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The whole wrestling industry is buzzing with Riot 450 details, including predictions, various podcasts and commentaries. The backstage area is even more populated than usual, OCW officials and staff running about with the utmost urgency.

The hardest working person in OCW and it’s most popular interviewer Stacy Clark has a scheduled interview with Skwad member and former OCW World Heavyweight Champion Tiberius Dupree. She looks at her watch, then looks around for any sign of the man who calls himself Mr. Summercide.

She’s becoming increasingly irritated, just as she’s about to leave, she feels someone or something touching her hair. She quickly spins around and there he stands, Tiberius Octavian Dupree in all his splendor.

Dupree: You know what it’s like to be bald, don’t you Stacy?

Stacy goes to talk, but is cut off.

Dupree: There’s no need to answer, I know you know.

Dupree: My apologies, Betterness and tartiness rarely share the same instance, yet tonight it was so.

Stacy: I guess we can get started then, you probably know what my first question will be.

Tibby pretends to ponder.

Dupree: Hmmm…...Nate Ortiz.

Stacy: Yes! This is a match up every wrestling fan has been clamouring for since your last contest. Obviously circumstances are different now than they were years ago, we have a different Tiberius Dupree and definitely a different Nate Ortiz, but the same marquee names.

Stacy: What is your gameplan headed into one of the greatest re-matches in Riot history?

Dupree: Before we get into all that. Let me tell you about the Golden Boy….

????: Yes let’s hear what he has to say about the Golden Boy.

The camera pans to the left to show the legend himself, Nate “The Franchize” Ortiz. The delight on Stacy’s face and the excitement from ringside get Tibby deep in his feel feels. Nate strolls up and stands face to face with Dupree.

Nate: Whatever it is you were about to say, you can say it to my face.

Tibby is visibly upset that Nate just interrupted his interview before it could even start.

Dupree: Fine. Saying it to you face is just added incentive. For starters you’re a freaking glory hog, you can’t stand for anyone to be under the lights unless your name is freaking before it.

Bald head glistening, Stacy just stands back letting the exclusive do it’s on work.

Dupree: You always….and I mean ALWAYS need to be breadwinner even though you obviously haven’t been anything close to that in nearly a half decade. You used to be the benchmark...now you’re just the freaking stench mark.

Dupree: You still represent stall dreams and a dead legacy Nate….every minute of every day that you're here with your stupid Rev Inc. shirts and archaic parlor tricks. Pugh embarrassed you on the grandest stage of them all, and he’s mediocre at best. You’re living example of “over….the hill”.

Dupree: There. I said it to your face.

Tibby takes a step back proud of himself. Nate smiles, now it’s his turn to tell Dupree about himself.

Nate: I'd be lying if I said losing to you at Summercide didn't eat at me. But not because I lost to you. You were younger and at the top of your game. What eats at me is what you've become since then. You see that night you peaked. You didn't take that victory and ascend to where I am. You sat on your ass resting on that win. At least Paul carried the OCW Championship, something you lost to him before we faced each other.

He points his finger directly in Tibby’s face.

Nate: Fact is you were supposed to be the second coming... but you haven't taken that next step. Until you get you do Tibs you can't tell me shit.

Nate: You are supposed to be the Fire. Well I'm the lightning that made the damn fire. Ever since you proved that you were something all of your accomplishments have been put up against mine. The only thing you have on me is Summercide. It will be the only thing you have.

Tibby cracks his classic half smile, but really isn’t amused.

Nate: I'm going to remind you why I'm the Greater than the GOAT. You should go now and try to pull the power from the sun, moon, and stars because that is going to be the only chance you have tonight. I'm taking you to school tonight son. So have your notebook ready.

A good interviewer is above all a good listener, Stacy Clark stands there firm with her microphone in prime position.

Dupree: See that’s just it Nate, you think everyone wants to be like you. That every single person who laces up their boots wants to following in your ever so glorious footsteps. Well they DON’T, not everyone wants wake up in the morning underneath a Sensational scrotum like you do….

Dupree: Sure your decorated, have all these accolades, but those belong to you, that stupid face you have, that belongs to you. I was never obliged nor will I ever wish to wear it old man…

Dupree: My Fire, My Betterness comes from within, there is no outside force that created it, no superhero in lightning trunks blew breath into my freaking lungs. There is no pinnacle to my Betterness, there is no peak to which I seek.

Dupree: Yet tonight I will seek to end you. To end this.

He points back and forth between them. Nate and Dupree stand face to face, nearly nose to nose. Dupree backs off not losing eye contact. Nate nods then walks off screen himself.

Stacy: Well there you have it folks, Nate Ortiz vs. Tiberius Dupree, live tonight!

The camera pans to ringside.

The camera pans to the announce team.

This is like Christmas for every TRUE OCW FAN!!!



It's a Match!
Kat vs Sophia

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The camera pans to the announce team.



The wheels of a rickety old wheelchair are seen rolling across an exposed cement floor. They come the a stop and the camera pans up to Versus standing up straight, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a wad of cash. As the shot widens, you can see a bike courier, pegged jeans, man bun and all, looking at Versus in total confusion.

Versus: ...two hundred, three hundred aaaaaand four dollars. Here you go champ.

Versus hands the money to the courier, who doesn't really accept the money, more just doesn't move his hand after Versus drops it in his palm.

Versus: Well...off you go then. Right?

Courier: Sir...this is a wheelchair.

Versus: Yep.

Courier: I'm a bike courier.

Versus: And I'm Versus, this is cement, we're in an arena, this is earth. Got all the bases covered? Good! So, I need you to bring this to the Hot Yoga class over in...

Courier: No, sir. I can't carry this with me on my bicycle. It's too large.

Versus: That attitude will get you nowhere in life.

Courier: Trying to take that wheelchair across town will get me killed.

Versus: How much do you think your life is worth Anton?

Courier: How did you know my name?

Versus: HOW. MUCH. Anton?

Courier: Well, I have cats and...

Versus: $600.

The courier just stares confused, but intrigued.

Versus: Figure it out man. You can't go through life not wanting to take on challenges Anton, you know I'm right.

Courier: Ok.

Versus: And take this damn thing out, you look foolish!

Versus takes the elastic out of Anton's man bun.

Versus: Get this to Ed at the address I gave you. Then, give him a ride back here like you're a rickshaw for the handicapped. If you can do this in the next half hour...and I have faith you can Anton, Ed will give you a generous tip. If you can't do this in the next half hour, Ed won't give you a generous tip, and possibly rub his old man sweat on your face.

Courier: But...

Versus: On. Your. Face, Anton. Now go man.

Versus turns to walk away, and the camera shows the courier trying to hook the wheelchair, somehow to the back of his bike.

Versus: First skinny jeans, now man buns? Ugh, I miss Archie Bunker.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh Versus you card!


It's a Match!
Tre Golden vs Leon Valentine

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Outta no where!


Bill Ding and Porker are seen practically on the floor, holding onto their gluttonous stomachs and writhing in pain.

Bill Ding: Ohhhh… Unghhh…. this is no good Porkman…. Mah tum tum, it feels like someone's ripping through it with a chainsaw…. my gramma always did say not to eat 30 minutes before wrasslin!! What was that stuff again??

Porker who is wiggling in his chair in obvious pain!

Porker: Ja...........

A low sounding rumble is heard as Pork Toot braces for impact


Bill Ding: No no no this is no bueno!! Not a good time! Porkman how can we do our match like this?? This is Riot 450!! There's never been a food I could not tame, but yet this one is turning heel in mah bellay!! Damn you delicious cubano meat, (shakes fist) DAMNYOUUUUUU!!

Porker sweating profusly mutters to Ding!

Porker:........Yo.....Y....Tu......Septeimbre Dos Remembres......AIIIIIIIIIIII MY CUELO!!!!!!!!!

The camera pans to the announce team.

Ohhh dam thats a shame!

That Ham did not come from Mugens fine establishment!