Live From The Blue Cross Arena in Rochester New York





The camera pans to the announce team.


Hello Ladies and Gentleman and Boys and Girls of all ages. Welcome to Turmoil.

This could be our last week on the job.

If it is, it has been a honor working with you Randy.

Don't say that...

What will be, will be. If this is to be our last show then let's give everyone here a show to remember.

Yeah, the king of Turmoil round one starts tonight. I can't wait.


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Ronald Regan returns to a standing ovation from the crowd. The fans are cheering "welcome back." Ronald Regan is passed a microphone from ringside.

Regan: "Thanks for that."

The cheers from the crowd continue.

Regan: "It has been nearly six years since I have stepped in an OCW ring and let me tell you, it's great to be back."

The Crowd "welcome back, welcome back."

Regan: "So I bet you're all wondering why I am here tonight?

Regan: "A few weeks ago I received a phone call from the new CEO that runs the place... Mugen. He told me he wanted to make Turmoil great again and that he has his hands tied with Riot right now. Mugen wanted to make sure that the king of Turmoil for this week runs smoothly."

Regan: "That's why I am here. Tonight we take a trip back down to 2008. A time where I ran Turmoil and tonight..."

Ronald Regan is interrupted.


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The crowd boo as Alex the daughter of Ronald Regan is standing in the ring.

Alex Robinson: "Daddy it is so good to see you."

The man beast chants begin.

Regan: "What do you want?"

Alex Robinson: "Can you hear these people? You going to let them talk to me that way?"

The crowd boooooooooo.

Regan: "The last time we spoke, you told me you were a grown up now and I should stay out of your life."

Alex Robinson: "I didn't mean it daddy. I love you very much."

Regan: "Just tell me what you want?"

Alex Robinson: "I just wanted to tell you how much I love you dad and that I have really missed you. Everything I have done in this business is for us. You're my hero."

Ronald Regan who knows his daughter well decides to play along. Regan goes to hug his daughter as you can see the evil smile from Alex. The man beast chants get louder.

Regan: "Come on now, there is no need for that."

Alex Robinson: "These people are just jealous of me, jealous just like sweet innocent Sophia."

The crowd cheer for Sophia.

Alex Robinson: "Sophia just thinks she can walk in here and take everything I worked so hard to achieve. She stole that women's belt from me at wrestlution 10 and now she takes all the credit for everything I have done. You know what I think you should do tonight Daddy?"

You can tell by the expression of Ronald Regans face that he knew this was coming.

Alex Robinson: "I think you should make the main event tonight... Sophia vs MEEEEEEEEE for the womens championship. Also I think we should send willow back to aunt Casey on Riot, she doesn't belong here."

The crowd just booooooooooooooo.

Alex Robinson: "And after I take everything that Sophia STOLE from me. I think you should come out here and do the job Mugen wants you to do by FIRING Sophia and making this show, OUR SHOW... Great Again!"

As Alex says that she smiles at the crowd.

The crowd are that loud you can't even hear Alex anymore. Everyone in attendance hates hers.

Regan: "You know 30 years ago when I met up with your mother. I sometimes really wish I wore protection that night."

The crowd booos suddenly turn into cheers and laughter.

Regan: "I look at you and I honestly can't believe that you're my daughter. You're the most selfish BITCH I know."

Alex is stood in the ring stunned at what her daddy is saying.

Regan: "You call people jealous but it's you that is jealous. I mean do you actually listen to what comes out of that mouth of yours?"

Alex Robinson: "Daddy..."

Regan: "No now I am going to talk and you will listen to me. You say you do all this for us? "You haven't spoken to me in years. YEARS! The last time I heard from you was from your brother when he showed me the text asking if I have died yet?"

Regan: "You're no daughter of mine and as far as your match with Sophia goes tonight. No one including me wants to see that match so the answer is NO! Now get out of my ring""

The Crowd "Thank you Regan."

Alex Robinson: "You people need to SHUT UP.

Alex Robinson: "DADDY you don't believe that do you?"

Regan turns away.

Alex Robinson: "Daddy I love you."

Regan: "Security? Can you please come and escort the trash from my ring please."

Security are very quick as about 10 guards come charging down to the ring.

Alex starts to get emotional.

Alex Robinson: "He doesn't mean it do you Daddy? You can't treat your daughter this way?"

Regan: "Security please do your jobs and get this trash out of the building please."

Security enter the ring as they make their way towards Alex. Alex grabs her dads leg. The guards start to pull Alex but she wont let go.

Alex Robinson: "Daddy, don't do this to me? I am your daughter! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!!"

The guards manage to get Alex from off of Regans leg.

Alex Robinson: "Daddy don't do this. PLEASE. GET OFF! GET OFF ME!!!"

The security guards manage to get Alex from out of the ring and begin to carry her away. Alex is kicking and screaming and continues to shout. The crowd cheer and start to sing "Hey, Hey, Hey. Goodbye."


Regan: "Send that son in law of mine my regards too."

Finally Alex has been carried out as the cheers for Regan are immense.

Regan: "That was pretty embarrassing and I apologise for that but the worst is over and the show begins now. I am happy to be back and thank you for the warm welcome. Let's get this show on the road shall we?"

The crowd continue to cheer for Regan as his theme hits. Regan begins to leave the ring as the camera pans to our announce team Tom and Randy.



The camera pans to the announce team.


Only one person can help them and that my friends is Jerry Springer. That man changed my life for the better.

To bad he's retired Tom.

Ronald Regan is in great shape for his age.

I can't believe that man is in his 70's.


Scene opens with an old, beat up public transportation bus stopping at the back door of Turmoil. Cactus Gauge is getting off, frustrated and agitated. He stops at the foot of the door and swings around pointing.

Cactus: Keep your hands off my ass "man-dy". I can't tell if thats a goatee or you're preparing for winter.

Cactus starts walking to the backdoor entrance.

Cactus: I am always being harrASSED on that damn bus. I've gotta get a car, bike, moped, something - this shit is getting real.

Cactus walks through some production staffers who are having a e-cig. Entering in the back door, he gives out a large sigh and walks to the locker room. It's empty, no one seeming to be around just yet, so Cactus settles down in front of his locker, puts on some headphones to blast some cool tunes and take a nap - he's not on the card tonight so it's time to relax and rest.

Dustin White walks in from the back hall, seeing his 'buddie' Cactus, he picks the locker next to him. Giving Cactus a good 'bump' as he placed his stuff in the locker.

Cactus: What tha...

Dustin: Oh, excuse me, I did mean to disturb you.

Cactus: Success friend, you're pretty good at that. Hey, wait....

Cactus looks around, seeing no one else here and knowing the show was a good hour from beginning.

Cactus: You're here.

Dustin: Ya?

Cactus: I am here.

Dustin: Are you high?

Cactus: Neither of us bums made the show tonight.

Dustin: And?

Cactus: So, let's get in that squared circle and give the crowd some pre-show magic?

Dustin: That might be the first good idea you've ever had.

Dustin: I am in.

The two shake hands and Cactus flashes a toothy smile.

Cactus: Let's do the damn thing then.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Up next Randy is in for a treat as Sophia is in action.

I am so excited, and I just can't hide it.

Randy is about to lose control because I think he likes it.

Let's get excited. We just can't hide it. I know, I know, I know, I know... I want you, I want you.


It's a Match!
Sophia & Willow


The Webb Sisters


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The camera pans to the announce team.


What a match and guess what Tom?

What's up buddy?


Randy gets out the T-Shirt Sophia signed for him earlier in the day.



The camera pans to the announce team.


It could be someones lucky night.

I am going to treasure this forever.


While no one likes Nickleback, it’s undeniable that without Chad Kroger’s record label there would be no Theory of a Deadman. Without Theory of a Deadman there would be no Bad Girlfriend. With no Bad Girlfriend, which serves as one of the most suggestive, penis tingling, songs in existence, than it would be likely that when the song hit the arena that men would not experience such a confusing moment of sexual excitement followed by the depressing realization that Ashley Blain had returned. And that caused some shrinkage.

Yet there she was. Strutting with an air of confidence and smugness that she had not earned. Her hair perhaps a bit longer, but other than that, the same bitch that had betrayed B-17. For what? Money? Jealousy? Hate?

As she silkily slid into the ring she held out a hand and stood still in the ring until a ringside female attendant rolled in with a scowl and delicately handed her the mic.

She looked displeased:
Honey, wipe that look off your face. Or I will do it for you. The ring attendant looked shocked to be addressed but quickly cast down her eyes and left the ring.

Looking out into the crowd she basked in the continuous boos momentarily before bringing the mic to her mouth. She mockingly blew lightly on it to shh the crowd.

I had such a good vacation. Oh wait...none of you know what that is do you? Mock concern fills her face.

Blain: Well let me explain. A vacation is what successful people do to escape the mundane, broke, pathetic people...just like all of you.

The crowd boos.

Blain: Hey, don’t get mad at me! I wanted to share my experiences from Rome!

Blain goes over to the turnbuckle and sits atop of it just as B-17 would traditionally do. This draws more boos from the crowd.

Blain: The sights were amazing. The Sistine Chapel, oh! Beautiful. It made me hate art majors all that much more. It gives me savage pride to know those pompous, useless, stoners will never reach the glorious heights of classical art. Then I visited St. Peter’s Basilica where even I was taken back by the architecture. There was even a moment of peace and tranquility when I knelt down to pray. I looked to the ceiling and I called out “praise be to our……...Overlord Mugen.”

This, understandably did not go over well with the crowd. Many conflicting sounds drifted through the arena. A few of more depraved individuals cheered at the mention of their Overlord. Most seemed shocked. An older lady with her son called out

Blain smiled wickedly: Yes, I owe a lot to Overlord Mugen. I know he still has a soft spot for B, but he made me a rich women. I mean, there had to be consequences for B hitting Bobby, right?

Blain: Oh either way. My prayers were answered in ways your simple minds will come to understand more fully in the coming months. Now, young lady!

Ashley looks over at the ring attendant who had tried her best to contain her displeasure of Ashley’s prayer, but failed.

Blain: Join me in the ring, darling.

The young lady at ringside looked up shocked. Blain motioned for her to hurry up:
Oh I promise I won’t bite. That comes later.


The girl looked confused by this and slowly slid into the ring.

Blain used one finger and motioned for her to come closer. She did

Now. I want you to stay perfectly still.

Blain walked around her. Admiring her body. The ring attendant stood there uncomfortably, but didn’t move.

Ashley came up behind her and whispered something in her ear. The ring attendant eyes widened quickly and she jumped away. Turning around to confront Ashley she was met with a superkick to the face.

Ash rolled out of the ring while the crowd booed.



The camera pans to the announce team.


I like Nickleback.

Who is this Blain?



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This scene was recorded earlier

Jimmy Henry is in his home, on his phone. He looks a mess - unshaven, out-of-shape, bleary-eyed.

Jimmy: Hello, it's Jimmy Henry... I know we've had our differences in the past, but I need help...

The person on the other end of the phone line is inaudible to the viewer.

Jimmy: I've been struggling to cope following my injury at Lution... I let it get personal... I had him beat...

Jimmy listens to the person on the other end of the phoneline.

Jimmy: I know, I know... But I need to get fit before I can get back in a ring... I've been drinking for 2 months... Eating junk...

Jimmy: I was hoping you could help... You know, get me in shape...

Jimmy listens.

Jimmy: The Botanical Gym, downtown?... Yeah, I know it... Monday!? I'll be there!


The camera pans to the announce team.


I wonder who was on the other end of that phone call?

I hope Jimmy can overcome his demons.