LIVE FROM Barclays Center!

The CCW champion holds his title firmly on his shoulder as the ringside crew pass the mic to him. He looks around the Barclays Center, his home, before bringing the mic to his mouth.

Wrex: Before I start I figured I should address my actions last week. Last Week I went one on one with the OCW world heavyweight champion, a man who many have compared me to over the last four years. A man who while I was living my lowest moments, was living his highest. And a man who, while I was riding high, was living his own hell.

Wrex: Last week I fought my Riot counterpart.. And I lost.

Wrex: That part might of been a shock to some of you, and a foregone conclusion to the rest. But the part I’m sure surprised you all was what happened afterwards, after the match I shook that mans hand and raised his arm. To the people who might of been shocked to see me play nice, I’ve got one little thing to say.

Wrex: Three simple words that not many people have heard me say in my life, and only one person in this company has heard me say in person.

Wrex: Harvey, I respect you. Really, I do…

Wrex gives the crowd a minute to give their reactions, some cheers, some boos, a couple H20 chants. Before letting them settle and continuing.

Wrex: But enough about last week, enough about Riot, this isn't his show, this is my show. This is Turmoil.

Wrex: And the first order of business is finding a new number one contender for this, cause our last champion has once again vanished off the earth and frankly the competition is kinda lacking right now. Question is, who?

Wrex: Not many main eventers left, course Devils night did give one surprise. I heard what you said loud and clear and mark my words, we will be having words soon...

He stares into the camera for a few seconds and without missing a beat continues on.

Wrex: But enough about that right now. Right now we need a challenger. So if someone wants to pick their spot, I’m standing right here.

El Parca’s music hits and the crowd begins to rumble. As the rookie stands at the top of the platform, mic in hand he begins to address Wrex.

El Parca: Ya see Wrex.. this is more like it! That is respect, dignity, and most of all.. HONOR

El Parca starts walking down the rampway as he continues looking straightforward to Wrex talking.

El Parca: You weren’t exactly right about something though champ… And that, is there is a challenger, there is competition right here.

El Parca now stands at the beginning of the ringside area, he walks towards the stairs of the ring, and enters the ring.. Directly staring right in front of Wrex.

El Parca: I won last week, and next week I have to face yet another great opponent too. But, ya see when I came to OCW I told myself, my family, and these beautiful fans in attendance that I want to put on the BEST FIGHTS. And you are THEE top dog in Turmoil.

El Parca pats the CCW championship on Wrex’s shoulder.

El Parca: So, Mr. CCW, Mr. Turmoil, ya wanna fight?

Wrex: First of all. Rookie. You beat a man who lost to AC fucking Cobra, doesnt account for much in my books.

Wrex: Second of all, if you touch my belt again, I’ll make sure you’ll be too terrified to ever step foot inside my building again just in case I might be there waiting for you.

El Parca: Ah.. ah I see, I see. I can tell losing must not bode with you well is that so?

El Parca: I don’t think you seem to understand. For, I am not afraid of you Wrex. Well very much so the exact opposite really. I see that you are a ruthless man, one who fights like it is his life on the line every time. So you see that is why I am out here.

El Parca: Now you may count me out because I am a rookie, or because I haven’t been here awhile. But, facts are I can go with anybody in this company. But I want to face the very best and well you are the very best.

El Parca: While you may have lost last week that doesn’t define you. No no, you have carried Turmoil through thick and thin. And what rewards have you received for this? Getting screwed over time and time again? Being told you are the “B” brand champion? Nah, I don’t see that. I see someone who wants to show the world they are the damn best wrestler in this company. And that is why I know you and I can put on the best fight Turmoil has seen to date.

Wrex: I don't need to show the world anything, I’m already the benchmark of this company, I’m the one who’s been holding this show on their goddamn back whether they all want to admit it or not!

Wrex: But you know what rookie, you’re persistent, got at least something down there and listened. So I’m going to make you a little deal. If you can beat the Pride champion next week, maybe, just maybe I’ll give you a match. Just be careful what you wish for kid.

El Parca: Consider it a deal champ. I’ll make sure to come through on my end of the bargain, just don’t come up short on your end when the time comes, okay?

Wrex: Don't disappoint. I’d feel bad for your family to have their child screw it up another opportunity again. Now unless you’ve got anything else to say.. Get the hell out of my ring.

El Parca: Don’t you worry I won’t disappoint. No, not again not this time.

El Parca drops the mic and drops down to roll out of the ring. As he goes to drop down he taps the CCW belt one last time as he begins to laugh on his way out. He then points towards Wrex and it can’t be heard on what he said as he walks away..

Wrex looks down to the belt, wiping away at the part the rookie luchador decided to touch again with his sleeve before exiting the ring and heading up the ramp after him as the show moves on.

It's a Match!


There’s some commotion going on in the back hallways of Turmoil. Heather Angleo can be heard speaking rather quickly in her native Nuyorican tongue with some crew members.

In between the language you can hear some familiar names like B Diecisiete, Kassidy, Empress and Valkyrie.

Jim Black rushes to get a word with her before she makes her way to her locker room.

Heather...Heather real quick please. May I have a word with you before you fight Elsa Holmberg?

Heather: Does it look like you can have a word with me right now maric(beep)n? I just got my foot in the door.

Heather snatches the mic away and shoves Jim Black out of her frame shot. You can hear Jim knock over some metal debris to the ground.

Heather continues without hesitation. She turns towards the camera with a piercing stare that shivers your soul.

I don’t have the time to answer any stupid questions. Do you see this!

Heather points to her mouth. The camera pans in closely and notice there are some stitches showing from when Kassidy Hayes smacking her last week on Riot.

Do whatever you want with this camera shot. Pause it, screenshot it, post it, share it with your friends, whatever.

Heather: I want this to be a constant reminder to EVERYONE why I have to win this tournament. Kasstianity...must...die!

Heather: Elsa Holmberg….her life is as soft as cookie dough with that movie star, Justin Jehst.

Heather: As far as I’m concerned, Gilligan's Island had a movie star that wasn’t worth a damn thing.

Heather: Only thing she was good for was good eye candy. Eye candy isn’t a tool for survival. Most of the women’s division is eye candy and doesn’t have the tools to survive in the ring with a woman like me.

Heather: I want to know if you have what it takes to survive, Elsa?

Heather chuckles a bit at her own question.

I got an idea. In our match, I’ll teach you what survival looks like. I’ll play the role of the underdog and you play the bad girl.

Heather: I’ll go through some trials and tribulations in the middle of the match and towards the end...

Heather snaps her finger.

...I’ll turn it around and make a comeback for the win. Hopefully it’ll be good enough for you and Jehst to make the final edit and turn it into something remarkable.

Heather: I’m sure he won’t mind working it out with two women.

Heather smiles and then her eyes open wide. She then gives an icey look towards the camera once again and points to her mouth.

Last reminder.

Heather pauses for a few seconds without saying anything. She then puts her finger down.

She turns around and throws the mic at Jim Black who’s still on the floor laying back against the wall.

We move on to the next match!

The Mantis: Forty-eight...forty-nine…fifty...

You join us in the OCW mens' exercise room, where The Mantis is preparing for his match with Judge Leroy. After completing a round of pushups, he returns to his feet, stretching out his hips and neck.

The crowd don’t really react all that much until Mark Reese walks into the background of the shot, getting a small cheer from the Brooklyn crowd. The Mantis smiles, only just noticing the character and then flinches when Reese pats him on the back.

Mark Reese:Hey buddy. All set? Gotta be excited, I know I would be, first match of the season.

The Mantis doesn’t react at first, trying to remain focused on his warm up.

Mark Reese: Oh, I get it. You’re in the zone! My mom always said, if the horses head isn’t in the race he ain’t gonna win. Good on you!

The Mantis gives a sigh as he finishes stretching.

The Mantis: The horse would be dead if it had no head on, but I see what you mean, Mark. Yes, I'm quite excited. Whether I win or lose my match against Judge Leroy, at least the OCW

The Mantis: will finally have some real eyes on me, and see what I can bring to them. They'll know I'm not just a man in a mask, but their zealous advocate, ready and willing to face any adversary.

Reese: Well, I’ll leave you to it insectaroo, remember, have fun, stay safe and don’t let him jump on you. Good luck out there.

The Mantis: Thanks, Mark. You're a good man.

With that, Reese claps The Mantis on the shoulders again, prompting a smile as he departs, but as soon as he does, the latter scoffs at his given nickname.

The Mantis: "Insect"...please...

The hero-to-be then drops into some squats, only for the camera to pan sideways to Joshua Tucker sipping on a cup of coffee, having watched the entire thing. Mantis looks up at Tucker, ceases his exercises and his determined face turns into a scowl.

The Mantis: You...I've heard of you. Tucker, isn't it? Shouldn't you be out there getting drunk and disappointing women?

Tucker is taken aback by The Mantis’ question. He shakes his head and with a confused look on his face.

Tucker: I’m not quite sure where you came up with all of that, but you may need to go back and do more research.

The Mantis approaches Tucker and looks him dead in the eyes.

The Mantis:Don't kid yourself, laddy. I know your type. The type that has no place in this business. The sort of lowly scoundrels that believe they're infallible, lording over the less fortunate.

The Mantis: You can consider me an exception to that. I may not look like much to you now, but in due time, I'll see to it that "men" like you know your places. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've a match later on, and I'd like there to be no…distractions.

Tucker: Distractions? Look bug man, I don’t know what planet you are from or what you are smoking, but I’m just standing here sipping some java.

Tucker: You will find the only distraction you had just walked away, but I’m sure you will figure that out before too long, “hero”.

Tucker takes another sip of his coffee, then turns and walks away.

The Mantis dismisses Tucker's claim and resumes his Hindu squats, looking more determined than ever. The camera picks up one last mumble from him, however:

The Mantis: I'm not a bloody bug...one...two...three...

It's a Match!

We return from the break to see that Dennis Dillinger has appeared in a dashing light grey suit on the X-Tron. He stands alone, in a dark room.

Dillinger: Tonight, together... We are all going to witness what can best be described as an assault.

Dillinger: The powers that be, as they continue in their quest to hold my client back from his true potential, have placed him in a match tonight with The Last Blacksmith.

Dillinger shakes his head and takes a deep breath.

Dillinger: The self-proclaimed "king of extreme". The man who has taken so many shots to the head, he may not even know where he is at any given time. The man who wears a horse-head mask to the ring.

Dillinger: This is how my client was rewarded in his first match after completely DISSECTING a former world champion at September 2 Remember?

The smarmy businessman smirks and looks just above the camera, arrogantly.

Dillinger: Well... I guess that's just a damn shame for The Last Blacksmith. He didn't have to be the next victim, he shouldn't have been.

He peers back down and becomes very serious.

Dillinger: Because Jett Draven will annihilate whatever competition you put in front of him until you give me what I want. Until you give Jett Draven what is rightfully his. A CCW World Championship opportunity. That is what Jett Draven deserves.

He backs up slowly and straightens his suit jacket, placing his hands on his lapels.

Dillinger: Until then? Keep sending your fighters and I will keep delivering the same message over and over.

Dillinger: ...I guess you could say in this instance... It'll be like beating a dead horse.

Dillinger laughs to himself and walks off camera.

Recorded Earlier!

Earlier today…

Outside the beautiful Cesar Dojo, Dragana is giving a pep… Dragana is providing unparalleled moral support to friend Elsa Holmberg ahead of her Queen of OCW Round 1 Matchup.

Elsa: Whew! I will need this stamina training if I will beating Heather tonight. She is strong, but you show me true mental toughness - Terra show me patience. I will needing both to defeat her.

Dragana smiles and nods at Elsa and pats her on the back, as they make their way towards the front door. As the door opens, they both pause and a look of concern passes over them both.

The view shifts to see their friend and fellow Troupe member Terra Daturas curled up on the couch, one hand that appears to be over her face and one hand petting Bubba, who is lying next to her on the ground below.

Elsa and Dragana let out a sad breath and begin to approach their seemingly grief-stricken friend.

As they get closer, they begin to hear the sounds of slamming coming from Terra.

They stand over Terra silently, surprised at what they see. Terra is not in tears or crying in a heap, but instead watches a replay of her match with Lotus FloJo on a small tablet in front of her.

Terra whips around and greets her friends with a hearty smile. She speaks softly as to not wake Bubba.

Terra: Hello, friends! Welcome back. I hope your run was impactful, Elsa. Cardio is very important. Our bodies can only give us what we give it!

Elsa and Dragana smile back at Terra.

Elsa: We really sorry about your match, Terra.

Terra pauses the video and stands up, stepping over Bubba and walking with her two friends to the other side of the room.

Terra: Yeah, it was upsetting to lose in just the first round of action, but I told myself after the Aerith situation that I could not let my pain dictate who I was or make me weak. Not anymore. Now I must learn in real-time and make changes.

Terra: Release is good. I cried and gave the emotion back to Mater Natura that she gave to me, but there comes a time when action must take its place… but my contest is no longer important.

Terra: Now you must do your best. Remember, we have to save Sarah and all of OCW from this beast called Kasstianity. You are our biggest hope now, Elsa.

Elsa, stunned by the gravity of Terra’s words, turns to Dragana. Dragana places her hand on Elsa’s shoulder and nods in excitement.

Elsa: I...I cannot lying to you - this is lot of pressure…

She looks down for a moment before gazing back up at her sisters.

Elsa: I remember when I first coming to OCW, I was helping to manage Justin. I was just an agent.

She sees Terra and Dragana both smiling at her.

Elsa: Then Justin start training me for fun, and I find I am not too bad at this, so I keep going, I keep learning. Then I find you two - my best friends - and you help to hone my skills.

She puts a hand on each of their shoulders.

Elsa: If it is up to me tonight, win or lose, I fighting for us, and the rest of Women’s division.

Dragana: Hm?

Dragana turns to find that Bubba is no longer napping where he was; he’s gone missing. She hears something shuffling around in the back of the dojo and goes to investigate.

I am glad we are represented in the tournament. I am happy that Mater Natura and the forces that be have allowed us to participate. I feel… Oh, what is the word?

After a mild commotion, Bubba finally sprints back to the front of the dojo with Dragana playfully giving chase. He is adorned with what looks to be a turkey outfit. His mane is covered by vibrant, colorful turkey feathers.


Dragana finally catches the Turkey Bubba with a hug. The lion sticks his tongue out and tries his hardest to sound like a turkey, turning his head from side to side and Instead of saying “gobble gobble”, it sounds more like….

Turkey Bubba:

The trio laugh at the lion’s attempt to be a turkey.