OCWFED.com Presents Riot


The camera zooms out of view of a document, being held in the air by the many-ringed hand of the crafty mystery man we've seen over the last few weeks. He tosses the document down on the desk before the camera can see anymore of the document.

???: Hahaha. What fabulous work done by simple criminals.

The view moves to a familiar one, overlooking Turmoil's Barclay's arena.

???: My oh my... You idiots. You idiots haven't a clue what's coming, do you?

The pedestrians move quickly on the sidewalks alongside taxis honking loudly to get to their destination.

???: I bought this office to keep tabs on you, Sensation...

???: I just thank the lord I won't have to be here when it's time to make my grand appearance. 

???: What do these idiots call it?

???: Wrestlution?

The man sits back in his chair, swinging around, twirling his fingers about.

???: There's no time for a revolution. June 2nd will be a changing of the guard. I hope you're as ready as I am...

The scene fades out once again as the mystery man laughs... The camera fading back into the document he was reading before, seeing the signature at the bottom of the page...



The camera pans to the announce team.

What the hell?

I have no idea whats going on!

It's a Match!
#1 Contendership OCW Women's Championship

The camera pans to the announce team.




The Clark Effect Featuring : El Parca

The cameras pan from the announcers table to the back, as we can see Stacy Clark and El Parca sitting down in what seems to be an interview room.

As El Parca notices the camera start to point up towards him and Stacy he fixes his posture as she begins to ask the first questions.

Stacy Clark: Today, I am joined with Riot's new rookie El Parca. And tonight we are going to bring this man more into light and grow to learn more about him. So, with that said El Parca thank you for joining me!

El Parca: Stacy! The pleasure is all mine thank you so much for inviting me. I really appreciate it and I cannot wait to answer your questions, I am looking forward to what you have in store tonight.

Stacy Clark: Excellent! So, as it seems you're finding your groove amongst the locker room and in the ring as you've just signed to OCW. So how is it so far? How are you enjoying your time here?

El Parca: Honestly, it is amazing. I couldn't ask for such a better opportunity. The fans, the other wrestlers, everything about this company is truly amazing.

El Parca: There are so many outstanding wrestlers that we have here that I cannot wait to hopefully one day meet in the ring.

Stacy Clark: Speaking of talent we saw you debut last week. Although things didn't play out in your favor how did you like your debut?

El Parca: Ah yes, my debut albeit I may not have won. I did my main goal, and that was to show the fans that I am here to fight!

El Parca: It may not have been Tayy but Joopiter filled the role and I am most grateful for still being able to put on a show for our fans.

Stacy Clark: From anyone who was watching the match we seen your athleticism and your acrobatics showcased. What would you say your "style" of wrestling is?

El Parca: I was born in Mexico and I always watched wrestling when I was growing up with my papa & abuelo. We would watch so many famous luchadors wrestle and that style of wrestling stuck with me.

El Parca: I always loved jumping around as a kid so when I started training to become a luchador I would put that to use in my moves.

Stacy Clark: What would you say, are your goals or main objectives here in OCW? Is there any one specific thing you have on your mind that you want to accomplish?

El Parca: Well.. yes and no. I came to the states and OCW because I wanted to fight. I was told that this was thee best company that had the best wrestlers so I had to be here. As of right now that is my main objective.

El Parca: To fight. Fight and entertain our fans. I obviously would love to fight some of the veterans on this show but I know that their schedules are tight and they don't have all the time in the world to talk to me let alone face me in a match.

El Parca: Championships don't really concern me at this point because when I earn it, I earn it and I know I would have deserved the chance to fight for one.

El Parca: But as of right now I just want to fight and put on a great show for the fans and the other wrestlers in the back.

Stacy Clark: Who would you say are some of your bucket list opponents you would love to face off against some point in your career here?

El Parca chuckles and smiles but then recomposes himself before answering the question.

El Parca: Wow, now that is a question! There are so many how could I just choose some!? Well, I guess for the interviews sake I shall name some of the ones that first come to my head.

El Parca: Some that I can think of right now would be Doc Green, Antonio Everett, Hijo de Mistico, and Aisu.

El Parca: Just to name some of them, but I know that the first two are busy currently with other matters so they obviously won't be meeting me in the ring anytime soon. But! One day I hope!

El Parca: But, I would love to face my fellow luchadores as well. Just to have some friendly competition between one another, and also we could really put on a fight the fans would love to see!

Stacy Clark: Truly interesting. Well that is all the time we have today, El Parca thank you so much for coming on.

Stacy Clark: I cannot wait to see how your career goes and I am looking forward to seeing you in the ring!

El Parca: Gracias, Stacy thank you so much it means a lot I appreciate your time and everyone who is watching. Thank you.

El Parca and Stacy both stand up and make their way out of the cameras view and the cameras pan back to the announcers table..

The camera pans to the announce team.

Good egg!

I hate rookies!



It's a Match!

The camera pans to the announce team.




The scene fades in to AC Cobra and Antonio Everrett, weaving their way through the busy streets of New York. Head down, arms stretched all the way up for optimum velocity, Cobra speeds off and the two eventually find themselves inside an old-school arcade. 

AC: Welcome, this place will humble you quick. Got some Pacman over there, got some Time Crisis to the left or my offer from last week still on the table.

Cobra reaches insides the pouch on his hoodie and whips out a PS4 controller. Antonio looks at the controller and chuckles.

Antonio: Alright I like what you doing with this, I got time lets do it.

Antonio and AC wander around for a bit and find themselves at an old-fashioned claw machine. A crowd of excited fans are now following the two, and gathers round them as Everrett puts in a quarter into the machine.

Everrett: Step up, it’s your time to shine.

AC gets on the claw machine and manages to pick out an AC Cobra plush toy. Cobra hands the toy to Antonio and he observes it and smiles.

Antonio Not too bad, let me show you how it’s done.

Antonio looks past the glass panel and locates a questionably large Doc Green Teddy Bear for a machine of this size, complete with detachable OCW World Championship and push-to-speak.

It’s a hard fought battle between claw and Doc Green’s dreadlocks, but somehow the toy finds its way up and out of the machine, and into the hands of the light heavyweight champion. The crowd lets out a large cheer as he turns to the fans.

Antonio: Who wants a Doc Green teddy bear? Let’s go!

Antonio throws the toy into the crowd, and finds its way into the grasp of a greasy, older looking gentleman. He quickly sneaks away from the crowd with his new-found prize.

AC looks on, holding his own plush toy. He stares into the disappointed eyes of the fluffy gamer, and back at the fans. He throws the toy into the crowd, but nobody catches it. Cobra looks visibly upset.

AC: Tough crowd tonight I see. Let me call my mom so I can get a ride to the arena for my match tonight.

Antonio: Alright, before you go though, I got something to ask you. Why don’t you show me tonight how it’s done? If you know what it takes to succeed in OCW then show me how not to be complacent. Who knows, if you can beat a rookie like Billy Saturn, then maybe you can beat a rookie like me.

Cobra: Mom outside and waiting and just maybe I wi-

Cobra doesn’t finish his sentence and Naruto speed runs out of the front door.

The scene fades as the crowd disperses and Antonio picks up the Cobra toy left on the ground.

The camera pans to the announce team.

That boy isn't right!



Camera Pans To The Ramp


The camera pans into Spider in the arena gym, he’s standing near the squat rack, with a pensive look on his face

Spider hypes himself up, he slaps his own face several times then positions himself beneath the weighted bar.

We see him mouth one, two, three applying some upward force to the bar on each number. After three he attempts to lift.

He lifts the bar up off the rack, straightening out. Then a flash of agony appears on Ryu’s face. With a cacophony of metal smashing against metal, Spider collapses, the bar slamming back onto the rack, his body to the floor

His ass gave out

RYU: The Scarlet Spider is finished…

RYU: How can I help Matsuda defeat P3 when my ass… my body is broken.

????: You know I felt the same way when Kass defeated me.

Spider’s head snaps around from his broken heap on the ground, attempting to find the intruder

????: But perhaps we were both broken before all of this began.

The figure muses as he steps out of the shadows, revealing himself to be none other than the Sensational Spider

RYU: Are you here to finish me off then, I’ll tell you now, there won’t be much sport in it.

There is a long pause, as the Sensational Spider considers his next thought

SPIDER: I’m here to finish… the both of us… as we are at least.

SPIDER: In order to beat P3…

RYU: In order to be Matsuda’s equal…

SPIDER: Being Scarlet Spider isn’t enough

RYU: We have to be more than Sensational

Together: We have to be LEGENDARY

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh lord!

RYU #1! shut your whore mouth, Scaggs!