It’s dark. It’s not your normal kind of dark, no, it’s dark like darker than a bag of assholes dark. You would be able to see B-17 if he was standing right in front of you. In what seems like we’ve been in this darkness forever, we hear keys jingling against a door, entering the lock and the distinct sound of a deadbolt turning. The door flings open and the light from outside shines bright into the room, allowing us to see it’s a motel room and not a good one. The light seems to shine in focusing on the bed, where a passed out Jackson Montgomery lay. He’s not even under the blankets or anything and in fact, the bed is still made, albeit it is covered in empty beer cans. The door is shut plunging the room into darkness but just as fast, the blackout shades were flung from the window letting even more light in this time and right onto the face of Jackson Montgomery.

Jackson Montgomery:
 What the hell? Shut those damn curtains! Some of us have a hangover.

Jackson shields his eyes from the sun but quickly comes to after realizing someone else is in the room. Shirtless and wearing only jeans, Jackson jumps up to his feet. Still unable to see who it is, Jackson yells at the person.

Jackson Montgomery:
 What are you doing in my room? Who the hell are you?!

Standing in front of the window, the figure is completely shaded. As they walk towards Jackson, he takes a few steps back. The closer the person gets to the bed, the further Jackson walks backwards until he hits the wall. Just then, the figure leans in.

 Hey Jackson! It’s me. Jim Black! Overlord Mugen and Ronald Regan sent me to find you. I’ve been looking all over Hell’s Kitchen for you and I did it! I found you! Sidebar: Maybe this will help me get better interviews from Mugen… Anyway…

Jackson shakes the cobwebs from his head before cutting of Jim Black.

Jackson Montgomery:
 What the sh*t! Mugen sent you? Who the f*ck is Ronald Reagan. I know I’m messed up in the head, but I’m pretty sure Reagan is dead. And how the hell did you get keys to my room?

Jim Black chuckles a little bit under his breath before answering Jackson.

Jim Black:
 First, yes. Mugen sent me. He said something about the Turmoil champion should be at EVERY show whether he’s booked or not. He said some other stuff, but there was a lot of profanity and spit and him calling me a dummy so I just ran out before hearing everything.

Jim Black: Second, you are correct. Ronald Reagan is dead. But! Ronald Regan is the new, I guess you could call him the GM of Turmoil. He’s here to make Turmoil great again!

Again, Jackson shakes his head trying to understand just what the hell Jim is saying. Jackson then walks over to the front of the bed and sits down. Jim follows suit and sits down next to him. It takes a second before Jackson realizes what is happening. He looks at Jim, who’s got a huge smile on his face, and pushes him off the bed and onto the floor. Jackson looks at him crazy and points to a chair in front of a small desk. Jim uses the desk to stand up, then sits in the chair.

Jackson Montgomery:
 So Ronald Reagan is still dead right? Jim nods. But Ronald Regan is the new “GM” of Turmoil? Jim nods once again. This place is getting weirder and weirder. So how’d you get into my room again?

Jim Black: The keys were in the lock…

Jackson puts his head in hands, then wipes his face and stands up, startling Jim.

Jackson Montgomery:
 Get out. GET THE F*CK OUT! Tell Mugen or not dead Ronald Regan I’ll be at Turmoil tonight and not to worry their pretty little heads. The best champion Turmoil has ever seen will make his presence tonight. 

Jackson turns his back and Jim Black stands up from his chair and pushes it in. He walks over to a table where the Turmoil Heavyweight championship sits covered in empty beer cans and fast food wrappers. He shoves everything off and picks it up.

Jim Black:
 Um...Mugen also told me to takes this with me if I found you, so...I’m taking this.

Jackson Montgomery turns around and looks at Jim Black with the eyes of a crazy man. Jim is visibly shaken and starts to inch towards the door as Jackson slowly stalks him.

Jackson Montgomery:
 You tell Mugen, Regan, Malu and anyone else that will listen that this belt doesn’t make you a champion. I AM a champion and I always will be with or without this chunk of metal. Jackson gets extremely close to Jim’s face. Now. GET. THE. F*CK. OUT!

Jim Black stumbles backwards and after gaining his balance, gets to the door and opens it, the keys still jingling from the lock. When Jim gets outside, he removes the keys and extends his hand towards Jackson.

Jim Black
: Here’s your keys Jackson. You don’t want just anyone to be able to come in here! Oh, before I forget, do you have anything to say about Savage Saturday and your loss to Dennis Black?

Jackson is fuming now. He rushes over towards the door and smacks the keys out of Jim’s hands. The slam against the wall and down to the floor.

Jackson Montgomery:

Jackson pushes Jim out onto the sidewalk and slams the door shut so hard, the clearly useless deadbolt rattles loose and falls to the floor. Jackson lowers his head and shakes it. He then walks over to the table that the championship was sitting on and starts to pick up beer cans, shaking them to find one with something in it. He tosses 4-5 empty cans on the floor before finding one half full. He downs the can in one gulp as the screen fades.




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Madison stands in the center of the ring with a mic in hand. Behind her were several members of the OCW ring crew setting up a display in the ring. Ginger, the intern, was directing traffic.

The audience jeers for upwards of five minutes before they eventually die down. Behind her stood five figures covered In canvas drop cloths. To her left was a table with nothing on it but a lighter and a tiara. She grins and lifts the mic to her lips. 

 Glad you people got that out of your system. It shocks me, truly. We are on the cusp of something historic…

 The eternal underdog is only days away from being crowned ‘twice’ in one evening. All we’ve heard is ‘how did he get this far?’ and that's fine with us. 

Madison twirls the mic in her hand for a few moments. 

 Today I was asked how I keep Dennis Black motivated. To that I simply replied, ‘what does one say to the best Wrestler in all of Turmoil who isn't viewed or treated as such?’

 My question went unanswered. 

Madison looks over her shoulder to Ginger and nods. He then begins unveiling the five figures behind her.

 This Sunday, we will bring Turmoil its greatest moment to date...only to follow it up with immense pain seven days from now. 

Madison turned to face the display. Ginger unveiled five life like cardboard cutouts of Bradley, B-17, Jackson Montgomery, Jimmy Henry and Tank. There was a mixture of cheers and boos.


She turns to face the cameras once more.

 These men define a dark time in Turmoil’s short history. These men ushered in our first era. The era of unproven stardome, hand outs, and Paper Champions.

The audience starts to boo loudly at her comments.

You don't know any better. But the few that do, completely understand what I mean. These five men sucked the life out of Turmoil. These five men forced themselves into the spotlight. Segment after segment...main event after main event. And what do we have to show for it?

Madison: We have Riot wrestlers not taking us seriously. Fans disapproving. And a Turmoil Title that I consider to be nothing more than a paper weight. And before any of you say that Jackson has defended it twice, don't be blind. He's defended it against the same person twice in both of his defenses.

Madison: These men caused Turmoil harm with their greed, whether they are man enough to admit it or not. And after causing such harm...what did they do?

Madison snaps her finger, prompting Ginger to hand her the lighter. She struts over to the Bradley cutout and ignites it.

 This one provided us with a fake Turmoil Title and merely stopped showing up for work. Our boss, our leader went out of his way to dispute the legitimacy of our championship. Where is he now?

She walks over to Jimmy Henry’s cutout.

This man held the Turmoil Title for days after having it handed to him. Literally..’handed’ to him. He failed to avenge his mother, and was put out to pasture by Tank. He too, stopped showing up for work even though you all loved him to death...

The Jimmy Henry cutout was set ablaze. She then walks over to B-17’s cutout.

 Probably the biggest offender of unproven stardom...loved by all, considered to be Turmoil’s crown jewel, only to have accomplished less than Jimmy Henry. Must be nice. Where did all that praise come from? What defines a man being a crown Jewel of a brand? Where did this one run off to after hurting Turmoil? Into seclusion after getting his heart broken.

Madison mocks wiping tears from her eyes before setting the B-17 cutout on fire.

 Feels like a teen movie. So sad…

Madison stands before the Tank cut out and sets it on fire immediately.

 Holy cow was this one a waste of air. Not much to say about this disgrace of a man. The worst Turmoil Champion in history, which is saying a lot. He's probably somewhere making money on his knees in an alley. The most useful thing big Ed ever did besides buying my perfect set of breasts is driving Tank away. Are we noticing a theme yet for these cowards, ladies and gentlemen?

Finally, Madison walks over the last cutout of Jackson Montgomery. She placed an arm around him.

And lastly...Jackson Montgomery. He who had the most potential to save this land. Our current Champion. What has he done with his opportunity? Drink...drink...and more drinking. At his first taste of truly being challenged, by Dennis Black, mind you...he vanished last week. Far too afraid to show his face after Savage Saturday. 

She steps away from the cutout and sets it on fire.

 Our paper Champion will also vanish, one day. This Sunday, Dennis Black will make history and win both tournaments. An undisputed King within OCW. 

Madison places the tiara on her head as the five figures burn behind her.

This poor era of Unproven stardom and paper champions will soon end. This Sunday begins the Black Summer I warned you of after Savage Lands. Where the Black Summer’s heat is almost too much for what is left of Turmoil’s paper Champion and the pretenders trying to make a name for themselves

 Next Thursday, you will witness the spectacle that is Dennis’s coronation as King...and then we will reside over Turmoil from a Riot Suite. Each week you'll receive royal decrees from us via the X-Tron, but nothing more. You won't get to watch Dennis wrestle another match.

 Turmoil...doesn't deserve us.

Madison is then showered by boos.

 The Black Summer is all of you watching...waiting...and begging for ‘his’ return, The King that was promised. You people won't realize truly what you had in this ring until it's gone. And by Winter, after you've begged...understood how poorly you've treated us...and begged some more...your benevolent and forgiving Queen just might bring the King back home if the begging is...adequate enough for my liking.

The visual of Madison extending her arms and raising her head with the flames behind her was quite the visual for the audience at home.

 Lands of Turmoil, The Black Summer is upon us. Prepare yourselves! Your King and Queen will oversee the construction of the Wall our fearless overlord will put up.

The scene begins to slowly fade to black until Apocalyptica's Grace started up, cutting Madison’s moment off as Sebastian Abbott waltzed onto the stage.

 Hold up a minute you chav minger, don't forget about me. 

Seb: While we all agree that Tank is somewhere sleeping in an alley, I'm still in this tournament too. Yes I have Bray tonight, but my only goal is the TV title and seeing you cry. Imagine him losing to me twice in one night? Or better yet, Losing to Sidberg..TONIGHT!

Chav minger? Is that even English? Your only goal is the title? That's cute. Pity Dennis will crush you in the end. While your future King is far too kind...I'm all for punishing heathens that talk out of turn. Watch your mouth, git...your future Queen is losing patience.

I will be the victor in this duel, and come Sunday I will prove it. Give Dennis my regards and wish him luck in his match tonight. And remember...I can beat him, I damn near had him If not for Winters. 

Dropping the mic, Seb turned then walked away not letting Madison get a reply in. She stood there in the ring stumped as to what to say next. The scene fades to black with a close up of the Jimmy Henry, B-17, Tank, Bradley, and Jackson cutouts left to nothing more than ash...





Ashley Blain had never had a conversation with Bill Ding. She had seen him plenty, and she was not impressed. Often he could be found stuffing his face. Disgusting wouldn’t do it justice, he was simply revolting. If she was honest with herself, she strongly disliked obese people. Although the society around her was neglectful of their health she was not and it amused and shocked her that so many people could care so very little about the state of their bodies. 

Yet she had to continue her meetings. She wanted to address each superstar, eye to eye, and witness how they truly felt about her. So far, besides a few, most had dropped their eyes when addressing her. She loved it. Dominance. It was exhilarating bordering on exciting. 

When Bill Ding entered her office it wasn’t surprising to see him holding half a sandwich. While a majority of it had found his mouth, some food was resting within his beard or scattered around the collar of his shirt. 

Ashley shuddered slightly as he took a seat, she would have to disinfect later:
 Thank you for coming, Mr. Ding. 

Bill Ding just continued to chow down on his sandwich and nodded his head enthusiastically which sent flying more ham and turkey. 

 Heartbreaking decision last week, wasn’t it? 

Bill looked slightly sad for a moment before pulling out a can of soda and popping it open. The satisfying click seemed to cheer him up instantly and he washed down another bite with a huge gulp. He raised his left hand, still holding his sandwich, in mid gulp and rocked his hand back and forth to suggested that “he was alright.”

Ashley was becoming annoyed:
 Certainly you must be wondering what is next for you?

Bill stuffed the rest of the sandwich into his mouth and looked thoroughly at her. Judging that he didn’t have much to say he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a small box of donuts. He simply shrugged his shoulders in response. 

Ashley lashed out before Bill could react. In one motion she reached over grabbed the box of donuts from Bill:
 Stop eating you fat bastard!

Bill Ding: Agh! Ok ok… sorry about that. I guess I've been doing a bit of stress-eating since we got DQ’d last week. Can a guy live??

Ashley: LIVE! You call what you are doing living?

Bill Ding shrugged his shoulders and nodded. 

 My god. I can’t comprehend why the hell the fans respond to such a disgusting example of humanity! The last time I was here you were facing some guy named Nightmare! Next week you will have him again! Since you broke the damn ring you can literally start at square one! 

Ashley: Now get the hell out of my office, I have to disinfect this place now!






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Ginger: Is the camera rolling? It is, good. Hello OCW universe. Tonight we have round 2 of the King of OCW Turmoil tournament, coming up is Sebastian Abbott versus Bray S. Spur. Oh here comes one of the competitors now.

Sebastian Abbott was walking towards the locker rooms from the stage area as Ginger waved him over.

Ginger: That was a short interruption.. Can you explain what a minger is?

Seb: Ha a minger is someone who is breathtakingly unattractive. Surely you have a better question?

Ginger: OooK.. Tonight you take on Bray, the last time you two met he won. Will you take anything from that match and fix upon that tonight?

Seb: Thanks for reminding me of that Ginger, but yea I've watched the tape. I'm just going into tonight looking to advance. Then come the pay per view I will become the Turmoil TV Champion. Now I have to go prepare for tonight.

Abbott walked off and entered a locker room, Ginger looked at the camera guy who indicated they were clear off the air.







Return from commercial break and interviewer is standing in the middle of the ring. 

 Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my honor to introduce my guest at this time. He is the creator and author of the number 1 bestselling book, “The Diamond Method”. Please put your hands together and welcome the Diamond… JACK…. E … QUINN!!!

Generic theme music/turmoil theme song plays. Wearing street clothes, DJQ makes his way down to the ring, holding his book and giving fans high fives on his way. He steps inside the ring and a stage hand give him a microphone. DJQ takes in the admiration with a big smile on his face. He is seen mouth “thank you” to the fans and then bowing down in respect.

 Mr. Quinn, thank you for joining me here and on behalf of the entirety of OCW, let me just say congratulations on your newfound success.

DJQ: Thank you, thank you. You know, if you would have told me a year ago that my book would enable me to be this ring today, you know what I would I have said?

 No, I don-

DJQ: Don’t talk when I’m talking, dummy. That’s rude… I would have told you ‘of course’. And do you know why? … go ahead, you can answer.

 Uhhh… Because of believing in yourself if a key part of the Diamond Method?

DJQ: Exactly. Looks like someone has been reading the book. As a matter of fact, I would like you to have this autographed copy my book.

DJQ hands the interviewer the book he brought in the ring with him.

 Thank you Mr. Quinn...

DJQ: Don’t mention it. Pay me whenever. I am so grateful to be here in OCW but I can’t say it was a surprise. The Diamond Method has change millions of lives and it is without a doubt the most important book you can buy. People stop me on the street and tell me stories about how my system helped them with a situation, a problem, an illness… I mean, it is truly humbling to me to be able to help so many people with the Diamond Method. But now on to the real reason I came here, the fans. Specifically, the lovely live audience here in attendance… They are a great crowd aren’t they?

The crowd cheers.

 Yes, they are. And what do you have in store for them?

DJQ: Well, I’m happy to announce that I have arranged a surprise for every single person in this live crowd… *ahem* if you could all just look up your seats…

Cameras pans out and you see numerous people in the crowd reach under their seats and pulling out an envelope. People in the audience begin to open the envelopes.

DJQ: that’s right, everybody. You all will be receiving a coupon for five dollars-



Quinn is cut off by the Rogue Convoy's theme song. Several moments pass, before Jakub De'Relic appears on stage, flanked by Matt Mercer and Jason Williams, Nate Dunn noticeably not present with the group. As the group walks down the ramp, De'Relic brings a microphone to his mouth.

 Really....five dollars...that's what you value these people as? You look around at an ocean of inhumanity, yearning to be led to greener pastures...and you give them five dollars for a self help book written by the worlds filthiest con artist!

DJQ: Hey man, if you're implying the Diamond Method doesn't work, I have plenty of twitter followers that-

De'Relic: Oh shut up! Shut your mouth and stop spouting your white lies and guttural nonsense! You are the problem, Quinn, you are the destructive disease that's tearing our society apart! People turn to false prophets like you and throw money at you, all because you're some flashy, energetic millennial with a nice jacket!

DJQ: Dude we're like the same age, how can you just call me a millen-.... you think I have a nice jacket?

De'Relic enters the ring at this point, not at all amused by Jack's wit.

 You can crack all the jokes you want Quinn, jokes make the world go round, right? It's so easy to just chuckle a little while you're drowning in life's very real problems... When a man appears before you, wanting to help guide the blinded sheep back to their paddock, what does he get? No respect from the masses, just an overweight neckbeard from behind the announcers desk calling him an 'ass' so that he just might 'trend' for a few minutes during Turmoil! 

De'Relic shoots a sharp look towards the commentary booth, before turning his attention to the fans in attendance.

 We've been her in OCW for well over a month, and we've tried to extend a helping hand towards all of you! Just two weeks ago, we approached Dennis Black, we offered him a position in the Rogue Convoy, a chance to help his following, and all he did was shoot it all down so he can return to a glorified life of sin. I've tried to reach you all with words...but that just isn't working. Maybe it's time to take action, and burn the golden calf...

With that, De'Relic drops his microphone, and behind him Mercer levels DJQ with a huge clothesline. Mercer mounts Quinn and begins punching him, while Williams locks Quinn's legs in an Indian Deathlock, preventing him from escaping Mercer's onslaught. De'Relic leans back in one of the ring corners and slowly removes his vest, before gesturing for Mercer and Williams to stop their attack, and lift Quinn to his feet. The two do as instructed, and De'Relic takes aim, before leaping from the corner with The Blindside(Caribbean Kick), catching Quinn on the temple and felling him. De'Relic gets to one knee next to Quinn, and gingerly picks up a copy of his book. He motions towards Williams, who hands him a lighter. De'Relic lifts the book, and flicks the lighter on, causing it to catch fire in the middle of the ring, before dropping it on top of Quinn, causing him to spaz in an attempt to throw the flaming object from himself. De'Relic rolls out of the ring, walking by the announce desk, and making eye contact with Tom Sanders.

: Am I an ass? Or is your ass just next?

De'Relic then turns to walk up the ramp, Mercer and Williams in tow, while referee's aid Quinn in the ring.

Fade to next segment.









Sebastian Abbott sat in the darkened locker room, a lone light shone like a spotlight on the centre of the room.

???:I enjoy the shadows too, Englishman.

Abbott jumped at the voice.

Seb: Who's there? I haven't got time for games!

A face leered into the light causing Seb to topple backwards of the chair he was sitting on.

Seb: You. What do you want?

???: I'm here to deliver some retribution. Not me personally but you get that right? 

Seb went to speak but the face vanished into the shadows as if it was never there.

Seb: Neat tri-

A clang of steel on skin sent Abbott reeling forward as the object hammered down on again and again.

Seb lay on the cold locker room floor when all the lights turned on, he blinked away the spots to see Bubba Mitchell and Corey Ford standing over him chairs in hands.

Corey: Bubba he's had enough. Let's get out of here, good luck with Bray tonight. WHoop Whoop!





Bray S. Spur vs. S. Abbot

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As we come back from comercial Malu is standing in the ring.

The stage hand slides the mic in to Malu, know that if he handed it to him the big samoan would have snatched the mic and given him a few choice words.

Malu: Turmoil I’m feeling good right now. I’ve trained, said my prayers and even eaten some vit… wait a minute… Malu smiles. I’ve done everything I’ve needed to do to prepare for Sunday. I haven’t felt this good in 8 years. My belly is full, my mind is right and I am ready. I hope the same can be said for the “Champ”.We haven’t seen the champ since Savage Saturday. And we haven’t even seen him here tonight. Forget being ready for Sunday, who knows if Jackson will even be here on Sunday.

Malu: If he weren’t to show I wouldn’t blame him. I wouldn’t want you to blame him either. Because the beating I plan on delivering to him won’t be for the faint of heart. It’s been 8 years since I’ve had this opportunity I have come Sunday. I told you all the story, I let that chance slip away and I’ve had to live with it ever since. I talk beating Jackson, tossing him like a rag doll, and crushing him because I know it is what I have to do to erase that failure. 

Malu: None of you know what it’s like to have to go back to your people having let them down. To see people who once looked at you with hope and admiration just put their heads down and turn away from you. To see kids with shirts reppin the guy who beat you because you let them down. Do you know how that can eat at a person. It’s why I came back and it’s why I’m standing here in front of you tonight. Because I’m going to make up for that failure and make my people proud. I’m going to wash away my poor start. Damn it, if I don’t win on Sunday I’m just going to go ahead and retire.

Malu looks like he’s about the cry almost. Using his massive hand he puts it over his face and puts his head down. He walks around a little in this position as the crowd stirs not really knowing how to react. After what seems like an eternity Malu brakes the chatter with a heavy laugh! He brings his head up with a huge smile and shakes it looking out at the crowd.

Malu: I’m sorry but I tried to keep it together, but I couldn’t take myself seriously. I could give a damn about how the people on the island feel. If you ain’t blood you don’t matter. And there is no way in hell I’m retiring, win, lose, or draw. I’m sorry but you’re stuck with me. I own up to my failures then and those now but Sunday is about me. I’m doing all this for me! I want to hurt him. I want to embarrass him. And I relish the idea of beating Jackson and rubbing that victory in all your faces.

Malu: I keep tabs on everything people have said about me. I remember it all. Jackson thought he was funny trying to get me to count. Well it’s gonna be damn funny when Jackson can’t answer the count. When he’s laying on the mat and I stand over him with MY Turmoil Championship..

Malu raises his hand as if he’s holding the belt in the air.

Malu: These past few month that Jackson has spent as champion are going to be washed away. He’s going to crack or tap at King of OCW. But you know what I may just do both,,,

Some familiar music begins to play.


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Dennis Black vs. Sid Harrison

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Thanks for everyone that actually done a match!