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Jim Black knocks on Heather's door. There's no answer but he can hear some kind of noise.

He opens the door to a dark room with only one pod light on. Underneath that dim light is Heather sitting in a chair tapping her fingers on the arm rest.

Jim Black realised that was the sound he heard from outside the door. He cautiously steps closer to her remembering his last eerie encounter with her on Riot.

When he stands next to her, he admires her beauty and beastly appearance. She is staring at something in front of her. Jack followers her eyes and he sees a silhouette of a cardboard cutout of Eerie Sunshine. The cutout is of the same pose as her marquee.

Jim is hesitant to interrupt but he has to do his job. He swallows hard before he begins to speak in a whisper.

Uh, Heather? May I have a few words with you?


Jim: You made it to your 1st PPV and you finally can get your hands on Eerie Sunshine. Any sense of nervousness?

Heather doesn't make a flinch. Jim Black is starting show some beads of sweat on his forehead.

Ok, Heather. I'll just leave you alone here. I don't want to interrupt you any further.

As Jim tries to make his way thru the darkness and back to the door, Heather stops tapping her fingers. Jim notices it right away and starts to breathe heavily.

Just over Jim’s shoulder you can see Heather turn her attention towards him. A chill runs thru his body just as she does it. He cannot move.

Somebody is going to die tonight.

Jim cannot even turn around to face her.

Uh, yes of course Heather. Would that be Eerie?

He had to be sure if she's talking about him or Eerie.


Jim Black jumps out of his own skip at the hideous outburst of laughter coming from Heather. He tries to storm out looking for the door but trips over some objects in the room. He knocks over the camera man in the process.

The camera falls on the ground laying sideways. Both Jim Black and the cameraman leave Heather's locker room.

You can see Heather long legs walk towards the camera from the light to darkness. You can see anything at this point. You can only hear the sounds of her footsteps coming closer.

Then silence fills the room. Then Heather speaks in a whisper.

Eeeeerie. Oooooo, Eeeeeerriieeee. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

The sound of her door opens and then slams as the scene ends.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

This is gonna be a brawl!!!!

I am so excited!



Womens Championship

Kat vs Sophia

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Download The Match Here

The Camera pans to the announce team!



We return to the all white conference room with various versions of Dupree, Mugen and Spider. A bald Dupree with tattoos covering him from head to toe wearing all black leather walks into the room with a grimace that stretches across all timelines.

He’s followed by what looks like the cousin of cousin It from the Adam’s Family, as a creature made completely out shiny silver hair glides to a seat.

Seated next to him is a red skinned Dupree with a long beard wearing a tunic and golden Chuck Taylor sneakers. He talks to an identical version of the current Dupree but donning a superhero garb with a large “B” on his chest.

Nerdy Dupree, Ugly Dupree and Face Paint Dupree all take seats on one side of the large triangle table.

We see a Ryu walk in wearing heavy futuristic power armor, two massive wild west looking revolvers hanging off gun belts on his waist.

Trying to keep up behind him is a reptilian creature with the head of a velociraptor wearing TTT merchandise.

Behind them are Cyberpunk Spider, Vampire Spider, and Mutant Three-headed Spider (each head is wearing a different mask from Spider’s career).

We see a Mugen with an afro, black sunglasses and a bullet proof vest on that says #WOKE.

Mugen with long golden flowing hair who is seen shaking his head constantly to get the hair moving for the cameras.

An extremely tall version of Mugen who is bouncing a basketball around only because he looks like Yao Ming.

Fat Mugen. Drunken Kung Fu Mugen. Japanese Pop Superstar Mugen all take seats. The original Mugen as you know him sits at one point of the triangle, and Dupree at the final point. The various versions lining each side of the triangle, things are ready to proceed.

To Be Continued….

The Camera pans to the announce team!

We don't have the budget for this..

It's fine, everything is fine!