OCWFED.com Presents Riot


Ashley Moore is backstage after her match and the following brawl with Valkyrie.

She watches the monitor and realizes that her match with Valkyrie was a #1 Contendership for The OCW Women's Championship at Wrestlution XIII.

And that she just cost herself a chance to become a Champion on the same night that she could possibly become a Future Investment Winner. The subtle reality is setting in.

Filled with rage, because she didn’t care about the match and just DQed Valkyrie, she stomps over to Our Hero’s office to give the CEO of OCW Mr.Sensation a piece of her mind!

She tries to kick it in, but only breaks the heel of her boot and falls on her butt. She let’s everything out and just screams as loud as she can.

Hearing it a nearby an OCW catering employee hurries to her to find out what’s wrong. Before he can ask her she has already made it to her feet!

She quickly snatches the plate filled with sandwiches he is holding and throws it against the still closed door leaving a second dent in it. 

Then she goes to him, grabs him by the collar and screams into his face.

Ashley Moore: 

She releases him from her firm grip.....seemingly calm, now that she has had the chance to let out her frustrations. She starts to hobble away (only 1 Heel Remember) as the Caterer begins to dust himself off.

We get a close up of Ashley's face and her calm demeanor slowly twists back into madness she pulls off both her her "Combat Heel" boots!

She sharply turns around. And launches her broken Boot heel at the Caterer who is none the wiser. The Boot connects and the Caterer lets out a loud scream, that is only matched by Ashley's banshee like war cry as she charges head on with the Caterer!

She connects with a high velocity spear sending her and the caterer through the Craft Services Table! The loud crash has now caused a scene!

Ashley now covered in food begins to launch condiments, plastic cutlery, plates (both plastic and paper) and food at everything and everyone!

Anything that moves is getting pelted with CURED Salami, and AGED Sharp Chedder CHEESE! One poor intern gets a grilled chicken breast to the throat!

He lets out a sickening gurgle as he is struggling to breath! As another intern laughs only to get an entire bowl of Potato Salad dumped on her head all the while Ashley is screaming at the top of her lungs!

The crowd begins to disperse as Ashley no begins to launch water bottles at production equipment and OCW personel. At that moment oblivious to everything around him, OCW Official Ted is walking by. He notices the commotion but more notably he notices Ashley Moore covered in food who also happens to be barefoot!

Adjusting his invisible tie, Ted looks to "Diffuse" the situation! Upon making eye contact with the frenzied Ashley he realizes he has made a grave mistake. As Ashley looks eyes with Creepy Ted!

Ashley picks up one of the metal serving containers used to keep food warm and with almost super human strength throws it directly at Ted.

The container hits Ted right in the chest knocking him backward as Warm Chicken Noodle Soup falls on his person, he makes odd pain noises as he stutters backward before falling off a small railing. Ted's cries for help are muted by a swarm of Sensational Security which circle around Ashley Moore!

They try to subdue Ashley as she begins biting, scratching and cursing at them!

Ashley Moore: 

Ashley Moore: GET OFF OF ME!!!

Ashley Moore: I'LL KILL YOU!!! I'll KILL VALKYRIE!

In the meantime Our Hero has made his way to the back and is looking on at the carnage that lay before him, food everywhere OCW Personel on the floore groaning in pain.

Ted somewhere off camera making audible crying noises, the security team trying to restrain Ashley. Just then Ashley makes eye contact with the CEO!

Ashley Moore:

Mr.Sensation just looks at Ashley unable to make any kind of verbal cue for the flagrant foolishness before him. He shakes his head!

Mr.Sensation: You paying for all this.....and you're leaving now!

She is escorted out of the building by security still screaming something about "I can buy this company 50 times over" She continues her Non-PG Tirade as he voice gets farther and farther away. Our Hero goes to enter his office and notices a Heel wedged firmly in his door....The Camera fades!

The camera pans to the announce team.

That woman has lost her god dam mind!

You would lose your mind too if you had to deal with this place like Ashley does!

The Camera Pans To The X-Tron



We don’t know how long this has been going on, but let’s assume quite awhile. OCW Hall of Famer, Tiberius Octavian Dupree is having a heated argument with a teenage fan wearing a backstage pass and a new Ambition t-shirt.

The teen’s father is off trying to snag a picture and autograph from one of our “attractive” female talents and ignoring his duties as a parent. Dupree is pointing his perfectly manicured index finger in the kid’s face while shouting….

Dupree: You don’t even know what Ambition is!

Teen Fan: I know it ain’t you old man, not no more, just fuggin’ quit already.

Dupree: The Betterness doesn’t know what “quit” is, BOY!

He uses the most angry air quotes imaginable.

Dupree: The Betterness is Always and Forever!

Teen Fan: No it ain’t! da betterness is fuggin’ dead, D-E-D, DED! 

The kid pretends to hang himself with an invisible rope, Dupree looks as if he’s taken a slug to the chest, the rage filled shock on his face is blinding.

He attempts to blink away the anger as he feels his arms stretch out to choke the fan by the throat.

When Dupree opens his eyes, he is not strangling a minor and going to prison, he is instead standing face to face with his eternal rival and OCW Hall of Famer Paul Pugh.

Pugh: Give it up Farrah Fawcett. It’s over. The Betterness died with… well it died with Farrah Fawcett back in ‘99

Dupree: Phreaking, lies...lies...lies!

The uncertainty in Dupree’s eyes tells the real truth. Pugh notices but moves on to more important matters.

Pugh: Good. You’re nice and riled up. I hear that Nathan wants to fight me at Wrestlution. That’s very bold of him given what happened last time… and I suppose you’re coming along for the ride? *Again*

Dupree: I’ll make you both tap right the phreak now, I’ll fight him, you and smack Sensation out his salmon suit.

Pugh: No you won’t. You’ll do what you always do. You’ll flap your gums, you’ll whip your hair around and you’ll lay down for the 1.2.3. You are not what you were. You are a joke. There’s no Betterness in here anymore

He pokes Dupree in the chest

Pugh: …Remember when you were more than a few dying embers? Sad to see what you’ve become...

Dupree: Pot calling the kettle black eh, what’s left of you is pathetic and mediocre. You must’ve forgot who ended your Light Heavyweight Title reign Paul, old age getting to you mate?!

Pugh: Am I the black kettle or the pot?

Dupree literally stomps his feet like a toddler then folds his arms, fuming at the bit.

Pugh: Listen, neither of us is Light, so let's stop pretending. If you’re Light, you don’t get to be the Main Event of Wrestlution… and guess what? Neither do I. You will always be second to me Dupree. A footnote in the Era that I built with my own burning Ambition…

Dupree: Reeeehheeeally! A creep with a penchent for sniffing panties and sneaking into BBQ's beat you senseless and suddenly you jumped aboard the Ambition hype train to success.

Dupree: That’s the story of your phreaking life, you were never Ambition, you were a flake who happened to be in the right place at the right time with the right people. Everything you ever accomplished, I accomplished FIRST.

 I basically invented professional wrestling in the modern era, the REAL Ambition era! Face it neither you or Nate are capable of doing the things you used to do, I’ll prove it when I get in that ring and tap you both the phreak out!

Pugh: ... Nah. You won’t. You’re done. Just like this conversation. If Sensation is smart, he will leave you out of the equation. Nothing but a blond from the bottle LOSER, trying to stick is nose into the rematch of the century.

Dupree: I’m not phreaking done talking to you, just like I ain’t done with ending Nate’s legacy. Let’s be phreaking honest, Sensation won’t make the match because of such. He knows I will embarrass his breadwinner like I did at Riot 500.

Dupree: I will...

Dupree continues, but Pugh just walks away from him, leaving him yelling into the ether as the scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.

What a jerk!

Listen Charles I'm gonna need to you to watch your mouth!


It's a Match!

The camera pans to the announce team.

I am speechless!

You and me both!


A video starts to play on the X-Tron. It’s a playback of the hellacious act H2O committed against “The Best In The World” Drago Cesar. 

The footage continues past last weeks end point. H2O sits down on the edge of the semi truck and watch the yellow shirts rush out and secure the area. 

EMTs finally arrive and all the yellow shirts point up to Harvey Ocean; assuming they’re telling the EMTs what happened and who’s the culprit. 

H2O continues to look down with a blank stare as they put Drago onto the stretcher with a neck brace. 

The EMTs rush Drago to the ambulance. As they shut the door to pull away H2O cast a wicked smile across his face. 

That dramatic scene ends.

Then “The Good Light Shall Set You Free” is displayed on the screen. The camera pans back slowly as it shows H2O is standing there with those words written on his new merchandise. 

Stacy Clark stands there with a questionable look on her face while waiting for Harvey to get done fixing himself for the camera. 

 H2O, last week we saw you do something that you have really never done before. You violently attacked Drago Cesar while he had his back turned.

Stacy gets cut off by Harvey’s finger placed over her lips. 

 Sh..Shh..Shhhhh. H2O will have to cut you off right there, Stacy. 

H2O pulls his finger away. Stacy places her thumb and index finger on the opposite sides of her mouth and squeezes them together whipping off whatever germs she feels H2O placed there.

 You see, this majestic voice projected his name twice through that parking lot and he foolishly ignored it.

H2O: You don’t ignore The Future OCW World Heavyweight Champion! 

H2O: Drago Cesar take The OCW HEAD Superstar seriously! 

H2O: Well now maybe he will. 

H2O walks away leaving Stacy Clark alone in the camera shot. You notice her eyes open wide as Harvey Ocean comes back into frame and intrudes her 3ft of comfort space. 

 One week. One week from today Drago Cesar can either choose to ignore...or accept my challenge to fight H2O...

H2O twitches an eyebrow up and smiles.

 ...at Wrestlution.! 

H2O puts up the same finger that was placed on Stacy’s lips and Stacy Clark moves her head away from it.

 Don’t flatter yourself Stacy. 

H2O: Drago has one...week.

H2O walks away again but this time the scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.

What a foul human being!

If you say so!