OCWFED.com Presents Riot




The camera pans to the announce team.

Ladies and Gentleman we are back on the scene! With RIOT 561

We got a great show for you tonight! LETS GOOOOOOO!

We pan into a studio, there is a large desk with a digital display on the front which reads in large “MAIN EVENT” with a much smaller “the real” above it.

Sitting at the desk are four Panelists, Mr Yamaguchi, Kalix Eastbrook, Ari Brookstone, and Stacy Clark as the host

STACY: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Season Premiere, ULTRA, Riot 561.

STACY:We have an illustrious panel here to analyze “The Real Main Event”™ Ryu Matsumoto vs Paul Pugh.

STACY: Kalix, let me turn it over to you, as a journeyman in our sport tell us what you think of the match up.

KALIX: Well Stacy, we’ve seen this match up a few times here in OCW, and the story of this match has always been experience.

KALIX: While many experts agree that Paul Pugh is the better wrestler, and he has the better resume, we can’t count out the trickery that Ryu Matsumoto has.

KALIX: Last time he did that he ended up pinned at Summercide.

YAMAGUCHI: Not just that you have to consider the X Factor in this match. Ijitu Quartz is in the arena.

YAMAGUCHI: You have to think if things don’t go Ryu-san’s way he may get himself involved in the match one way or another.

ARI: I’ll be honest with you Sadie, I have no idea who itchy two warts is. Sounds very unpleasant. Sadie, as the top Sports Management representative in the land, I’ve been invited here to talk about the matter at hand - “The Real Main Event”™ Ryu Matsumoto vs Paul Pugh. One thing is for sure Sadie - there will be a match tonight and these two competitors will have a match tonight. Against each other

Ari abruptly stops talking, as if he’s made a great point. The panelists look at him for a second as he sagely nods

KALIX: I’m sorry who are you?

Ari clutches his hand to his chest

ARI: Sir. I am Ari Brookstone.

Again, he stops as if he’s made another brilliant point
KALIX: What are your credentials?

Ari looks puzzled

ARI: I am Ari Brookstone. Look Kevin. Times are hard for someone like me. Do you think I want to be on this panel? Do you think I’ve watched a single minute of this “sport” since my former client Mugen cruely kicked me to the curb? I’m here because there’s a check. You people can do your analysis… Sadie, you may continue.

STACY:Uh… I guess we’ll throw you back to ringside



We’re in the OCW parking lot, as Justin Jehst is signing autographs for some VIP fans. They’re kids, too, not awkward dudes, so that’s a plus.

Kid 1:
Do the pose, poseman!

Jehst flexes and they clap.

Remember, if you wanna look like me… take your vitamins and eat your greens! And exercise DAILY! Remember your food groups!

Kid 2: My dad says the only food group he needs is hamburger!

Jehst laughs.

Well, your dad is—


Jehst turns to see Cort Marshall walking up with a grin.

My man! How are ya!

Cort: Well, I won the lottery and decided money really DOES buy happiness. Or at least a couple more months in the business. We’ll see.

Jehst fist bumps his partner, and the kids ask Cort for autographs as well. Cort doodles a little American flag on a kid’s hat and they run off, leaving the two men alone.

Glad to have you back! So, you really got lucky, huh?

Cort: Yup. Got me a new shirt, new shoes…

Jehst: They look exactly like your old shoes…

Cort: Yes, but much less stinky. The piece de resistance, though—NEW CAR, BAYBAY! Wanna check it out?

--A splash screen shows “15 minutes later”—

Cort is standing next to a gold ’77 Pontiac Firebird Esprit, seemingly on the tail end of a loooong rant.

Aaaand that’s why Jim Rockford is the best TV detective. Well, next to Columbo, but I ain’t buyin’ no Pyoo-joe. Right, Justin?

Jehst looks up from a stupor.

What? American power. V8. Iron. Cubic finches. Yeah.

Cort: … Have I been going that long?

Jehst laughs.

Yeah, but that’s okay. Glad you’re feeling yourself again.

Cort: Glad to be sweating money! Now, you gonna be scoping out tag teams today?

Jehst shrugs.

Had something else on my mind. Wanna talk to my people, y’know?

Cort: Fer sure. Well, just don’t forget, we were inches away from gold last time. It can still happen!

Jehst: Of course. I’ll meet back up after?

Cort nods and goes back to staring at the engine bay of his car, rubbing his hands together while muttering about J-turns and meaningless technobabble.

It's a Match!


Previously Recorded!

In the wake of End Games we finally see Harvey and Heather together once again. It’s been months since they’ve seen each other….

Stop right there. Let's clear up the narrative.

We fade from black and see Heather and Harvey sitting side by side. Stacey sits with them on a Miranda velvet sectional couch that is in the center of this luxurious den inside the mansion of The current Greatest OCW World Heavyweight Champion H2O.

What’s wrong?

H2O: It hasn’t been months since we saw each other. I found her soon after my defeat with Rust Cohle at SummerCide.

H2O: I rushed out of Philly and flew back to New York. I knew exactly where to find her. With her father, famous indy wrestler Blackout.

Stacy: Care to elaborate about your father Heather?

Heather: No.

H2O: We’re not here for that Stacy. He’s a very silent man. But when he speaks it’s in high volume. I can see why my beloved loves him so much.

Stacy: What did he say to you, Harvey?

H2O: He said I have to separate myself. There’s Harvey Ocean that deals with all personal challenges outside the ring. Then there’s….

H2O: Code Red Harvey.

H2O: Code Red Harvey deals with everything else that’s inside that ring. It’s fu(beep)k everybody.

H2O: He’s destroying everyone that steps into that ring with him. Even if it’s Nate Ortiz.

Heather smiles at the seriousness of her better half. Stacy notices and turns her attention to her.

Heather you’re smiling. I don’t think I ever would see a smile on your face so soon after losing your child.

As quick as the smile came, it left just the same.

I have a ton of pinned up frustration that I need to let out. I’m going to be like an avalanche ftom here on out, Stacy.

Heather: There’s no one here that’s going to get in my way. There’s no one that’s going to be able to stop me.

Heather: I think, matter of fact, I know there’s an internal battle that Harvey and I are going through. But we have complete control now unlike like past years.

Stacy: Really?

Heather: Mida, I’m going to take that control and drive it through the competition. If you decide to get in my way….then you will be demolished in the process.

Harvey smiles now just the way Heather smiled for him. The feistiness always drives him wild. Heather sits back in her chair and stares deeply into Stacy’s eyes.

Stacy swallows a bit harder than usual from those intense comments. She proceeds to ask questions as she looks down at her notes to avoid Heather’s stare.

Was that a shot at Empress? She seems to be in the way of that avalanche.

Heather: ……..

Heather barley shrugs. Harvey feels the atmosphere surrounding this interview is getting heavy.

I think it’s about that time Stacy. The weather is getting tense….may I show you to the door.

Harvey and Stacy both get up from their seats and proceed to leave the den leaving Heather still staring in the area of where Stacy was sitting.

Is she doing ok, Harvey? Losing a baby isn’t easy. Are you ok? I haven’t asked about your plans against Dominion! Wait! Wait! Wait!

Stacy: Who’s going to be your partner against Nate Ortiz?

H2O: I think that’s enough questions for one night.

H2O: Safe travels back to Brooklyn.

Harvey closes the door behind Stacy before she could even respond. Stacy walks off camera and we fade to the next promo.


Filmed Earlier Tonight

We see a matte black G-Class pull into view. The back door opens, Quartz and Ryu Matsumoto step out of the car.

Spider is dressed in a black and gold velvet tracksuit with his gym bag slung over his shoulder. They walk into the aren