OCWFED.com Presents Riot


As insane Darren lays in the ring after being pin, he heads towards the back disappointed and angry

Jim black: insane Darren wait up

Insane Darren looks behind him and waits up

Jim black: How do you think your first match in OCW went?

Insane Darren: All I heard was voices.... and the sounds of the Mat as my body hit it over and over

Insane Darren: the voices told me to go out there not to win, but to cause pain to my opponent to make him remember who I am, so the next time he wrestles me he remembers what I did to him.

As the camera fades and insane Darren walks away humming to myself and laughing

The camera pans to the announce team.

Well that was creepy!

As it always is!


Camera Pans To The Ramp

The camera cuts to the ringside area. 

Our Hero is standing in the middle of the ring, with a microphone in his hand trying to put on a brave face after what happened earlier with his Son In Law!

Our Hero:
 Road 2 Glory 2019 was somethin truly special. Such an amazing show with so many twists and turns. But never wanting to rest we will be sure to make R2G look like a house show.

Our Hero: Because in a few short weeks on June 1st and 2nd OCW will bring to you THE GREATEST SHOW, WRESTLUTION XIII

Our Hero: Now lets take you back to one of the matches from R2G!

Our Hero points to the X Tron: footage from the 3v3 elimination match is shown. It's the ending sequence in which Empress hit Valkyrie with her running knee strike and pinned her for the win.

The recap also included the post match scene in which Valkyrie delivered her farewell speech to the fans. 

Our Hero:
 True to her word Valkyrie is long apart of OCW!

Madison Square Garden is not pleased as boo's rain down!

Our Hero: Look lets face facts, I gave Valkyrie the chance to redeem herself to me and OCW and to prove me wrong. And she failed, sadly!

The crowd chants Bullshit!

Our Hero:
 I somewhat agree but a deal is a deal. All you have in this world are 2 things your balls and your word. And you don't break them for nobody...Well in Valkyrie's case her Ovaries......you get the metaphor....

Our Hero:
But let me be honest, I don't like how things went and I have decided to give MSG a gift..so to speak. I have invited Valkyrie to say goodbye, One last time! 

Valkyrie makes her way to the ring with no music. She doesn't indulge with the crowd either, blatantly ignoring the chants and the fans trying to shake her hand. She slides underneath the bottom rope and grabs a mic. 

 Look.....I lost clean. Now you are going to rub it in my face, on Live TV, as if all the things you've put me through this season weren't enough already. 

Valkyrie: All that I have left to say to you is that I've put my heart and soul into OCW from day one.

Valkyrie: Wrestling is a strange business, I get it. One day you are the top, the next day you are gone. People turn on you in an instant for no particular reason. 

Valkyrie: And I understand I'm not special either. Plenty of people can and will replace me at some point. 

Valkyrie: That said, I won't be begging for forgiveness. I made my decisions and I've faced the consequences of my actions like a woman.

Valkyrie: I knew H2O was going to kick me out of Inception, just like I knew you were going to fire me.

Valkyrie: But I still remained true to my beliefs. And I will stay true to my old me tonight, as well. 

Our Hero: Oh boohoo...I honestly don't think you learned anything...if you are gonna sit there and play the victim card.

Our Hero: Everything that has happened has been because of you and you only don't pass the buck. And it's a good thing H20 kicked you out of Incpetion, because after what he did to Drago..well you don't want no part of that!

Our Hero: But lets get down to Brass Tacks. Valkyrie I got just 2 words for you. YOU'RE!!!!!.

Valkyrie closes her eyes as she sense the next word is “fired”

Our Hero:
 … Hired! That's right. I'm officially hiring you to work for OCW! Different contract of course.

Our Hero Smiles!

Our Hero: I'll be frank, I never wanted it to get this far. And I honestly thought you would walk out of Road 2 Glory in victory. But like Life, OCW is unpredictable.

Our Hero: I said earlier I don't break my words and I meant that. Thats why you are getting a new contract and not being reinstated outright.

Our Hero: Consider yourself Valkyrie 2.0! You've done a lot for this company and I've I got one more glitterbomb of angry fan mail from a little girl I don't know what the hell i'd do!

Our Hero: But lets not get the party started so quickly. Tonight you are going one on one with an old friend, and by old friend I mean mortal enemy. The same lady whose been running you down for the past 4 months.


Our Hero: That's right! so consider this the Debut of Valkyrie 2.0! as Valkyrie and Ashley Moore go one on one tonight and the winner will!

You can suddenly hear a motorbike engine roaring on the stage. Both Valkyrie and Our Hero turn around to see Blaine who just arrived at the arena. 

 Are you kidding me! 

Blaine: As usual Our Hero doesn’t care about wrestling and actual athletes. All he cares about is make up wearing barbie dolls and who can sell the most playboys.

Blaine jumps drops the kickstand and leaps off her Motorcycle.

 I hate the very idea of you, Valkyrie. I hate your bullshit fairy tale nonsense. I hate these fans, so desperate for respite from their own reality.

Blaine: If Sensation won't end you I will! I'm your reality. I'm the impassible mountain. I'm proof that the hero doesn't always win. I'm what's waiting at the end of every book and story. I'm your end. 

The camera fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Well dam! This is great!


It's a Match!

The camera pans to the announce team.

If at first you don't succeed!

Keep trying till you do!

The Camera Pans To The X-Tron



The camera switches to a dark living room, focusing on a couch in the middle with a recliner on the periphery. Solomon Caine is resting on the couch with a cellphone to his ear.

He stays in position for a moment, and then tosses the cellphone on the carpeted floor after slumping over. 

Caine then sits up and reaches for the remote on a side table, and resumes the program on the television. The camera pans to show Caine vs. TLBS from last week's Turmoil on the TV.

After a moment, he pauses the program and rests again. He reaches over to the side table and pulls off a pamphlet. The pamphlet is a Turmoil-focused advertisement for Road 2 Glory, with B17 v. Wrex at the forefront.

Solomon Caine: Scumceity, huh?

Caine chuckles.

Solomon Caine: Guess you've never met a machine gun.

Caine tears the pamphlet in half and indiscriminately throws the halves into the air, which slowly fall onto the floor.

He leaves the couch to pick up his phone and returns soon after, in which the camera fades to black as he begins to dial.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Well dam!

Someone is feeling themselves! and I LOVE IT!