Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3


The Devil begins to stalk The Fire with laughter being his war cry to other members of The Purge.

From the entrance ramp comes Dimsmore and his 3 goons, but before they can make it to the ring, Savage U attack them from behind. Dimsmore makes a run directly for Dupree while Tobin Frost and Sean McGee take out #1, 2 and 3.

Just before Dimsmore can reach Dupree, The Monster slides from the darkness underneath the ring to cut them off, they begin exchanging punches.

Savage U having dispatched the THREE make a play for Dimsmore but are suddenly blindsided by the Omar Gibbs and Mez Murdock, The A-Team, another brawl ensues.

It is chaos at ringside, Poling and Scaggs make sure to stay out harms way. Lacy Love then appears at the ramp with over a dozen painted Purge reinforcements to neutralize the threat.

The crowd suddenly erupts into a absolute frenzy when members of the Inner Circle start pouring out from the crowd down to balance the odds.

More and more Purge security pour into ringside as more and more members of the Riot roster follows. The camera pans to the D.A.M. skybox to see Mugen the Overlord watching over the massive brawl.

He stands very slowly from his seat, smoothly releases the doves with a hysterically laughter of pleased maniac as the OCW logo appears and we fade to black.