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* Young is seen leaving the arena . Stacy Clark runs up.*

Stacey Clark: So Charles what are your thoughts on tonight's match? What would you like to improve on if anything?

* Charles Young stops and drops his bag. Then he grabs her by the hand. *

Young: It was a good match but my greed was too much. El Chapo was OK but he really can't hold a candle to me.

Young: One mistake was made but never again.

Stacey: So you looking for a rematch?

Young: Chico isn't going to want to fight me again. One match means nothing, I'm still the best in the division.

Young: Now I must leave sweet Miss Clark, I've shown tonight I can be very dangerous.

* Limo pulls up and he walks away shaking his head*

The Camera pans to the announce team!

So close!

Yet so far!


Xtron Flickers On!

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The scene starts off with Ginger standing backstage with Corey Ford.

Ginger: Tonight you face Basil in what could be the biggest match of your career, a #1 contender spot on the line for who faces Bill Ding next. Are you feeling confident that you can beat Basil?

At the mention of Basil a stage hand rushed up and passed a note to Ginger.

Ginger: Ah apparently Basil as pulled his taint!! god how painful and very humiliating! Looks like he is a no go so you have no opponent tonight.

Corey: Oh so what does it mean for the contendership?

Ginger looked around and shrugged.

Ginger: Not sure, it’ll be up to high ups to sort out. I guess you can enjoy your night off.

Corey: Yea I guess I’ll “enjoy” my night off.. See ya around Ginger.

Ginger: See you later Corey.

The scene ends with Corey and Ginger walking in opposite directions…

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh no!!!!

That happened to me in 89, I couldn't wipe my tuckus for 4 weeks. I seen somethings Charles, I SEEN somethings, I never knew I ate.


Christian Shepherd sits on a supply crate running the final moments of his Turmoil match with Dennis Black through his head as Jim Black walks up.

Jim: Christian you came up just short on Turmoil, how are you feeling?

Shepherd: I feel sick, because I had him Jim. I had it. I have the Turmoil Champ beat and I let it slip through my hands like sand. Almost gets you nothing here.

Shepherd: I almost earned a championship shot, I’ve almost done a lot of things here. Yet I sit here on another PPV without a match.

Shepherd: And I’m sick of it Jim. Some things are going to have to change and it starts tonight. I can do something great Jim, I know I can. Now if you’ll excuse me I have some thinking I need to do.

Shepherd exits the scene.

Jim: Walking away from me like he’s somebody… damn rookies…

The camera pans back to the announce team.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

That fire inside!

It's all you need!




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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Oh dear!


The scene opens earlier in the morning, a young couple are walking their dog along the beach, the tide is coming in and slowly lapping at their feet as they make their way along the sand.

As they approach the underneath of the pier their dog begins barking loudly and pulling at his lead, the woman lets the dog off the leash and it immediately makes a dash towards the pier, the couple lose sight of it as it disappears inbetween the supports, they begin to chase after it calling its name.

Woman: Jack? Jack? Where are you boy?

Man: Here boy! Here Jacky!

The couple come to a sudden stop underneath the pier as they spot their dog pulling on something, they make their way over and they see their dog pulling at a mans trouser leg.

Woman: What the heck?

Before them is a man, burnt and blistered from over exposure to the sun, shirtless, his raggy, matted hair almost dreadlocked with dirt, the length of his shoulder, lightly bleached by the sun, the mans trousers are all ripped, he has one boot on, a few tattoos here and there, but most are impossible to make out through his burnt and dirty skin, the only one that can be made out is a burnt looking 'P' on his forearm,the man is face down tied to what looks like a home made raft.

The man pulls the dog off, and the man lets out a slight groan.

Woman: Are they scratch marks?

Upon closer inspection they make out numerous single lined scratch marks on the raft, just to the left of the mans head, the woman begins to count.

Woman: 273...No way? What the? Do you think he's been on this thing for 273 days?

Man: That's impossible.

Woman: He's barely alive.

Man: Look how skinny he is, he's all dirt and bones, look where he's tied himself on, look at the rope burns, he has to be in pain..he has to be.

Man: Hey Mr, Mr are you ok?

He gives him a nudge with his foot, the man lets out a small groan.

The man goes in closer and unties the knot that's holding the unknown man onto the raft, and the man slowly slides down into the water, still face down

Woman: Look at that, what does that say?

She wipes some of the dirt off a sign that is on the raft that the man was laying on, as her boyfriend turns the man over in the water so his face is out of the water.

Woman: 'The Hound's Tooth'...wait, is this raft actually part of a ship?

The man begins to cough and splutter.

Man: I think he's trying to speak.

The stricken man slowly begins to raise his arm, trembling with weakness, he manages to point a finger.

The couple look at each other in confusion

Woman: Why is he pointing at me?

Man: Do you know him?

They both have a closer look at the man, but his hair is scraggled over most of his face, and sunburn and scars distort the rest of his features.

Woman: I'm sorry, do you think you know me?

???: T.....T...

Woman: T? What do you need? Telephone? is that what you are asking for?

???: .....TETS!

The man drops his arm as he passes out again, the couple stood their more confused as ever.

To be continued......

The Camera pans to the announce team!


I love it!


* K.D'Angelo is in the back walking to exit. He's seen bumping into anyone in his way. A young wrestler walks up to him*

Young Guy: ( start laughing) Hey that was a awesome tag match. You guys suplexed those guys everywhere.

* K.D'Angelo stops and drops his bag. He then grabs him around the throat and lifts him against the wall.

K.D'Angelo: There time is coming just like yours if you don't shut it! Blink twice if you understand.

* He blinks twice then K.D. drops him.

Now enjoy your night and stay way from me. next time I won't be so nice!

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Dam shame!

It happens!