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* K.Dangelo and Kat are both seen leaving through the back of the arena. Up runs Stacey Clark *

Stacey Clark: Hey guys you two had some awesome matches tonight, what's next for you ?

* They both look at each other with sadness on their faces *

K.Dangelo: I don't know about Kat but I've lost my fire I once had. When was the last time I BlackRacked someone? Who have I retired lately?
Maybe it's time to give up the keys to the garden!

Kat: Retirement does seem like the best option right now. I can't keep up with these chicks. They are two steps ahead of me.
I'm tired.

Stacey Clark: So what does this mean for you two?

* K.Dangelo and Kat look at each other and walk away *

The Camera pans to the announce team!



We return to the same timeline at the same time as last time, remember?

Coming towards the trilateral Conquerors of the Multiverse is a late Ryu Matsumoto who looks like he exists in the timeline that all you normies know and exist in except he has a pencil thin mustache.

Dupree: What are you supposed to be?

Pencil Thin Ryu: Oh I’m Ryu from the future……

Mugen: OH?! What year are you supposed to be from?

Future Ryu: 2018.

Dupree and Mugen Together: What?

Dupree: It’s August 2017 in the current universe, you aren’t that far in the future.

Spider 2018: Oh, it’s not 1977? Hold on.

Spider 2018 takes a wide stance stretches out his arm and grabs the knob on his wristwatch and begins turning it.

Spider 2018: WoooOOOOooooOooooOoo

Both Dupree and Mugen shake their heads while they facepalm.

Dupree and Mugen: THAT'S NOT HOW THAT WORKS!

Mugen: I guess nothing’s changed.

Dupree: That’s exactly why I’ve called this Multiverse Timeline Tribunal, this absolutely needs to stop. You’re total disregard for the rules of time has plunged multiple universes, galaxies and timelines into utter chaos.

Dupree: If the recent solar eclipse ain’t proof enough, blackening the sun during my streak is a direct conspiracy against the eternal better force that governs all that is.

All the Ryu’s become a thinking emoji.

Ryu: I’m not sure about that…. I govern South Carolina, your better force holds no jurisdiction there, so therefore it holds no jurisdiction anywhere, since South Carolina is everywhere in every timeline.

Mugen: He’s got a point.

All the Mugens and all the Ryu’s also agree but all the Dupree’s disagree. Ryu pulls a gavel out his back pocket and slams it on the table.

Ryu: 2 sides of the Trilateral have come to a decision, VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE FAILED!!!!

The Duprees are livid, they all stand up simultaneously.


To Be Continued Next Summercide…..

The Camera pans to the announce team!




Main Event
OCW World Championship

3 Stages of Hell

Dennis Black vs Drago Cesar*

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Thank You To Everyone Who Helped and Participated