OCWFED.com Presents Riot




The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentleman we are back on the scene! With RIOT 560

We got a great show for you tonight! LETS GOOOOOOO!

As the camera’s fade back in from the commercial break we see B-17 standing in the ring with his title over his shoulder, his music fading out, and the fans' cheers begin to fade with it. He brings a microphone to his mouth.

B-17: Last week, I essentially issued an open challenge. I've heard some rumors. Heard some talk. And I'm honestly ready to see who is coming out. So… don't waste anymore time...sexy ladies and handsome gentlemen, my challenger for End Games!

As his sentences finishes, “Persephone” begins to play its funky jazz-porn beats and out comes none other than Justin Jehst to a raucous ovation. He limps his way out onto the entrance ramp and poses with both biceps firmly pumped.

The music begins to fade away and Jehst looks out at the crowd who are all still showing their massive support for the Hollywood native. He nods in appreciation, pats his fist against his heart twice and points out to the audience. They respond with a swell of cheers. He lets them quieten down and stares down B-17 from the ramp.

B-17: Wow. It's rare that excitement can match anticipation! But by the way my ears are ringing, they were hoping it was you too. Interesting.

Jehst: What’s interesting is that come End Games, there’s going to be a new CCW Champion!

Another round of applause and cheers fill the arena.

B-17: While I appreciate your confidence, and you as a competitor, with great tenacity and a fearless heart, I’m just not completely sold on fighting you at End Games - at least with your leg in the condition it’s in right now.

Jehst: I can fight - I can. This is just a minor setback for me, I’ll recover.

B-17: Jehst, I’ve made a career of beating the best. Mugen, Trance, Wrex, Aries, and Malu. Hell I've got a pinfall over the reigning OCW Champion. If we’re going to throw down and compete for this illustrious championship, I don’t want limp. I want you at your hardest.

Jehst: Then you tell me - tell me what I need to do to prove I’m in fighting condition!

B-17 paces back and forth a couple of times whilst Jehst watches on intently, waiting for his answer.

B-17: Well..You've stood toe to toe with Nate Ortiz and Aries and Quartz. Some of the best past and present. You got a resume that tells me you can go. But can you win….I’ll give you a shot at this *he pats the championship on his shoulder*. If you can beat that angry ball of beef, Graham Hatton. I'd say you're the betting underdog on that leg.

Jehst: You’re on - this Hollywood Muscle doesn’t give up that easy! Tonight, when that dirt-riddled hillbilly comes down that ramp, he’s gonna feel the squeeze of the two of these!!! *SUPER DOUBLE BICEP POSE*

B-17: Calm down, mine are bigger!

B17 flexes his pythons!

As the two crowd favourites stare each other down, B’s music hits the speakers and the scene slowly fades out to the next segment.

It's a Match!


We open the scene in the Trance family home, well, what’s left of it. In the background on a dresser can be seen multiple photo frames. We pan across from the left hand side, the boy who would become like a god smiles out through the glass, Jacob Trance, his brother John and his parents.

It pans slightly, we see a girl, and a boy in a rough looking area, again their parents are there. We’d later learn they would come to be known as Aerith and Aries. It moves on, showing the Trance wedding, various roster members in attendance, we come to the second last photograph. Invictus.

The four founding members of the on-screen group are in it, but many off-screen friends have found their way into it, bulking up the numbers. The photo appears to have been taken backstage at Wrestlelution.

Combining fists we have Wrex, Trance, Aries, Parca, B17 and finally, Austin Lee. We move one final photo over and there’s more bodies, it’s a fishing trip. The ensemble is much the same, barring Parca and two others.

In the background Trance and Aries can be seen drinking around the barbecue. In the foreground however, are their sons Colby McCallum and Jordan Trance, between them is their “uncle” Austin Lee.

At that a hand comes in and seizes the photograph, squeezing the life out of it until the glass shatters, wounding the individual as blood drips down, staining the picture forever.

Blood, they say, is thicker than water. Blood, they say, is a bond that transcends rivalries, petty squabbles… They also say you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your family. it have to disagree, friends, they become family.

Trance: They look after one another. My family is huge, it once numbered in the thousands, now the head of that particular family has changed. He stepped down to focus on life, on building a future for his original family.

Trance takes a deep drag of a cigarette, a vice he only caves in to when drunk or angry. Tonight he is both.

 I then had to watch as my family tore itself apart, one individual that had been completely overcome by jealousy and wanted to throw it all away… For what? Another chance at game.

Trance growls.

I had to watch. I wanted to help. It was an official match and that son of a bitch used it to make himself relevant again. I went to go out but I was stopped by Tiberius Duprees security who were under orders.

Trance: I would have torn their fucking heads off if there wasn’t sixteen of them. Then however, I got an offer, I got a deal. What a deal. Dupree knew what it meant to me...

Trance smirks and stubs out his cigarette.

You want to be king of the monsters… You want to beat your chest on top of the mountain for everyone to see… You’ll get a chance, and I get a chance to stop you breathing, to put you into the fucking ground.

Trance blows out a plume of smoke.

Last. Monster. Standing.

The camera zooms into the blood stained picture of Austin with his arms around Colby and Jordan.

This is the end game.

The camera pans to the hallways backstage where an annoyed Elliot Parker is harassing an OCW employee.

Elliot: "Have you seen Leon???"

OCW Employee: "No, sorr..."

Before the OCW employee can finish his sentence, Elliot grabs him by the throat and pushes him against the wall.

Elliot:"Now I'm going to ask you again. Have you seen Leonheart?"

The OCW employee nervously begins to speak.

OCW Employee: "I don't think Leon works here anymore."

 "Err this is useless."

Elliot lets the OCW Employee go.

OCW Employee: "Thank you, maybe you could speak to Mr Dupree."

Elliot hits The Last Word on the OCW Employee, knocking him unconscious.

Elliot:"That's not a bad idea, I guess you were useful for something."

Elliot storms off as he makes his way to the General Manager's office of Tiberius Dupree.