Capo is still singing
On The 7th day of Turmoil, Malu gave to me:
-A double shot of Jack

-A Title Belt Shot

-A chill faktor Spot
-A spot in OC-Mag

-A promo talking trash
-Singles match with Ragnarath
And my first match on TM-1-8-3

On the 7th day of Turmoil, Malu gave to me
-Magnums by the pack
-A double shot of Jack
-A Title Belt Shot 
-A Chill Faktor Spot
-A spot in OC-Mag
-A promo talking trash
-Singles match with Ragnarath
-And my first match on TM-1-8-3

On the 8th day of Turmoil, Malu gave to me

-A monthly Podcast

-Magnums by the pack 
-A double shot of Jack
-A Title Belt Shot

-A chill faktor Spot
-A spot in OC-Mag

-A promo talking trash

-Singles match with Ragnarath
-And my first match on TM-1-8-3

On the 9th day of Turmoil, Malu gave to me:

-A custom ring and PPV

-My monthly Podcast
-Magnums by the pack 
-A double shot of Jack

-A Title Belt Shot 

-A chill factor Plot
-A spot in OC-Mag
-A promo talking trash
-Singles match with Ragnarath

-And my first match on TM-1-8-3

On the 10th day of Turmoil, Malu gave to me:

-A Rookie Royal Rumble

-A custom ring and PPV

-My monthly Podcast

-Magnums by the pack
-A double shot of Jack
-A Title Belt Shot

-A chill factor Plot
-A spot in OC-Mag

-A promo talking trash

-Singles match with Ragnarath

-And my first match on TM-1-8-3

On the 11th day of Turmoil, Malu gave to me:

Capo: Cut the music!! WTH rhymes with Rumble?.....laughs from crowd...
Capo:Some homemade gumbo??....more laughs from crowd...
Capo sings…

-Home-made GUM--BO!!
-A Rookie Royal Rumble

-A custom ring and PPV

-A monthly Podcast

-Magnums by the pack 

-A double shot of Jack

-A Title Belt Shot

-A chill factor Plot
-A spot in OC-Mag
-A promo talking trash
-Singles match with Ragnarath

-And my first match on TM-1-8-3

 On the 12 day of Turmoil, Malu gave to me:-A ORGY—— 
Crowd goes crazy!!!

Capo raises one eyebrow and says:

Capo: the Jack is kickin’ in folks...

Capo: An Orgy with whoooooooooo??? COME ON OUT LADIES!!!

Turmoil entrance theme cues and out comes the female wrestlers apparently having mixed feelings about being called out. But after a few moments, naturally they all go into their competitive female spirits and want to be judged by the crowd.

 Look what we got here: The Bold and Beautiful….Some fine specimens...

Crowd still in chaos with seeing all of their favorite female stars on the stage.

 Piper??....hipthrust.....female fans start to boo...I’d pipe-her sorry not sorry! 

Capo: Stigglitz??.....Stick-littz…..sadomasochism baby....

Capo: Wait, where is Madison Cox?? 

Capo smirks….male fans laugh as a few repeat obnoxiously COX cocks COX cocks COX!!!...

Capo: Sorry Bro’s, not gonna disrespect Mr. Black....
Crowd boos in disappointment….
Capo: I love you guys too…..

Capo:Heather??? naaah black lips scary me........

Capo laughs....

 Haley???? Naaahhh I’m good....Haley flips Capo off….
Capo:Karissa?? She’s one of the bros....Bros before hoes....Let’s to get some drinks on me Karissa…

Capo: Kat?

Capo: meows…..

Crowd meows back with laughter 

 She doesn’t look wild enough for me..

Capo: Pyro, I mean Pyra, or is it Pyro? Another weirdo.....Pyra starts to make her way down stage but is pulled back by Sophia...

Crowd starts yelling Sophia! Sophia! Sophia! Sophia!

She’s ok...Sophie gotta phaaattyy!! Capo begins making his signature sexual hip thrusts... 

Crowd approves, ladies still screaming...….

Capo: I gotta looooooaaadd for LOTUS!!

Crowd goes crazy with laughter and enthusiasm and start chanting LOTUS! LOTUS! LOTUS!
Capo starts making Harley Davidson noises with his mouth and gesturing with his hands as if he is riding a Harley...
Crowd laughs at Capos childish Vrooomms -Vroooms 

And the winner is: A LOTUS FLO-JOY ORGY!!! 

CROWD POPS...Lotus FloJo is stunned…. Capo continues his drunken jingle, and crowd sings along:

On the 12th day of Turmoil, Malu gave to me:

-A Lotus Flo-Joy Orgy
-Some Homemade Gum-bo
-A Rookie Royal Rumble
-A Custom Ring and PPV
-A Monthly Podcast
-Magnums by the pack 
-A double shot of Jack

-A Title Belt Shot

-A Chill Factor Plot

-A spot in OC-Mag
-A Promo talking trash
-Singles Match with Ragnarath

-And my first match on TM-1-8-3

Crowd Pops…..

Capo's theme music plays as he goes under the ring and comes out with a bag...He starts handing out small gifts to his fans....singles henny bottles to his fans and saying "SALUD" to everyone he comes in contact with...the cheers send him off...


The scene opens on Coach Bills wrestling academy as the man himself can be seen berating someone familiar sitting on the ring apron.

Coach How many f**king times do I gotta tell you kid!? Throwing a goddamned chair isn't a wrestling move! This isn't no f**kin outlaw indie. It's a wrestling school! You're here to learn to do some actual goddamned wresting! 

Wrex No one had a problem with it at OCW.

Coach OCW? What the s**t is that? Another backyard "fed"?

Wrex No it's.. actually a big profitable thing here. Least it is when a certain someone isn't let near the books.

Coach So what? You were actually getting paid to throw s**t around the ring huh? Whats this world coming to.

Wrex No actually. I barely get paid.

Coach You're f**kin telling me a legitimate place is stiffing the boys on their pay? Jesus Christ back in my day the bookers at least paid their damn talent! Then again certain people had to go 'above and beyond' to get that pay.

Wrex That.. hasn't changed much. Poor kid has to do so much for her place on the card.

Coach Good. I'm glad to hear some of the old mindset still exists in this world. Now all we need to do is get rid of all this flippy bulls**t, stop all the goddamn pointless gimmick matches and gun down all those backyard asshats and maybe we can get this business back on track. See kid in my day this typa s**t wasn't happening! Wrestling was a pure sport with- 

Wrex Chief. I'm here for training not a life story.

Coach Huh? Oh right, yeah. Go run the block a few more times.

Wrex Are you serious? I've been doing nothing but that for the past three days. I need to be ready to go for the coming PPV and all I've been doing is working a machine and running!

Coach What do you think we are doing you dumb f**k? We're working on that goddamn stamina problem of yours and running off that beer gut you got going on. If you cant out-wrestle or tire that fat piece of s**t out first then you're done! So you get to that running fat-ass. And I swear to god I catch you at a bar again I'll beat you with a stick!

Wrex Fine I'm going. F**king slave driver.

The scene closes with a shot of Wrex trying to grasp the concept of how to do an actual athletic run. All the while Coach Bill stands there with a annoyed look on his face.

Coach Bill This idiot needs a goddamn intervention not a trainer. Who the hell claims a chair can be an effective rest hold.


Backstage was chaotic following Corey's match with Code, the latter went into a rage after the loss. Corey hurried towards the locker room he and Rags were set up in.

???: HEY I'm not done with you yet!

Corey turned to see Code charging towards him a snarl crossed his features.

Corey: No bro we're done 1-2-3. I don't think you have anything else to say.

As Corey turned to leave he ran into Tay Terror holding the bruised form of Ragnarath.

Tay: You're not going anywhere.

Corey: You ok Rags?

Tay began using Ragnarath like a ventrilliquist dummy and mockingly mimed Ragnarath's voice.

Taynarath: I'm fine little buddy hy-uck.

Corey glowered at Tay before turning back to Jackman.

Code: So what is it going to be? You and him face us at the pay per view or this.

Jackman gestured to Tay who leant Ragnarath against the wall and launched a super kick, not aimed at Ragnarath but at Corey who turned to watch as the boot of Tay crashed off Corey's skull sending him sprawling.

Tay: That felt extremely satisfying.

He knelt over Corey to make sure he was out cold.

Ragnarath: peekaboo bitches

Tay and Code looked up from Corey only for both men to be knocked down by Ragnaraths flying dropkick. 

Ragnarath: Come on bud we will get you fixed up and then go celebrate this win.

He began dragging Corey towards the locker rooms when Code stood up.

Code: Where do you think you're going?

Ragnarath dropped Corey and took up a fighting stance. Corey thudded off the polished concrete rather hard.

Ragnarath: Do you remember the last time we were in a ring together? You hardly hit a move, what do you think I can do to you back here with all the weapons and steel laying about? How about you take your partner there, I'll pick up my friend and we go our separate ways and come Chill Faktor we'll meet again in a tag match. 

Code looked conflicted then nodded and scooped up Tay while Ragnarath did the same with Corey, they stared at one another before backing away slowly. The scene fades away into the next segment....



The camera pans to the announce team.

I hate this guy.

You're supposed to.


The camera pans to the announce team.

It's a Match!
Nat Joe vs Kik


The camera pans to the announce team.

Well there.


B-17: Get out, no. I’m serious, you’re not invited. No buts, get out or you're gonna clean Abbott's sex dolls...I am serious. 

B-17 slams the door and bolts the lock before turning back to the room. 

It was an odd sight. A collection of Turmoil Superstars not likely to be seen together. Bingo strode over and took his seat at the poker table. Directly opposite of him was Austin Lee. 

Lee who is sitting shirtless for no reason at all: Just going to say this now since the last time you two were around each other and there was chairs near by, someone went on “vacation” and showed back up with an animal living on his head.

B-17 looks at Dennis: Good times. 

Sitting to the right of Lee was Sebastian Abbott, wearing his ridiculous, large frame glasses. 

Abbott: Should have let him play, I could have taken his money...among other things. 

#Austin glares over at Seb who has stolen his “Discount Cutter” multiple times now.

B-17: I’m over here, Abbott. 

Abbott who had been looking the wrong way just nodded his head: I know. 

Flanking either side of B-17 was Jackson Montgomery and Dennis Black with Madison. All three were glaring at each other. 

Madison: I'm all for Dennis having a guys night, so long as I can chaperone. I'm just not sure why Lee and Jackson are here. They are literally THE worst-

#Austin points to her shaking his head no: #GoodBrother…. Bitch...

B-17: No, no, no. You four will behave. I have a rule for the poker table, no one is allowed to use their finishers! 

B-17: Now, Madison, ladies always go first...So Seb will be dealer first. That makes Dennis the small blind and you the big bit...I mean blind. 

Before Madison could fire off a retort, Seb picked up the cards and began shuffling loudly then dealt them to the table..

Seb: Why exactly have you brought me into this little game? What do I care really, you said free beer so I guess that’s a good start.

Lee: Wait, what? We can drink before the show starts?

#Austin jumps up out of his chair and heads for his bag but is interrupted by B-17.

B-17: YOU brought the beer, and I figured what the hell, bring the old squad back together. I would have invited Bray, but he’s on my watch list. 

Lee: Maybe I should...

Abbott looked at each person sitting at the table before checking his cards, the oversized Kim Jong Un novelty glasses made him look even more ridiculous than he already was.

Seb: Ok ready? Oh one more thing since we need a little entertainment while we play, each hand Madison loses. She loses an item of clothing, what do you say, Denny?

Seb looked at Austin and pointed at Jackson while he said that, before throwing some chips into the pot.

Seb: So Madison strip only poker yay or nay?

Madison refused to sit on any of the chairs that were provided by their gracious host. She was far too lazy entitled to stand, so she sat on Dennis’s lap.

Madison: None of you can afford to watch me strip. Not even Dennis. 

Lee: You sure about that statement? I buy friendship all the time here. 

Seb: Aren't you two-

Madison: No. We are waiting for marriage, thank you very much. Like good chaste Christians.

The table grew silent as Madison looked over at Dennis’s cards.

Madison: Oh! Hey can I swap you this card with rules on it for your Queen? I think it would be really cute to keep the King and Queen together in my deck.

Seb: Trades? That's not how this works...you know, nevermind.

B-17 looks down at his hand. Joker, Jack: Seb...did you forget to take the joker cards and rules out of the deck…

Seb looks down at his hand: Maybe...

Lee adjusting his cards: Anyone figure out how they came up with the idea for people who can't stand each other to be on the same team? 

Lee: Madison I will trade your queen for an Ace?

Madison: Screw Ace! Hate her and her stupid Brother. God, I'm so upset now.

Dennis clears his throat.

Dennis: The card, dear.

Madison: What?

Dennis: The card. Ace is a type of card.

Madison: Oh…

Madison looks to Lee: Even still, I don't want it. Ace cards are overused...much like the person. I'm guessing three of the men at this table have...how the urbans say, ‘smashed’ her by now? 

Madison: Not Dennis, of course. He has great taste in women. Speaking of overused...I imagine no one has been used more than Jackson’s mot-

Lee begins to slide his chair farther away from Jackson as he does his best not to make eye contact with him.

Dennis quickly covers Madison’s mouth with his hand before whispering in her ear. Obviously, only the cameras picked up on the whispering thanks to the miracle of television.

Dennis whispering: Do you remember the last time someone talked about Jackson’s family? Lee almost died! Stop.

Madison rolled her eyes and nodded, prompting Dennis to move his hand from her mouth.

Madison: Jackson’s mot...or boat. Because he's so...uh...well traveled? Anyway! What game are we playing again?

Lee: Well it's usually dealer's choice and Seb dealt so I'm willing to bet we are playing ‘no selling ass hole’. But if you have a urban card game in mind I'm all for it.

B-17 slams his hands down in frustration:
 We're playing holdem! Texas Holdem! Doesn't anyone know how to play!

Lee: You mean like they do in Vegas where you refused to get me a shirt from? 

Lee stares at B-17 hair that has shifted somehow when he slammed his hands down: Umm how did your hair do that? 

Seb: Now now Madison you should know better, I prefer fake breasted women and Asian call girls… And Lee don’t be too disheartened about me beating you off your own move, it’ll happen again in the future I’m sure of it.

Seb looked at his cards again a grin spread across his face as Austin shot him a glare.

 So I guess I’m the only one to have put money into the pot.. Ah Dennis your turn, raise, call or fold?

Once everyone had thrown in to the pot, Seb burned a card and flipped one. A joker card. Dennis folds a card and places it in the center of the table. Madison nods in approval.

Seb: ah I still need to flip two more cards, also why did you fold the card? 

While waiting for Dennis to respond, Seb flipped the next two cards. Four of hearts and six of spades sat next to the joker card. 

Madison: Isn’t it obvious? You asked if he wanted to raise, call, or fold. He doesn’t have a phone on him, so can’t call. He can’t raise because i’m sitting on his lap. So, folding was the only option. 

Madison looks at Dennis: We need to find some smarter people to play with.

B-17 crashes his head into the table.