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Scene opens with Kat sitting in the back after her loss. Medical staff try and see if she is OK but she refuses their help. She grabs one of the EMTs by the throat and stares him in the face.

Does it look like I need help!? Leave now little boy or catch these claws!

Up walks Sophia with a big smile on her face.

Well if it isn't little miss Mary Sunshine! You must be on cloud nine after your upset win. Every dog or b.... has their day. I still know I'm the best and just like you, still waiting on a title rematch.

Sophia folds her arms.

Just wanted to say you are still the baddest bitch on Riot. Hands down. But I'm the baddest on Turmoil. We went out there and put on a show. I can see why you're the longest reigning women’s Champion.

Kat: Damn right.

Sophia: Let's make a pact.

Kat: hmm.

Sophia: Who ever gets that belt off Willow first, promises the other to be their first title defense. I have every intention of taking back what's mine at September to Remember. And…

Kat: And?

Sophia: If I do, me and you are gonna burn the house down at the Anniversary show.

Kat: If that's your plan, I just might watch your back.

Kat and Sophia fist bump.

Don't forget. You got lucky tonight.

Scene ends.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Looks like the stage is set! The 12 year show just got a whole lot more interesting!

Turmoil is on Riot as Jimmy Henry the ultimate underdog of Turmoil takes on Blake Ma'Jin inside a steel cage!!!

It's a Match!
Jimmy Henry vs Blake Ma'Jin

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The camera pans to the announce team.

God damn!

That does't feel legal!

Scene opens with Nate, Dennis, Jackson and Bubba playing Texas Hold 'em on a small fold out table, Madison is getting her nails done by a member of the Riot staff, Drago and Versus are practicing form on Versus' new finishers and Sophia is attempting to make KD tap out to various submission moves. You see Nate, Dennis and Jackson show their hand, before Bubba flips over a full house.

Nate: For real? Another one? I'd say you're cheating, but you don't have any sleeves.

Dennis: He doesn't have any thumbs either, but that doesn't stop him from shuffling like he's working a table at the Venecian.

Nate: Let's up the ante a little bit, $50/$100 blinds.

Jackson: Gonna have to back out of this game soon, y'all gettin a little too rich for me.

The camera pans over to Versus in a handstand, lining up his ankles around Drago's neck/head area.

Drago: Now keep feet tight around neck. You want to really put their head into mat when you bring feet over.

Versus: So don't lock em, just let the momentem take them with me? OK, I got it.

Drago: Should be easy for God.

Versus: Huh?

Nate: Yeah, the hell was that all about?

Versus: What?

Nate: You and Jack?

Suddenly you hear a yell from the other side of the room that draws everyones attention.

Sophia: TAP DAMMIT!!!

KD is sitting in his custom recliner, eating some Garden Salsa Sun Chips and sipping from a gallon jug of Green Drink & Buff Blasters, while Sophia has her legs almost wrapped around KD's neck, in a triangle choke hold. Sophia's face a bright red as Sophia tightens her grip.

Sophia: You know you want to give up!! Just tap out and this can all be over with, all the pain ends!!

KD smirks, reclines in his seat, flex's his traps and Sophia falls off of the back of the recliner, nudging the chair that Madison is getting her nails done in.

Madison: Sophia, sweety, you're not gonna make him tap. Just take a break and come get your nails done by this one over here...whatever your name is.

Kate: My name is Kate.

Madison: That's not Korean at all.

Kate: I'm Irish.

Madison's head tilts to the left a little, and she shrugs.

Sophia: If I can make KD tap, then all the little girls in the Purge and Skwad will be childs play.

Madison: They already are sweety.

Sophia: Good point.

Jackson: Why do you people keep taking my money!

KD's eyebrows raise up and he leans over to get a clear view of Jackson. Jackson notices KD leaning forward and his white guilt kicks in and he begins to explain.

Jackson: Not you people, these people. I didn't mean "YOUUUUUUU PEOP....

Suddenly the door opens up, and Ed rolls in, minus one leg, on the rickety old wheelchair. Versus gets up to hold the door for Ed, as the rest of the crew stops what they're doing (except Madison) to greet Ed.

Ed: Before you even say anything, I'm fine.

Nate: I was gonna ask when the hell you got a prosthetic leg.

Ed: 'Nam. Pretty basic story really, I'm sure people have heard something like it a million times.

Dennis: Try me.

Ed: Ok fine. It was a pretty nice day out. We had just gotten done with our 3rd straight day without gunfire, it puts you on your toes when you go that long without firing. I was with my squad, in the middle of Hue, I was with my squad when Charlie popped out of nowhwere and everywhere. My friends are going down one after another, before we find cover. I drag in my pal John behind a stone wall with me, catching and throwing back a couple grenades...really just reactions, I'm not even that good at baseball...

Ed has full attention of the team as he goes into more detail of the story. Even KD has gotten off of his recliner and closer to Ed as he tells his story of heroism.

Ed: ...after pulling back Teddy and Lamar the gunfire stops a bit, and I see our walkie about 50 feet from the wall. "That's the only way we're getting help" I thought, so I got up and ran my ass out there. On the way back, I caught a .50 cal to the kneecap. Luckily, I made it back behind the wall, but my leg was a mess, just dangling there and I knew what I had to do...

Ed goes into graphic detail about removing the lower half of his leg. As Ed tells more details of this story, KD takes a few steps back, Sophia can be seen holding back vomit, Dennis throws up a little on the floor. Drago and Jackson are sternly listening to Ed's patriotic tale, Nate is looking at Ed in total shock, Madison pukes a little in her mouth and runs to the ladies room.

Ed: ...I found an oak tree, shredded to pieces by the same bullets that took down my stump. So, after gauzing up my nub, I took a piece of the tree, and strapped that stump to my stump, and made a make shift leg til I could get out of there. Long story short, I made it back home, got it fitted up right, and had it til Leon's weasley ass popped it off during my hot yoga class.

Versus: So, as you can imagine, Leon's going to have to go ahead and give that back, or I'll have to take his leg as collateral, and I won't be as nice to him about taking it, as Charlie was to Ed.

Nate: I...we had no clue.

Ed: I don't tell that story to just anyo...crap there's a camera here isn't there?

Versus: Been there the whole time...it's OCW, there's always cameras.

Ed: So now I told, everyone. Eh, oh well. So now, I'm gonna have to go ahead and figure a way to get some sort of replacement prosthetic made in the time being so I don't have to roll myself around like I'm god damn Leutenant Dan. You guys wouldn't happen to know a wood worker would you? Hahaha

A low bellowing voice comes from across the room.

KD: Yeah.

The groups heads slowly turn to look at KD.

KD: Ed, I gotchu.

Drago: You make fake leg for Ed?

Dennis: What, you're a carpenter now?

KD: Artisan.

Versus: KD, you never cease to amaze me.

KD (to the amazement of everyone, including Ed) pulls a 6"x6" log from behind his chair.

Dennis: Sooooo...you just keep a giant log behind your seat?

KD shakes his head yes.

Nate: Well, it IS OCW and...he IS using it, so can't really question his methods.

Dennis: Touche.

The camera pans slowly out of the door as Versus starts pushing Ed in his chair over to KD, Drago walking next to Ed and asking questions about the war. Nate, Dennis, Jackson and Bubba get back to their game and Sophia is making her way over to KD with a bag of what appears to be KD's wood working tools as the scene fades out.

The camera pans to the announce team.


I can't

Up next a test of will against a veteran!

This ones gonna be awesome!

It's a Match!
Paul Pugh vs Anthony Baker

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The camera pans to the announce team.


This is far from over!