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TIME: 5:35AM

Date: June 5th 2016

It's been some time since we last saw Birdie, 3 Weeks to be certain. In the span of 3 Weeks Birdie's search for Our Hero has spanned all 50 States and most of the Commonwealths. Plenty of adventures and random acts of Violence not fit for the Television Audience.

The Leads have gone chillingly cold. Wherever Our Hero Mr.Sensation is it's sure as hell not in the Greater United States. Our Heroine's Journey leads her to Lincoln North Dakota couple hundred miles from Bismarck

The camera pans around to a nearly derelict Airfield. Birdie's Black Charger rolls through as a fog of rust colored dirt and dust is kicked up in the Charges wake. She passes the exhumed carcasses of over a dozen different planes, now skeletons on display for any who venture to this place.

As the car finally comes to a stop a light film of dust covers the ride!. Birdie steps out and heads for down the Airstrip. It's fairly warm outside as she takes off her jet black jacket we see a holster with 2 of her famous retractable batons.

Birdie finally makes her way to one of the hangars amidst the Aeronautical Graveyard. She looks toward the nearby corpse of a B-17 not much is left just off to the side of the hangar to find a giant umbrella a beach chair and someone looking to be Sun Bathing on top of the B-17.

As Birdie approaches she yells out.


With a bit of a rustle, the person in the beach chair springs to life! We see its none other than Casey Paine complete with a patchwork sundress, and a camoflage sun hat! she hops down from the top of the aircraft and waves at Birdie!

Birdie: I didn't think you would show!

Casey: A promise is a promise!

Birdie: I got my last lead....this has to lead to something......it has to! Did you get it?

Casey: Wasn't easy!!!

Both women begin to walk into the hangar as the camera slowly begins to pan out. We start to see the big picture. As the infamous T.O.P Jet comes into view as the camera pans out we hear the last bit of the conversation.

Casey: Where to?

Birdie: Angola!

Casey: YES!!!!!!!

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh my god!


And now it's time for the First Main Event of the Evening, the power balance of Turmoil hangs in the balance as the challenger Kassidy Hayes takes on the Champion Jackson Montgomery!

This gonna be one for the ages!



Turmoil Championship

Kassidy Hayes vs Jackson Montgomery

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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

He's done it, HES DONE IT!!!


The Camera Pans To The Ramp

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Download The Match Here

Tiberius Octavian Dupree soaks in the adoration and scorn with an abundance of pride knowing he's no B+ player, but a S tier level Savage. Afraid of getting his arm dislocated the stage hand tosses Tibby a mic, he grabs it mid-air like a bladeless broad sword.

BITTERNESS BETTERNESS chants start, Dupree actually smiles, whether it's genuine or savagely sadistic only he knows. That half smile quickly disinigrates into a half scowl as if tasting someone's lunch from last week.

The crowd finally gives him a moment to speak he takes it...like he takes every opportunity presented to him. He puts their silence in his cross hairs and unloads his thoughts with rapid fire.

You sat in that stupid rocking chair like a decrepit freaking farmer. Took out your Ambition T-shirt that probably didn't go passed your belly button and you ripped it in half!

The anger, the rage, it's palpable.

Dupree: Innie or Outtie I'll light you on freaking fire you treacherous piece of......

Tibby cuts himself off as he kicks the bottom rope in anger. The crowd has no clue what he's talking about or who he's talking about.

The disreeee "freaking" spect! We made this, and you spit on it...a giant brownish Nesquehoning loogie all over this!

He spins around pointing to everything in sight then pounds his heart as if it's 2011.

Dupree: Hideto no matter the version would never stoop to your level. Pato would eat his own face before he disowned Ambition....but you...you have no freaking shame.

Dupree: Get out here now...Luke S. Dimsmore get your ass out here! The first Savage Lands will be your freaking last! GET OUT HERE NOW AND FACE ME!!!!

Tibby takes off his shirt and tosses it in the crowd folds his arms and awaits the arrival of the Purge's menacing Dimsmore. He waits and he waits, we take a small break for a Hootios cereal commercial. We come back and we still wait. Almost five minutes passes total then....

The Camera pans to the announce team!


He's calling out DIMSMORE!!!!


The Camera pans to the ramp!

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Dimsmore stares a hole through Dupree so thick you could drive a Sensation crane through it. Dupree is fired up and ready for a fight trying to egg Dimsmore on.

You stand there with your stupid looking face paint with your even more stupid looking beard. I've always hated that freaking thing...you always had pieces of lint and food stuck in it.

Dupree steps face to face with his long time friend turned rival. There is no fear in either man's heart. He gives a finger to Dims and his beard, the audience eats it up.

But nothing...nothings' more stupid than you being in the Purge, you being another sycophant like you were in LOTUS. Second fiddle to some titerus in face paint, is that why you turned your back on Ambition! I want answers....we want answers!

He extends his arms to the galaxy.

Dupree: Is that why your standing there like a freaking mannequin, what do you need Mugen's permission to speak too? Or does he have to stick his hand up your ass for that to happen?!

Dimsmore seems to be getting that itch. Face trembling with rage. Dimsmore slowly removes his hood. Dupree takes a few steps back and gets in the greatest generic “Bring it on” pose ever seen. Dimsmore tosses the hood outside the ring. As Dimsmore is slowly beginning to unzip his coat, a very sinister and sadistic smile comes over him.

Dupree looks like he’s about to blow his top before they even come to blows. The OCW universe in attendance can’t contain their excitement. And the tens of thousands watching live on the OCW Network for just $7.99 have been longing for this day. 5 years ago this would have been the main event on Ambition in front of about 250 people. 3 years ago, people got a taste of this at Wrestlution 7.

But this… this seems different. And not because Dimsmore is taking forever to get his coat off. JEEEEZZZZZUUUUUSSSSS! But because of how bitter and cantankerous these two have become over the years.

FINALLY… coat is off. Both men standing in the ready position. They begin to step towards each other when………


The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh for the love of god! not her!!


The Camera pans to the ramp yet again!

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Download The Match Here

Oh god. For those of you that may not know or remember that shrieking voice. That belongs to one Lacy Love, the wife of Dimsmore. Once labeled at The First Lady of OMG.

As she reaches the apron of the ring and a chant of “Whore Bag” starts in the same section where the Betterness chat came from. But that chant quickly fades back into straight boos.

She sensually enters the ring and struts over to her man. She puts her hand on his chest and slowly backs him up. Dupree relaxes a little bit. Then Lacy turns to address Dupree.

Lacy: Oh…. My…. God Tibbles.

Yes her voice is as annoying as you think it is.

Lacy: Look at how much you’ve matured in the last hand full of years. And those hair extensions look fabulous.

Dupree: That face paint does a good job at hiding those crow's feet, you'd be a perfect model for Ugly Bitch Illustrated.

Lacy does a very loud and mocking laugh at Dupree.

Lacy: Har har har. You should be thankful that even made my way down here. Because…

Lacy walked to the side of Dimsmore and grabs a hold of him tight. She even lifts her left leg up against his “mid-section” and presses her “mid-section” up against the side of Dimsmore’s hip.

Lacy: Myyyyyyyyyyy Dimmy has no time for your nonsense.

A chant of “Should have swiped left!” begins to start up and seems to catch on. Lacy begins to yell at the crowd with the mic at her side.

Yelling “No” and “Stop that” repeatedly. The chant is getting louder and louder as she is becoming visibly upset. Dimsmore walks behind her and covers her ears with his gloved hands.

Face it. He’s OVER this. We are OVER this. Dimmy beat you at Lution 7 and should have become the OCW World and International champ. But due to a tiny technic…. Technic… detail that didn’t happen.

Dimsmore is still covering Lacy’s ears. I’m guessing he will remain here for the duration.

Lacy: But this ship (Pointing at Dimsmore and Dupree back and forth) has sailed permanently. We, along with Lord Mugen and The Purge, have much bigger thong wedgies to pick than to deal with your nonsense.

Lacy: WE rule OCW now. And I suggest that you get out of OUR ring before you get hurt Tibbles.

Dupree: Despite that black hole you call a vagina, both you and loverboy over there need to grab your balls and show me your savage. Ring the damn bell!

Tibby signals to the ring the bell, no one listens.

Lacy: Not a chance Tibbles. Come on Dimmy, we have things to do. Toddles Bytch!!!

Lacy begins to cackle like a wicked witch at Dupree’s request for a match. They both slowly back away from Dupree. As Lacy is about to make her way thru the ropes, Dupree goes over to her and grabs her arm just above her elbow.

Just as Lacy snatches her arm away from Dupree, Dimsmore comes flying across and hits Dupree with an From Lacy with Love Elbow to his jaw. Dupree falls and half rolls towards the center of the ring. He’s out cold.

Lacy continues out of the ring and Dimsmore grabs the mic from Lacy. He walks over to a motionless Dupree and squats down. He gently taps his cheek, still no response from Dupree.

His squat turns into Dimsmore laying on his stomach with the mic and his face mere inches away from Dupree’s ear. You can hear Dimsmore breathing into the mic.

Dimsmore (Inhaling and exhaling in between words): Never…… Again!!

Long dramatic pause

Dimsmore: PURGE!!!

Dimsmore rolls out of the ring and begins to walk back up the aisle with Lacy while their theme plays. 2 OCW officials rush out to assist Dupree as we fade.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

What a cruel and callous human being!

Adapt or die, Fam!

And now the final match of the evening. The New Owner of OCW Mugen has parlayed his way into championship bout with the Champion Paul Pugh!

We just seen what The Purge is capable of. Will the goon squad play a part or does Mugen actually have a shred of honor is his paint heart?




Mugen vs Paul Pugh

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The Camera pans to the announce team!


I simply cannot belive it!