OCWFED.com Presents Riot


We cut to backstage, with Cort pacing back and forth in front of his friend, Tre Golden.

Homie, that is the world’s most obvious trap. Like that is “hairy 45 year old man in a dress” level of trap. As in you’d have to be stupid!

Cort: What’s the other option? I can’t let him be right. I can’t let him win.

Tre: This ain’t gonna be about winning. It’s gonna be about one of you in the hospital. Now he deserves it but besides your taste in booze, women and politicians, you don’t!

Cort laughs sharply.

 Hey, she was just a little husky… no. I gotta do this.

He holds up a finger.

BUT! I know you’ll happen to be conveniently located in the general area… if you get what I mean. 

Tre nods. 

 I’ll be your backup on one condition: this is the last you see of him before the Future Investment. You know he’s trying to get you outta the match.

Cort sighs.

 Yeah, yeah...

The camera pans to the announce team.


Cort will fold like a cheap suit!

The Camera Pans To The X-Tron


Previously Recorded

We turn to the inside of Drago’s dojo during a bright day in New York. The camera closes in on Dragana’s room, The Silent Queen sleeping in her bed, the sheets covering her up just below her eyes. The sunshine from outside reflects through her window, illuminating part of her face. 


She reaches toward a nearby drawer to look at her phone, then puts it down in front of her, looking to resume her sleep. However, her eyes shoot open and she looks at the time on the phone….

11:55 AM.


Surprised by how much time has passed, Dragana falls out of bed.


She stumbles to her feet and scrambles around her room, looking for something to wear. With a sense of urgency, she grabs a pair of gray sweatpants and a light green t-shirt from a nearby drawer, putting them on quickly.

She swings the door open to the living room and looks around for something. The only other member of the Cesar clan currently present is Bubba, sleeping soundly underneath a baby blue blanket. 

The camera centers on the palm plant that Dragana is growing on the kitchen counter. While it is focused on the plant, Dragana is seen running around left and right, scouring the dojo for something.

Several objects are thrown about, and Dragana grabs her head in frustration. The camera focuses back on Dragana as she looks out the front window of the dojo, seeing her friend Terra Daturas walk, almost in a limp, slowly toward the entrance. 

Dragana waves at her and opens the door for her. 

 Good afternoon, Dragana! How are you?

Dragana smiles in response. She then looks at Terra with concern, thinking about the brutal match she had on Turmoil. Terra reads her eyes and can tell what she’s thinking.

 Thank you, Dragana. I am fine. I just need to be a little careful with walking and sitting. 

Terra steps through the entrance and looks around the dojo. She notices several photos lining the walls, some of which are from Drago’s career over the years, some with him and various animals, and others of his childhood with Dragana. 

Dragana shows her to a nearby couch. Terra turns around and gingerly has a seat. Dragana follows suit and has a seat right next to her.

 I cannot wait to see what gift of Mater Natura you have for us to discuss. With the help of our rehabilitation sessions, I am sure you have something beautiful to share!

Dragana: Eh….

Dragana sighs and looks around in one last attempt to find something. Finally, she remembers to look over toward the palm plant. However, as she is about to stand from her seat, a growl from across the room stops her. 

 What was that?

Terra curiously looks around until she spots Bubba removing the blanket covering him. He scratches the back of his ear with one of his paws and opens his mouth wide, yawning.

Dragana turns her head and stops, forgetting about Bubba! She takes a quick step towards Terra and Bubba, frightened that Terra might be afraid of the lion. 

Terra looks over at Bubba waking up, releasing a big yawn and continuing to brush his mane with his paw. 

 Oh… You… Leo

Dragana freezes with a panicked look on her face… before Terra pops to her feet with a massive smile on her face, she moves instinctively quicker than she meant to, wincing slightly from the pain and grabbing her ribs.

 Ugh… Oh, Dragana! He is quite beautiful. You have outdone yourself!

Dragana’s anxiety turns to confusion, then back to anxiety as Terra rushes Bubba and takes him by surprise locking him in a soft embrace and petting his back gently.

 Rex Truncatis!

Terra looks at Bubba, then back at Dragana, then back at Bubba several times over with a giddy, childlike joy on her face. She’s not afraid of Bubba at all, continuing to observe and gently brush his fur.

Bubba looks down at Terra almost suspiciously, but continues with his “morning routine”. 

 This is such a wonderful day for me. I have not been this excited in years. Thank you for sharing this gift with me, Dragana! When I asked you to share a piece of her grace with me, I was not expecting this.

Dragana rubs the back of her head and lets out a small laugh peeking once more over to the palm plant, then back at Bubba.

Terra lays her head on Bubba and closes her eyes.

 Please, tell me more about this wonderful creature…

She pops her head up quickly to see a huge food bowl near the corner of the room labeled “Bubba”. She smiles and lets out an exasperated giggle nearly coming to tears in the excitement, before gently laying her head back down on Bubba.

 Tell me more about Bubba! 

Dragana: Heh…

The camera zooms out of the Cesar dojo as the 3 sit inside. 

The camera pans to the announce team.


I hate that woman!

It's a Match!

The camera pans to the announce team.



The P3 Soundstage 9000 is lit up with a single spotlight on the stage. The part of the stage that is lit up disassembles, forming a sort of hole.

A mechanism of some sort is heard from underground and out comes Mugen in what looks to be one of those swiveling chairs you usually see Bond villains use. He strokes his chin for a moment then raises his arms. 

His arms come down to illuminate the rest of the stage and the studio audience applauds. “Fred Durst” and Bubba are next to each other clapping with the rest of the crowd. However, Mugen looks lost as he looks around the soundstage. 

He realizes that Drago won’t be with him tonight and sighs.

Mugen: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the P3 Bonanza! Unfortunately our old sport Drago was very unsafely thrown from the top of a truck by that dummy Harvey, so he will not join us tonight. 

The crowd boos and Mugen nods. Bubba whimpers while “Fred” pats him on the back. 

Mugen: But the show must go on! And go on it shall!

A very conveniently placed stunt double Mugen suddenly appears in the real Mugen’s place and he does several backflips consecutively before he does a 360 noscope 450 Splash through the desk, to the applause of the crowd.

The real Mugen then picks himself up and sits behind a new desk placed almost instantaneously in front of him. 

Mugen: Folks, we have a guest that….well, I thought these guys died off like three years ago. But instead I guess they’re still producing more…..skull babies. Anyways, here’s Skull Face #12!!!!!

A mysteriously masked luchador-looking figure appears from behind the curtain. His outfit is all black, with the exception of the skeleton drawn over his entire body and the number twelve on his forehead. He takes a seat on the couch next to Bubba. Bubba tilts his head in confusion. Mugen scratches his head.

Skull Face #12: Hola, senor Mugen. It is great to be here in this bien show. 

Mugen: ...You know the faction wars ended right? A long time ago.

Skull Face slams his fist on the desk, breaking it in half. 

Skull Face #12: You stupid PERRO. The wars have just BEGUN. Dia de los Muertos never died like you perros think it did. We were just lying in wait. 

Skull Face aggressively leans back on the couch and Mugen is still in disbelief. 

Mugen: There’s….no mystery to this anymore. You’re someone from the roster, the reveal is over. You’re late to the party sir. 

Skull Face #12’s breathing can be heard over the mic on his chest. Angry deep breaths accentuated by him puffing up his chest. 

Mugen: Hey, don’t blame me. Blame Tiberius Dupree for it! It’s not like he tweeted the exact same thing another skull guy tweeted at the same time. 

Skull Face #12: Enough of that!

Mugen: Just saying. So what do you and…..well, just you intend to do here in OCW now that you’re back? You’re not affiliated with that Harvey, are you?

Skull Face #12: How dare y- I mean….Why would we join forces with that puto? Do you want to know the only thing of value that idiota has done???

The luchador grabs himself by the throat and simulates the act of choking, reaching out toward the camera. 


He then drops to the floor, presumably dead. The crowd claps and he sits back on the couch.

Skull Face #12 motions toward the camera and Young Ryan brings a board with what appears to be a bunch of names written on it, followed by a series of arrows and circles drawn over them. He stands up and points to the board.

Skull Face #12: You see all these names? Nate Ortiz. Our Hero. Kassidy Hayes. The Last Blacksmith. Ernerd. Paul Puta. Quartz. Valkyrie. Nick Kage. Recon.

Skull Face #12: I will lure them all into the ring at Wrestlution and then? Perro Kick. All at same time.I win.

Mugen: So you’re just going to…

Skull Face #12: Perro Kick yes???? Then take over OCW. I look mucho strong.

The wily skeleton stands up from the couch and slaps his thigh repeatedly.

Skull Face #12: SI! SI! SI!

Mugen: You know what we are doing at Wrestlution old sport?

Skull Face #12: No se, I don’t know cabron why don’t you tell me.

Mugen: Me and my partner……..

Mugen looks to point at Drago but he isn’t there……….Mugen does a puppy sad face before continuing.

Mugen: Well he’s here in spirit, Drago. We are going to be traversing the universes and defeat Spider and Matsuda and that stupid TTT for good!

Skull Face #12: That Spider and Matsuda sound like real perros. How you plan to defeat them?

Mugen: Well, I mean whatever it is they want to do, fight, wrestle, race, dance. The Platinum Platonic Partners are ready for all.

Skull Face #12: So you going be more bastardo than them?

Mugen: Uh……….sure yes!

Skull Face #12 holds his hand out for a weird high 5 which only consists of 3 fingers. Mugen is bewildered looking at the index finger, ring finger and pinky. Mugen shrugs and reciprocates.

Mugen: I still have to ask though. Who are you?

Skull Face #12: Que? Soy Skull Face Uno Dos.

Mugen: Uno Dos……….wait thats just 1-2. Isn’t twelve doce?

Skull Face #12 seems to be looking around quickly trying to find a way to cover up for his mistakes.

Mugen jumps up from his seat.


Skull Face #12: SANCHO PANZA!!!!

Mugen leaps from his chair and grabs at Skull Face #12’s mask and sends them both crashing through the window on the set.

For Old Times Sake!

The camera pans to the announce team.



It's a Match!

The camera pans to the announce team.




* Scene opens up with Kat standing by some rookie female wrestlers *

Kat : I still remember when I was destroying every female and defending my title it seems every week. We all know what happens then ,you get treated like Thanos and people team up against you.

* Two of the rookies start whispering and laughing *

Kat : What's so funny ladies ?

Rookie 1: Well we have heard this song and dance 5 million times before.

Rookie 2: Yeah, lets move on ,the past is the past. What have you done since then?

* Kat looks confused then angry *

Kat : You girls are right. I haven't done anything. I need to move on, I'm sorry.

As soon as the girls turn their Kat ambushes them both. She knees one girl in the back and slams the either rookie head into the wall. Immediately blood starts running out. Kat stands over the bloody girl.

Kat: Guess you'll be starting your career as a lucha, thot!

The camera pans to the announce team.

Well she mad!

Aleady picking fights!


Camera Pans To The Ramp!

The camera pans to the announce team.

That boy out of his mind!