Backstage Jim Black catches up with Joshua "JT" Tucker after his match with Danny Watts, hoping to ask a couple of questions

Jim-Hello JT, if you don't mind I would like to ask you some questions.

JT looks at Jim and just nods his head

Jim-Ok, Well first of all, that was a battle between you guys tonight. I know you probably not thrilled with yet another loss, so what are your thoughts and or feelings?

JT sighs then responds

JT-I want to start off by saying congratulations once again to Watts. I guess you succeeded in what you set out to do. Maybe next time we meet up, there will be a different outcome.

JT- Now, to answer your question. I honestly have mixed emotions on the match and my performance tonight. I realize I made mistakes out there and there are no excuses. I WILL learn from the mistakes and get better, I HAVE to, plain and simple.

Jim-I see. I really thought you had it, it was close. Don't be so hard on yourself.

JT-You are right, it was close, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Now, I DO see some progress, I mean I actually hit my finisher, but I have to do more.

Jim-On Riot, you mentioned being like Mr. Irrelevant. After another loss, does that stand?

JT looks at Jim, then down at the floor. He sighs before looking back up at Jim and responding.

JT- Look, I may be irrelevant NOW, but it will NOT be that way forever. I WILL continue to learn and fight and work to prove myself as a worthy competitor. I have even given some thought in looking for a partner.

Jim- A partner? Wow, Who would you....

JT interrupts Jim before he can finish the question.

JT-Not to be rude SLIM JIM, but let me stop you right there. I have ZERO idea at the moment on who I would choose, or who would even WANT to team with me. 

Jim nods his head.

Jim- I understand what you mean. Well, if you decide to look for a partner I hope it all works out.

JT smiles and nods

JT-WELL, Thank you SLIM JIM 

Jim-Not a problem. Is there anything else you would like to add before we wrap this up?

JT thinks for a moment, then takes a deep breath, and exhales slowly


He shouts before walking off leaving Jim standing there smiling into the camera as the scene fades out.

It's a Match!
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The scene is set at a busy New York street, dozens upon dozens of vehicles are caught in traffic, and the sounds of multiple car horns blaring at each other all reflect the insanity of rush hour. The sidewalks are mostly filled with its diverse citizens….except for one particular sidewalk. The denizens seem to be filed into lines on the left and right sides, with ample space for the middle. 

The camera zooms in to show Dragana mounting Bubba like a horse as the pair are freely walking the streets, albeit with a lot of attention drawn to them due to the presence of the aforementioned giant cat.

 Oh my lawd now I’ve seen everything.

???: This going on WorldStar b. 

???: Mom, can I have a cat like that???

The chatter doesn’t phase the two though, strolling out and about without a care in the world. Dragana looks down at Bubba and scratches the back of his neck. Bubba grunts in response. Dragana laughs and pats him on the head. 

Eventually something catches Dragana’s eye; a local flower shop. 


The sound she makes draws the lion’s attention. She directs him toward the flower shop and he tilts his head. Dragana gets off the lion and walks up to the entrance. Before she enters, she turns around and crouches down, meeting Bubba eye to eye. 


She squints her eyes and shakes her head. Bubba then moves over right next to the entrance and has a seat. Dragana gives him an assuring smile before she steps through the door. 

Dragana closes the door behind her, the tiny bells attached to the top of the door ringing. Taking a look around the store, she is overwhelmed by the massive amount of flora and fauna that adorns it. 

She takes in the atmosphere, closing her eyes and smelling the fresh scent. When she opens her eyes, she takes note of the elderly lady staring at her from behind the counter.

Elderly Woman:
 This your first time here, young lady?

Dragana nods and steps in front of the counter.

Elderly Woman:
 Seeing new people walk in here for the first time always brings a smile to my old face. Almost all of them have the same reaction!

Dragana: Hehe….

Elderly Woman: Now was there anything you were looking for in particular? 

Dragana: Eh…..

She places her hand on her chin inquisitively. 

Elderly Woman:
 Is this for a friend?

Dragana immediately nods with a huge smile on her face. The woman laughs. 

Elderly Woman:
 How sweet of you. Now you would probably want something smaller, to make it more personal…..

The woman carefully leaves the counter and looks around the shop with Dragana in tow. The lady reaches over to grab a particular flower, but she almost falls over, her legs unsteady due to her age. Dragana is there to catch her though, and helps her to her feet. 

Elderly Woman:
 Thank you, young one. 

Dragana looks where the owner was reaching for; she extends her arm and takes a small white flower, glowing in its radiance. 

Elderly Woman:
 That is a chrysanthemum. Strange word to say, I know. Isn’t it beautiful.

Dragana has no choice but to marvel at the beauty of the chrysanthemum. 

Elderly Woman:
 To some people, these are just some plants you put in your yard or by your window. But each flower holds a special meaning. This one here represents loyalty, love, and happiness. It almost looks like a star if you look at it from a certain angle….You like this one?

Dragana: Mmmm!

Dragana nods. 

Elderly Woman:
 I’ll ring you up….

The scene then transitions to Dragana stepping out of the shop with the flower in hand. Bubba is still sitting outside, turning his head to see her. He approaches the flower and takes a whiff. His eyes drift off and he calmly grunts. 

Dragana lets out a small laugh and pets him as the scene fades.