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It's a Match!
El Segador vs KD Angelo

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The camera pans to the announce team.

What the heck?

I didn't see that coming!

The scene opens with the International champion Bill Ding walking.. er… ‘swishing’ down the hall. However, he looks a little different today… He crosses paths with Stacy Clark who stops him as she looks at him curiously.

Uh, hi Bill.. what… are you wearing?? Is that a giant trash bag!

Ding: Oh, you mean my sauna suit!

Stacy: Oh.. wow.. I mean.. uh why??

Ding: Well babeh doll, figured I'd turn up the heat today before mah match with Kassidy Hayes. Supposedly he's afraid of bodies of water… and well I figured I'd bring him the biggest body of water I could manage… ME!

Ding: Since ya know, sweat is liquid and therefore basically salty water, I gather that it would help with my offense against someone small and quick like him.

Ding: Don't you worry your pretty little head though, daddeh Ding will be back in his trusty toolbelt and timbs just in time for tha match.

Stacy: It's a good strategy… I guess? Draping yourself in the cloth of his ancestors- the trash- I mean sauna suit.

Stacy pauses again and suddenly looks disgusted.

Wait, so you are dressed under there, right?

Ding: Oh Stacy babeh, just cuz I wanna break a sweat doesn't mean I wanna soil my gear! What kinda animal do you think I am? Now if you'll excuse meh I need to continue to get mah simmer on before this match. See ya, doll.

Ding struts off, swishing as he goes. Stacy, meanwhile, holds back nausea at the thought of a sweaty thin piece of trash bag having been the only thing between her and Ding’s nether regions during the whole conversation.


The camera pans to the announce team.


I bet it smells like Pizza Crust, and Dog food!