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The scene begins in the locker room on the night of one of OCW's biggest pay per views "Summercide". Basil Dello Russo is geared up for his match against Corey Forde, his compatriots surround him, they all seem ready to walk out with him. Russo notices and speaks to all of them..

Basil Dello Russo: All of you will stay put back here while I take care of business out there, understand?

His compatriots respond with confused looks, one of them speaks

Compatriot: Are you sure,sir?

Basil Dello Russo: Very sure.

Basil then hears his music hit, and makes his way out to the ring.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Preparing for war!

Oh yea he is!


Big Basil vs Corey Ford

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

He got it!

I can't belive he got it!

The Past, The Present and most importantly The Future of this great brand is standing present on stage. Engineers, production crews, and many other hard laborers is getting everything set for the biggest PPV of the season, Summercide!

He stands there in confidence like The Prince of OC...Nah scratch that! He stands there with grace like The King of...Aww hell no! Scratch that too! He just stands there like he's better than….Nope can't use that either!

Let's just say he stands there distinguished and with poise, ok?

This is the most focused we've seen H2O since Certified Greatness. He goes back and relives some of moments that made him one of the most tenacious competitors in this business.

As you may well know, I came into this fed to look for challenges, excitement and thrill rides. This year I have received all of that and more.

H2O: This all started with a simple email I sent to Samsin Simpson. (Chuckles) An email I signed off as, The Head Rookie. I had no intentions on keeping the name. It was joke. A rude and arrogant one. But get over it. That's just me.

H2O: That email sparked a flame. It created a rash on some nerves on both Riot’s and Turmoil’s roster. Even a close friend told me to relax. But it was too late. My road to becoming The Head Rookie began. Something that OCW Universe craved for!

H2O walks down the ramp to take a closer look at the gold columns being placed down by ringside.
As he makes his way to the bottom of the ramp, a memory triggered.

Certified Greatness was birth of The Aerial Assassin. The doubters and naysayers shifted gears and became supports of H2O. Even though the veteran, Paul Pugh, squeaked by with a win and ran off with the Light Heavyweight title.

H2O walks along ringside and looks at the stack of folded chairs. He bends down on his once injured knee to feel the steel chairs. Another memory has triggered.

Just before my rematch with Pugh at Road To Glory, I was derailed by a guy who claims that I want to be like. A guy who made it his business to try to take my career away from me. I have to admit, it almost destroyed me.

H2O: I was decimated by Pugh because of it. Kassidy Hayes is one of those men that wish he had opportunities like me. He wish he can be loved by everyone in a such a short amount of time. Most of all, he just wish he could wear eyeliner and dye his hair and still look as good as me.

Smiles at the thought.

Even with my short comings he can't measure to my charisma and confidence. That's what makes me Hard 2 Obtain. You'll never be me Hayes.

H2O: Maybe if you stopped being a product of Black & Cox and find your soul and be somebody. Maybe just MAYBE you can be High Octane like yours truly.

H2O stands back up as he shakes his head side to side. Thinking as of why on earth he allow him himself to get derailed.

He walks over the area where the ring announcers sit. A bell sits on a floor next to several microphones. Yet another memory triggers.

Dennis Black and Cort Marshall. These two men know how to talk a good game. The difference between the two that one knows the game. Some may argue he knows it ahead of his time. The other just don't know when to shut up!

H2O takes the mic with him and rolls underneath the ropes and into the ring. He walks towards the center of the ring while tossing the mic back and forth in each hand.

Every single one of the men from Black all the way down to El Segador has called me out to take my shine away. But this time I promise The OCW Universe it will be different this PPV.

H2O: Others call themselves The Fire or Mr. Summercide. But when it comes to summer what's the coolest thing a person could ever ask for or ever need? That's right, H-2-O.

H2O winks at the camera. Then he walks over to the ropes while watching crew members hoist up The X Tron.

Cort, all the sly remarks can't save you now. There's no turning back. This is what makes me. Summercide is where you going to find out who I am.

H2O: I AM The Past, I AM The Present and I AM The Future!

H2O: If you can't comprehend that just remember the name...

H2O looks into the camera as he points his thumbs at himself. As all of the production crew members say it in unison with him.


H2O nods his head in respect towards the crew members. Everyone cheers for him on as heads backstage leaving the crew to finish their job.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

This ones gonna be a barn burner!

I can't wait!


The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

What in the blue blazes!


The screen looks fuzzy almost like the old timey dream sequences your favorite sitcoms used to use!

The scene opens up in the dimly lit hallway of a Gilded Age building where we see a hooded figure walking towards a large ornate door made of pure gold. The door opens to a completely white conference room where the arena-style seating is placed in the shape of a triangle.

The hooded figure removes his hood to reveal that it is our Overlord, the Suplex Savior, The Emperor of the Enzuguri, the God of the Gamengiri, The Messiah of the Multiverse but…………….he looks about 15 years younger and lacking the trademark facepaint.

At that moment we see a hand on Mugen’s shoulder, the camera pans around to show The Intergalactic Interloper Ryu Matsumoto who also looks significantly younger and lacking an eyepatch.

The two nod at each other as we see The Galantic Galavanter, Tiberius Dupree walking from the opposite end of the room…...his flowing golden hair has somehow been replaced with unicorn puke purple.

Mugen points at Dupree and starts laughing.

Mugen: HA, what happened to you fool?

Dupree: Shut up, you did this to me.

Mugen: I did? Was that Mugen superior to you in every possible way as well?

Dupree: You idiot, I won the feud.

Mugen: Huh?

At that moment we see another Mugen walk in through a door to the side. This one looks slightly older and he is wearing a dress that would make Lady Gaga jealous. He looks at purple-haired Dupree and walks away quickly.

Dupree: That’s what happens.

Mugen: Oh f………..

Ryu: Well I’d like to let you know that in my timeline, I am main eventing Wrestlution…….


The three of them turn around to see another Ryu Matsumoto who looks half broken with a cybernetic eye similar to a T-1000 and a robotic arm.


Cyborg Ryu: I won the Spider Wars! You should see how Matsuda looks! Wait you can’t…..because I KILLED HIM!

Cyborg Ryu is cackling as he walks towards his seat. At this time we see several other versions of Mugen, Tiberius Dupree and Ryu Matsumoto walk towards their seats in the conference room.

To Be Continued…..

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Not again....

Here we go...


The camera shows the feet of a man in a wheel chair. His dusty and dirty snake skin boots sit wonky on the foot rests. As the camera pans up, we see it's none other than Jackson Montgomery sitting in his dingy whitey tighties. The camera stops on Jackson's face and he yells directly into it..

Jackson Montgomery:

With that said, Jackson spits a heaping glob of chewing tobacco right into the lens and the screen goes black.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

Now well thats just sad!

Livin in Dougie Blacks, America!