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The scene begins on a view of an old beat down house in the middle of the woods, the camera moves around the house slowly. It eventually circles back to a full frontal view of the house and stops there.

The sound of a match being lit is heard from within the house, a few moments after, a fire can be seen through one of the windows.

In a few minutes it spreads across most of the interior of the house, slowly spreading to the outside of it as well.

As the house house burns, slow heavy footsteps can be heard heading toward the front door of the burning house. The camera switches to a close up of a pair of red boots, walking down the hall towards the front door of the house, it slowly moves up the body until it stops just before the head, what can be seen is a large amount of chains hanging from the neck of this man, this man presumably being Cerberus.

The angle switches to a back view of the man as he's leaving the house, revealing his large physique and long black hair. Then, a deep raspy voice can be heard from him.

Cerberus: Fire.. is the purest form of destruction.

The camera stays set on Cerberus as he eventually gets out of the house, he keeps walking as debris and fire begin to block the cameras view. The screen is eventually blocked completely and the camera fades out..

The Camera pans to the announce team!

We got a firebug on our hands!


Well get settled because The Icon of OCW takes on The January Wrestler of the Month and a Hall of Famer!

The First Battle of the Rev Inc / TOP War begins NOW!!!



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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Outta no where!!!

He did it! I can't belive he did it!!!

We fade into the backstage hallway, where the World Heavyweight Champion, Drago Cesar is sitting on a crate wrapping tape around his wrist. He leans his head back against the wall and closes his eyes as he takes a deep breath. He opens his eyes to see Leon Valentine walking down the hall, the North American Championship around his shoulder.

Drago Cesar: "Congratulations."

Drago points to Leon's North American Championship.

Leon Valentine: "Thanks, but as much as it feels good to have this once again, it doesn't feel quite the same winning it after a four way. If I get past Tobin, then I can give you a rematch, any time."

Drago throws his hands up and chuckles.

Drago Cesar: "Not anytime soon, my friend. Maybe one day I'm take you up on it."

Leon nods and points to Drago's World Heavyweight Championship.

Leon Valentine: "You ready to put that on the line tonight?"

Drago hops off the crate.

Drago Cesar: "I've always be ready. Since day one, I'm scratch and claw my way to top. I didn't come here with clique, I've had to earn every single thing here! No politic, boulshet, nothing! I have no problem about defending this any day of week!"

Leon Valentine: "You and me both my good friend. You got this though, you're the man and what you have done is truly amazing, you know that right?"

Drago Cesar: "....I'm just do my job."

Leon Valentine:
"If anyone can do this, it's you. Anyway I best get going. It's going to be a long night and Tobin Frost is going to give me hell."

Drago Cesar: "Good Luck."

Leon Valentine:
"You too."

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Leon is gonna do us proud!

Last week you were calling him a bitch, now hes "going to do us proud?"


The X-Tron Flickers On!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!


WHERE IS DENNIS? Did T.O.P take him out to assure Malu's success?

Camera opens to the back, where Jakub De'Relic, Jason Williams and Nate Dunn are shown celebrating.

Jakub De'Relic:
I told you! I told you guys! Purity will ALWAYS win out over sin! They didn't stand a chance! NOT. A. CHANCE!

At this point, the trio is approached by Stacey Clark.

Stacey Clark:
Excuse me guys, just wanted to say congratulations on the win-


Stacey looks a bit taken aback as De'Relic steps up to the microphone.

Jakub De'Relic
: Forgive Jason, he's just very excited about the payoff to his training when we beat down the Gentlemen's Club.

Stacey Clark: You guys did dominate the match, you had a clean sweep, but I have to ask you about the post match attack on Gentleman Jack...?

Jakub De'Relic: It's simple Stacey, it really is. Every member of the Gentleman's Club is weak minded and easily goes astray, they were simply pawns to be controlled by the true devil of OCW, Gentleman Jack.

Jakub De'Relic: He was the evil we set out to vanquish, and our mission would not have been completed until the Rains of Cleansing had washed away the kingpin of sin.

Stacey Clark: So...what's next for you guys now that Gentlemen's Club are old news?

At this point, Nate Dunn pushes ahead to the microphone.

Nate Dunn:
The Rogue Convoy's color scheme is white and gold, Stacey...and it's the latter part that we're aiming for.

Nate Dunn: There may be no tag team belts in OCW, but this next week, I have an opportunity to compete in a tournament for the Turmoil TV Championship...and all I have to do is crash through the gate that is Jackson Montgomery...

Nate Dunn: The Rogue Convoy is getting gold soon, Stacey, you won't want to miss it.

Nate walks off screen, De'Relic and Wiliams nodding to Stacey before following. Stacey turns to leave, but walks right into Matt Mercer, who is sporting a surprisingly happy expression as he looks down at Stacey from his almost 7 foot frame, and she begins to carefully piece together her next choice of words.

Stacey Clark:
Matt...we haven't actually seen you wrestle for some time...what is your take on your Stable-mates victory?

Mercer looks at Stacey silently, before grabbing her in a firm embrace, lifting her and spinning, shouting with the glee of an untamed 5 year old:

Matt Mercer

Mercer places Stacey down, unharmed albeit a bit dizzy, before running of screen to catch up with his teammates.

Camera pans to announce team.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Big win for the Rogues Convoy!

They where white and gold yet they tried to victimize the local sleazebag! I don't buy it!!!

Speaking of Sleaze!! While the Convoy celebrates, The Gentlemans Club has one more chance to redeem themselves as Big Ed takes on Jimmy Henry!

How is Gentleman Jack even going to come out after the beating he took earlier!!!





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The Camera pans to the announce team!

Holy moses!! they did it!

Ohhhh Boy!!!!

The cameras start rolling again inside of the D.A.M Skybox where Mugen is seen still reclining in his leather beanbag chair in a total state of calm. Suddenly, he hears a ring from the phone next to him.

Mugen: Who is this?

(Indistinct talking on the other line)

Mugen: He's here? Perfect. I'll let Molly know so she can greet him downstairs.

Mugen hangs up the phone and walks over to the bar area of the Skybox. He looks behind the bar and brings out a wooden box with Japanese characters carved into it.

He opens it to reveal an old but mint condition bottle of 50 Year Old Yamazaki whiskey. He takes out 2 glasses and pours. He takes one in his hand with a smile over his face as Molly enters the room.

Molly: Looking for me?

Mugen: Molly, the solution to all of our problems has arrived. Please show our friend in, he's in the blood red limo in the garage my dear.

Molly: Gotcha!

As Molly hastily leaves the skybox, Mugen raises the glass to his face. Instead of taking a sip of his drink, he pauses and just shakes it around in his hand slowly with a menacing grin.

Mugen: I may have referred to myself as The Solution but........this is certainly the solution to all of our problems.

The scene cuts out.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

I don't like the sound of this!

Yea well I don't like the sound of your voice!


The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

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