OCWFED.com Presents Riot



At the conclusion of the match, Mugen demands that the ringside attendant bring all the championships that he and Dennis Black hold into the ring. Mugen grabs all of the belts and throws the OCW World Championship over his shoulders. He then turns to Dennis who is still on the mat recovering from the match and extends his hand out.

Dennis looks reluctant at first but reaches his hand out and Mugen picks him up.

Mugen: I believe these are yours.

Mugen hands over the Turmoil World Championship to Dennis. Dennis sticks his hand out back for a handshake.

Dennis: Thank you for all the help you have given me and Madison.

Mugen: You know what, you got my respect kid.

Mugen shakes Dennis' hand and Mugen raises Dennis' left arm in celebration. But....before we know it Mugen pulls the arm in and delivers a vicious lariat to the Turmoil Champion.

Mugen: This is for aligning yourself with those Rev Inc dummies.

Mugen surveys his damage and starts laughing. The crowd is booing him viciously as ge demands a microphone from ringside.

Mugen: I'M THE GREATEST CHAMPION HERE DUMMY. Drago, I know you want this because this is the richest prize in OCW.....hell this is the richest prize in wrestling. I vow to end you. Long live The Purge.

As Mugen drops the microphone, he looks over to Dennis and RAISES THE DOVES. At that moment we see Drago running down the entrance ramp and he slides into the ring to stop a possible continued assault on Dennis.

Drago gets in Mugen's face to say a few choice words. The two stare each other down as Mugen lifts the belt up in the air.