough of a distraction for the Devil to lay in a super kick of his own.

With Majin knocked unconscious, the Devil rolls out of the ring, in a similar scene to last week’s Riot, grabbing the same canister of gasoline, and proceeds to douse Majin in flammable fluid. This time he does not come to.

After lighting a match on the bottom of his boot, Matsuda sets the Hall of Famer ablaze. He continues to laugh as medical staff rush out with fire extinguishers and attempt to resuscitate Majin.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

That son of a bitch!



North American Champion

Nathan Carter vs Drago Cesar

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Woah nelly!


The camera pans backstage where a defeated, embarrassed Leon is just sat in the back rethinking everything that has happened to him since he has returned earlier in the year.

He has had to deal with Smythe Dawonder, had rookies to deal with and he has just recently tried to bring back Cody Storm but the numbers game had caught up with him and in the end, he failed miserably.

Leonheart is just sat there in his locker room minding his own business and just staring into space when one of the newest members of OCW come barging into Leon's locker room... Anthony Baker.


Leonheart doesn't pay Anthony any attention and is still just staring into an empty space.

Anthony Baker: "Hello? Hello? I said Hello? Hello?"

Leonheart still hasn't budged, Anthony takes a seat next to our hall of famer as he shouts into Leon's ear.

Anthony Baker: "HELLO!!!"

Leonheart: "WHAT, what could you possibly want!?"

Anthony gets up and start smiling.

Anthony Baker: "So I watched your match with the Monster earlier and you know what?"

Leonheart looks at Anthony and sighs.

Anthony Baker: "YOU STINK LEON!"

Anthony Baker: "I mean really, the Monster made you his BITCH!"

Anthony Baker breaks down laughing.

Anthony Baker: "You must be pretty embarrassed right now?"

Baker Starts Penguin Walking up and down the locker room

Leonheart doesn't respond.

Anthony Baker: "I looked up to you Leon. You were my hero, you where like a father to me!!!! but tonight, my hero died in that ring and you proved that you are nothing but a joke!"

Anthony Baker: "You know everyone in the back hates you right? I was your only real true fan and you have not even acknowledged me once, until now. I mean are you even listening to me? HELLO?"

Leonheart looks like he switched off as he again, it looks like he has gone into a trance.

Anthony Baker: "A NEW DAWN is coming Leon. If you don't quit now, you will meet your maker."

Anthony Baker: "Your career is over. You will never be that guy you once were all them years ago, before you embarrass yourself any further, just do us all a favour and JUST QUIT! You're nothing Leon, you hear me? Your time is up Leon, but the time right now..."

Anthony points to his watch.

Anthony Baker: "My watch says it's BAKING TIME!!!!! And before I go a gift!!!

Anthony Baker spits in the face of Leonheart. Anthony is so pleased with himself he starts laughing.

Leonheart snaps out of the trance he was in and wipes the spit from his face.

Anthony so pleased with himself is just about to make an exit from Leon's locker room. Leonheart is finished wiping the spit from his face. Leon gets up and makes a move.

Anthony just about opens the door but Leon uses his fist to stop Anthony from leaving.

Anthony Baker: "Come on Leon, I was just messing with you."

Leonheart: "You just spat in my face."

Leon grabs Anthony by the ear and pulls him into his bathroom.

Anthony Baker: "What are you doing?"

Leonheart takes him to the sink and starts running some water. Leon grabs some hand soap.

Anthony Baker: "No DAD!!!!! "

Before Anthony can say anything else. Leonheart shoves the soap into his mouth.

Leonheart: "That new dawn you were talking about? When they do arrive? Just know, we'll be waiting."

It's been two minutes now. Anthony begins to gag as all the soap that was in Leon's hand begins to disappear down his throat. Leonheart throws Anthony to the floor and makes his leave.

Leonheart: I'm too old for this dookie!

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Is Anthony Baker insane?

It's SAVAGE LANDS anyone can be a Savage even a BAKER!!!

Xtron Flickers On!

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Sugar Skull - Hola y buena tarde OCW. Skull Face #1, Skull Face #2, Skull Face #3 y yo quería venir aquí esta noche a dirección un par de cuestiones. Cuando llegamos primero en el pueblo OCW en la espalda tomaron sobre sí mismos al instante pensar que estábamos a ser tomado a la ligera. Que seríamos nada más que una risa común. Una broma. Un acto de comedia. Bien en los últimos días, que ha cambiado la actitud y el tono. ¿Tal vez usted gente tonta en la espalda ha comenzado a pensar antes de hablar y tal vez ahora se preguntan si todos ustedes han mordido más de lo que puede masticar? ¿Tal vez todos ustedes están empezando a cuestionar si usted esta empezando una lucha que no puede ganar? ¿Que tal vez, sólo tal vez, no somos tan tontos como dejamos que nuestras apariencias nos perciben para ser?

Sugar Skull - Ahora estamos recibiendo disculpas y volver sobre sus palabras contra nosotros la gente. ¿Por qué? Te diré por qué. Miedo. Temen lo que no saben. Y la gente en la parte trasera no nos conocen. Así que pido disculpas. Nos dicen que eres lo siento. Nos dicen cómo debe no has juzgado a nuestros nombres solo o nuestra apariencia. Nos dicen que si nos han dado una oportunidad primero. Pero saber esto. Tus disculpas y peticiones de perdón caen sobre oídos sordos. Todos han dicho su pieza, y hemos escuchado.

Sugar Skull - Así que preste atención a estas palabras. B-17. Versus. Bray S. Spur. The Steve. Gentleman Jack. Big Ed. Nightmare. Kwan Watts. Ninguno de ustedes son seguro. De hecho, nadie en la parte de atrás es seguro. Dennis Black. Joe Zhivago. Malu. Seth Irving. Dustin White. Jackson Montgomery. Jimmy Henry. Sophia. Willow. Carlos Cruz. Sean Strider. Jacob Trance. Bill Ding. Xander Rane. Tank. Jakub De'Relic, Mugen. Mr. Parker. Kassidy Hayes. Loki. Tobin Frost. Axton Bravo. Sid Harrison. Pugh. Austin Lee. Drago Cesar. Sean McGee. Yo podría seguir y seguir. Eres niños todos asustados.

Sugar Skull - OCW, somos a Día de los Muertos. No estamos aquí para jugar o para hacer amigos. Somos la muerte. Pero no el final. Estamos al principio. Estamos aquí para celebrar. Para celebrar el comienzo de los polígonos uno y sólo cierto equipo de la etiqueta. Y rogamos a cualquier persona en la parte posterior para probar nos diferentemente. OCW, el Día de los Muertos se nos viene encima.

Sugar Skull - Translation. We are Dia de los Muertos. And we are not here to play. OCW, the Day of the Dead is upon us.

Fade to black.

The Camera pans to the announce team!


Someone fetch me my Rosetta Stone App!


The scene opens with Sophia standing in the center of the ring, mic in hand. She starts off by thanking the fans for such a warm reception.

Sophia: Savage Lands. What an aptly named event for such a diverse group. The land of the wild, fierce, unruly and untamed. A place where you never know who's watching, who’s plotting, who's lurking. A land where you must always watch your back. Eat or be eaten. Beat-...or be beaten. A journey where your attitude matters almost as much as your skill. An era of legends and fresh meat. Crazy men…. And even crazier women.

Sophia: Nevertheless, I’m proud to be here.

Sophia: Now, not being on the card tonight was a bummer, I'll admit. But it was going to take much more than that to cause me to miss the very first ‘Savage Lands’. You all have awesome energy, what a great crowd.

The crowd cheers for the Women’s Champion as she paces around the ring.

Sophia: OCW has plenty of long winded folks, so I'll keep this short and sweet. I'm proud of being the Women’s Champion on Turmoil.

Sophia: But I won't ever be satisfied until I am ‘the’ standard of Women’s wrestling for this new era. And to do that…

Sophia pats the title around her waist.

Sophia: One day I'd like for this to be known as the OCW Women’s title. A way to bridge the gap for the women of Riot and Turmoil. Like Turmoil, Riot has so many women that would deserve an opportunity. One day, I'd like to see this become a reality.

The crowd starts to boo, which caused Sophia to look confused. There was some commotion emerging among the crowd. Sophia tried to spot what was taking all the attention.

She notices the masked figure with a black hood making their way through the crowd. With her attention fixated on the one, she fails to notice the second individual coming from the other direction.

Sophia drops the mic and removes her belt.


The Camera Pans To The Ring!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

If this young lady didn't have Bad Luck, she would have no luck at all!

Good heavens!


Versus vs Bobby Minio

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The Camera pans to the announce team!


Oh settle down!