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After the celebration, Ding turns around just as Seb is about to exit the ring. Before he can exit, he feels a firm grip on his shoulder. Looking behind him, he sees it is Ding and steps back into the ring.

The two men stare at each other as the crowd awaits what's next, cheering the pair on. Ding extends his meaty hand out and waits. Seb waits a moment as he continues to catch his breath, and then extends his hand to form a firm handshake. Ding smiles and then raises their hands together in front of the cheering crowd.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

That was amazing!

Yes it was!


Xtron Flickers On!

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The Camera pans to the announce team!



We transition over to the locker room, where we see Drago, now donning the previously-mentioned military outfit, sitting on a bench anxiously moving his hands. He takes a deep breath as we can hear a door open with Johnny Law and Dragana walking in the room. Johnny's eyes widen upon seeing Drago's attire.

I thought you were-

Drago: I know. Can't run away from past forever. It always catch up with you. You know all about Dennis right?

Johnny: Yeah, of course.

Drago: He is exactly who I would be if I didn't change my lifestyle. I feel guilt over what happen. You think he ever feel guilty about what he do to everyone? There not be a single day that pass that I'm no think about what I'm do to all those people, my family.

Johnny: Wait, so what are you trying to say?

Drago stands up and looks at Johnny intently.

He is the reflection in mirror I have to face every day. Constant reminder of what would happen if one day, I'm just snap. I have to beat him. Not just for this championship, but to finally put my demons at rest.

Drago turns and looks to Dragana.


Drago's head tilts toward the ground for a few seconds, but he shakes his head and looks back at her.

I know that I can't change the fact that I left you and the rest of the family. But I needed to. After the war, I needed time to myself. I didn't know if I was going to be stable enough to come back to you. For your safety, I had to be away. Hunting animals and learning about them, saving them from being extinct and all? It gave me peace. It made me find out who I really was. Doing that and having all these people behind me every single time I'm out there? It makes me feel like I'm finally doing something right with my life. I know I've said this multiple times before, but I'm sorry. I just wish I could've been a good brother to you.

Dragana: ...

Dragana: ...You're the best brother I could've asked for.

Drago's eyes start to water as he's the one that stays silent.

It's almost time. Get out there and make us proud...Champ.

Drago smiles as he gives both of them a hug before walking out of the locker room.

The Camera pans to the announce team!

It's about family!

And right now its about a legendary battle! The Summer Streak vs Nate's Summer Legacy!


Main Event

Streak vs Summer!

Tiberius Dupree vs Nate Ortiz

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The scene starts with Ginger waiting backstage as Seb limped past, Ginger grabbed Seb by the arm as he passed.

Ginger: Seb a moment of your time if I can?

Seb shrugged Ginger off and made to keep walking.

Ginger: So Bill landing on you mid move to take the win was hilarious.

Seb stopped in his tracks and rounded on the intern.

Seb: You want to say that again?

Ginger coward back a bit and shook his head as Seb got into his face.

Seb: I hit that move flawlessly earlier in the match, then I guess Ding's corset broke because next thing I know he's crushed me under my own move.

Ginger let out a small nervous fit of giggles as Seb looked at him with murder in his eyes.

Ginger: Following the match you shook Ding's hand, that must've burnt you up a bit as the ref handed the title to Ding.. At least you know what Austin Lee felt like following his encounter with Ding.

Seb pinched the brige of his nose and closed his eyes as he tried to calm himself.

Seb: Red you're really begining to irritate me, yes the title being draped over the retaining Ding's shoulder stung a little. I was this close.

Seb held his forefinger and thumb apart to show how close he was.

Seb: A literal bees dick away from success.

Ginger: So what do you plan on doing next, now you're back at the bottom of the pile?

Seb shook his head and made to walk away before stopping and cracking Ginger in the face, once the intern lay at Seb's feet he walked off ending the scene.

The Camera pans to the announce team!


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