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The Camera Pans to the Parking Area, we find K.D Angelo the newest member of Revolution Inc Under a vending machine. That is to say the Vending Machine was tipped over and has landed on the big man who is pinned under it . As Sodas and broken glass are strewn throughout the area. Medical staff is tending to the big man. As the camera pans out we notice Skull #4


The Camera pans to the announce team!

This is highly suspicious what the heck is going on! Where is Dennis Black?

Hopefully far...far away!!

It's time to shift gears! ITS TIMEEEE!!!!!

Triple Threat For the OCW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP!!!



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The Camera pans to the announce team!



We now go backstage to the Gentleman's Club locker room where the gang is celebrating Big Ed's victory over Jimmy Henry.

The men are all wearing nothing but towels, smoking cheap cigars and enjoying the finest ten dollar champagne money can buy. Outside the room we see Stacy Clark and a camera crew knock on the unmarked door.

Stacy: Who are we interviewing?

Camera Guy: No clue, the producer just told us to talk to the man inside.

Just then, Cactus Gauge, wearing nothing but a towel, answers the door.

Stacy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE! I'm not doing this!

Entire Club in joyous unison: STACY!

Stacy: Screw all of you! I did you a favor last week and you tried to have me and my crew arrested for child sexual assault! You can all go to hell!

Gentleman Jack comes to the door. Pausing briefly to spit out a bloody tooth he suffered during the night's precedings.

Jack: Stacy, don't be mad! Don't take it personally!

Stacy: Did... did you just spit out a tooth?

Jack: Hey you got to break a few eggs to make an omelet now don't ya sweetheart?

Stacy: You disgust me in every way humanly possibly.

Jack: Good, I can't climax otherwise.

Stacy: Let's just get this over with shall we?

Jack: Quick and to the point, alright darlin.

Stacy: Tonight, your group had mixed results. While you certainly enjoyed a major win over Jimmy Henry, your tag team suffered another loss to The Rogue Convoy.

Stacy: You specifically took a beating at the end! What are your thoughts?

Jack: You know what? I'm feeling magnanimous, I give all the credit in the world to those screwy nut jobs.

Jack: They got a hard fought win and gave me a good knock on the noggin. Bravo Convoy, you won.

Jack: But let's be honest, what'd you really accomplish? I'm still here smoking, the guys are drinking, You're worried about the “implications” of being alone in our locker room, and I still don't believe in whatever screwed up deity they all pray to.....

Jack: So way to go guys!

Stacy: You have no redeeming qualities.

Jack: And you have nice cans!!. As I was saying, Convoy, you won the battle. Jakub, in another world I think we could have been friends.

Jack: I mean you have three of the most impressive athletes on Turmoil convinced you're some kind of prophet.

Jack: Mad respect my brother. However, the war is far from over. You wanted to cleanse OCW of our special brand of filth, yet come Thursday night we're going to be right back on Rush tv pushing the boundaries of decency.

Jack: Face it, you're fighting a war you can't win! We're always going to be scumbags and we sure as hell aren't going anywhere.

Jack: Why would we? We have the biggest, baddest dog in the yard on our side!

Jack: However, I do have a bit of bad news. After much discussion, the Club and I have come to the hard decision that the Prince of Pain and the Human Ninja Turtle will no longer be tagging.

Jack: They've done everything they can together and it's time for their singles stars to shine. In two week, Cactus Gauge is going to be the next TV Champion, while Dustin White, the last man to cleanly pin the Turmoil Champion mind you, will go on his journey to rid OCW of corrupt officials.

Jack: It's running rampant Stacy and I for one thank Mr. White for taking the time to clean it up.

Dustin: Thank you Jack! Enough is enough!

Stacy: You're all delusional.

Jack: We're also really, really, really good at our job Stacy. You could learn a lesson or two.

Before these two can continue their charged conversation, Big Ed yells out from the room.

Big Ed: Boss! Where's my present?!

Jack: I almost forgot! Stacy, you're going to want to come in to see this.

As Jack and Stacy enter the room, Cactus begins to dig through a gym bag before pulling out a VHS tape.

Cactus: Ed my man, you're an inspiration to us all. It is with great honor that I, along with the entire Cub, give to you the one thing you've wanted since I met you.

Big Ed's eyes go wide in excitement and anticipation.

Big Ed: You didn't....

Cactus: Oh we did big man! Big Ed, the Gentleman's Club, in association with Over As **** Promotions proudly present to you the hardest core gang bang film ever made!

Cactus: It's been banned in six continents and we had to spend over a thousand dollars to get it smuggled into the country, but we did it big man!

Jack has a tear in his eye as he watches this momentous occasion.

Big Ed: You don't mean...

Jack: We mean it big guy! You held up your end of the deal, we hold up ours! Ed, we proudly give to you the only copy of Sugar and Candy Skull Do Juarez in existence in the USA today.

Jack: You did it big guy! We love you!

Big Ed, Jack, Cactus, and Dustin are overwhelmed with emotion as they have a group hug while Stacy just watches on in disgust.

Big Ed: Can... Can I watch it?

Cactus: Of course you can big guy! We even got you this super sweet 1994 LG combo TV and VCR. C'mon guys, let's give him a little privacy.

Jack, Cactus, Dustin, and Stacy leave the room to step out in the hallway.

Stacy: Really? Mexican pornography?

Jack: What else do you get the guy that has everything?

Stacy: A Pier 1 gift card?

Jack: You are embarrassingly white sometimes Stacy.

Stacy: I'll take that as a compliment from somebody like you. C'mon there are real athletes and superstars I could be talking to right now.

Stacy: Just tell me your thoughts on Jimmy Henry so I can get out of here.

Jack: Jimmy, you put up a hell of a fight tonight. However, you just had the bad luck of crossing the wrong group of guys.

Jack: Big Ed is destined to be the man. The whole world is at Big Ed's feet. There's not a man in this company that can match his physicality and work ethic.

Jack: Big Ed is the past, present, and future of not only Turmoil, but OCW as a whole. Somebody praise me!

Dustin: Amen!

Jack: Thank you brother Dustin!

Before the interview can continue, we hear a guttural, almost animal like growl from the Club's locker room. Even though its only been a brief few moments, Ed has clearly reached the promised land.

Cactus: You ok in there big guy?

Big Ed opens the door, wearing nothing but a smile. Thankfully Little Ed is pixelated for TV.

Big Ed: I'm done...

Jack high fives Ed, looks at his hand in fear, and wipes it on Stacy's dress as she shrieks.

Stacy trying to hold back a gagging sound.

Oh god...smells like a turtle tank and Viginia Slims....oh god....

Stacy runs down the hallway as fast as she can before she vomits as the members of the Club just look at each in confusion.

Cactus: I guess the interview is over?

Dustin: So unprofessional.

Big Ed: Something in my teeth?

Jack: No! You didn't do anything wrong big guy! Some people just can't in the presence of greatness.

Dustin: Can I have a turn?

Big Ed: All yours little buddy.

Jack: You really are a man for all seasons.

As Dustin goes inside to watch the Club's newest treasure, Jack, Cactus, and a very nude Big Ed once again have a very emotional and touching group hug as our scene comes to an end.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Those guys are so crude!

It's because you were raised by your aunt, and she was a frilly girl, you dont know how real men act!

Unlike the Rev. Inc lacquered nameplate, the nameplate on this door is crudely crafted, it reads:. “Theater of Pain”.

Again we see boney fingers reach for the door, these don’t move slowly, they fiercely push the door to the locker room open.

Instead of it being Skull Face #1, #2 and #3, it’s Skull Face #3, #4, #5 and Candy Skull.

They all rush the room. Blake Ma'Jin, Parker Stevens and Willow immediately get to their feet in response. From out of view, Blake suddenly flies into the picture, crashing into the door, slamming it shut.

But the audience doesn’t need to see what’s going on, they know what’s going on by the sounds of yelling and crashing coming from behind the door...absolute Mayhem. No not the daft devil worshiper from days of yore, but pandemonium. After a brief commercial break for RushTV we return to the door of T.o.P., it finally opens.

Out walks Candy Skull, Skull Face #3, #4 and #5, a bit disheveled but together. Dia de los Muertos slam the door behind them, the camera fades as the T.o.P. nameplate hits the floor.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

The Skulls are out of control! Where is Malu? where is Dennis, this feels fishy!

Ok Mr conspiracy! I will say this, THE SKULLS ARE FINALLY TAKING WHAT BELONGS TO THEM!!!! and if those that survived know whats good for them they will stay out of the way!!!

Man...it's time for the Main Event...With little to no sign of Dennis Black he takes on Malu, In A Champion vs Champion match!

It's next! I think!


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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!

He has done it!!

It's done!!!


We ain't done.........