Nate Mac stands in the center of the ring, taunting and playing with the crowd, then calls for a Mic, which is slid from the time keeper.

The IceMan Nate Mac: Ooooh yeaaaaah can you feel the energy tonight!? Back at home in Kansas City, Missouri baby yeah! 

Boos’s get louder 


Nate Mac: Oh, sorry looking out at this Cleveland crowd 


Louder Boos from the crowd 


Nate Mac: What? Y’all gotta understand the IceMan has to pretend you’re a crowd from Kansas City, cause y’all some ugly, fat and worthless pieces of trash who look like a Cleveland crowd, so I just picture you as Kansas Cidiots; it makes the night easier for me, ya dig?

Mac laughing as the boos echo through the arena waiting for the chorus of boo’s flooding the arena to quiet down, taunting, pointing at crowd members and yelling a barrage of obscenities at the crowd off mic.

Nate Mac: Alright, that was fun, now down to business. Chill Factor was a great night for The Wolves of the Vanguard especially for my Brother, Your OCW PRIDE Champion The Harlem Shogun Tre Golden who Brutalized Justin Jehst, as I waited in back ready for any uninvited guests.

Nate Mac: In doing so, I was rewarded with one of the highest honors and cherished moments of my career when I shaved off those famous and might I add well conditioned, with a slight but pleasant almond and honey aroma... 


Nate Mac pauses as an awkward silence falls over the crowd 


Nate Mac: eh... I mean... “precious” golden locks of the hip shaking bootie twerkin, Justin Jehst oh yeah dig it!

Nate Mac Oh and you can thank the Wolves of the Vanguard for reuniting your Beloved Bald Hollywood Bromance. You’re Fuggin welcome. But back to the subject at hand. At Chill Faktor I got another chance to beat the holy hell out of that no good halitosis havin ass Shepard, even though he tried to Sucker punch me, but ate a steel chair sammich fresh from catering instead, yeah!

A mix of cheers and jeers fill the area, as Nate Mac pauses laughing, apparently amusing himself.

Nate Mac Now see, The Iceman Nate Mac only speaks truth, I do not lie so, when I say I’m the only Nate That Matters, I mean that shit. 


Boo’s Drown out Mac, who shakes his head then waits for the crowd noise to settle.

Nate Mac: Can I continue, I get paid by the hour, I can wait all night. Ok, thank you, as I continue. Apparently some of the boys in the back, management, the dirt sheets and even some of y’all flabby grease gobblers have taken offense, so The IceMan is gonna tell you how it is yeah.

Nate Mac: See I can never be Nate Ortiz yeah, the man is a legend and HOFer, who isn’t even done making history yet so,Yes, game recognize game. No I’m Not Nate Ortiz, I’m the Iceman Nate Fuggin Mac. I’m the only Nate y’all need to worry about, the Nate who’s on the grind 24/7/365, who’s puttin in hours of intense training,running the ropes taking the bumps puttin in work, dropping every ounce of tears, sweat and ice cold blood that pumps through this heart


Mac pounds his chest three times while intensely speaking in the ring


Nate Mac: and these veins spilled every night in the process of building a legacy of my own!

Nate Mac: I’m the Nate kicking down your doors looking for a fight, and knocking out your teeth for an opportunity! Leisurely mocking gestures That Nate, he ain’t out there hittin the streets, looking for fights! he’s been there, done that., but what he isn’t anymore ...he isn’t hungry... so you might as well call me and Tre Duran Duran cause I just got a sniff of gold and ooooooohweeee I’m hungry as the Wolf baby yeah.

Mac pauses as the crowd, stomping and clapping and chanting “Nomnom nomnom nomnom.” Mac continues on.

Nate Mac: And tonight, I’m the Only Nate that needs To matter to Shepard. I’m the Nate he needs to escape; while I get paid to do what I do best, putting you punks on ice. I AM “The IceMan” Nate Fuggin Mac.. the only Nate that Matters .Now Dig That!

Nate Mac drops the mic, kicks the ropes flipping them off, mocking and threatening them. Iceman’s theme music playing he exits the ring, continually jawing with fans in the crowd.

The camera enters the locker room to find The OCW World Heavyweight champion speaking to TY Sparks. The crew creeps in slowly to see Quartz with his hand on TY’s shoulder. Quartz notices the interruption and stares at the camera with a smirk.

Quartz: What is the deal here? Is everyone in this company content with being creepy ass, stalking TMZ motherfu-..

The crew begins to back off, but Quartz changes his mind.

 No, no. You know what? Get back here. You want the tea? Here’s the gah’ damn tea.

Quartz smirks and looks over to TY Sparks, who excitedly nods back at his Revolution Incorporated brother.

 What I did at Chill Faktor was only the beginning. I am not content with taking the OCW World Championship. I will not be content until all of my goals are met.

Quartz: Revolutions do not occur behind the actions of just one man. We already HAD a One-Man Revolution in OCW, and that experiment was put to rest by Spider Matsumoto last year.

Quartz: No. Now that I hold this championship, the floor belongs to me… and I plan on using that platform to get this here championship....

Quartz slaps the faceplate of his world title.

 … Some friends. This championship equals power… and let’s just say I may have used that power to pull some strings. So that revolution? That is going to continue sooner, rather than later.

Quartz snickers to himself and waves over Sparks who is jumping for joy at the inclination.

 Let’s go, TY. We have to go find Spider.

It's a Match!
B-17 vs. ???


After attacking the defending champion, Blacksmith heads to the corner of the ring to grab a microphone.

Blacksmith: B17.

Blacksmith: It's been a long time since I wanted to have the pleasure of meeting you.

Blacksmith heads to the edge of the ring, where Bingo still lies on the ground.

Blacksmith: This first meeting was certainly not pleasant for you. I understand, but I'm going to give you the same chance I gave to Harvey, and he missed...

Blacksmith: There's a reason I'm here. The title will you say? That's not what interests me mainly, although I must admit that having it in my hands gives a lot of energy ...

Blacksmith: In my first participation in The Clash, when I was still a rookie, I faced the best this federation could offer. Drago Cesar...

Blacksmith: Two years later, it's right for the circle to end. From the best then, to the best now. And this time I have no intention of failing.

Blacksmith: After H2O, you'll be the next to drop Bingo. I challenge you for the Title at The CLASH.

Blacksmith takes the belt, glances at it, then throws it at Bingo still in pain.

Blacksmith: enjoy it in these last days.

It's a Match!
"Iceman" Nate Mac vs. Shepard

It’s a cold winter’s night, the cameras are outside of a well lit, and pleasant looking home. As headlights are seen pulling up into the driveway we see a 2020 Ram 1500, as the headlights cut off and the truck shuts off, we see OCW’s second generation wrestler Colby McCallum. McCallum looks around and observes the house.

: Didn’t think an old geezer would live like this. McCallum shrugs as he makes his way up the steps and knocks on the door.

A red-haired woman, with a slightly freckled face opens the door beaming rays of positivity and happiness. As she notices Colby she pulls him in for what seems like a massive hug.

???: Colby! Yer here lad! It’s such a joy to meet you! Ole Jamester has told me so much about you!

Colby at first looks a bit mortified that this mystery woman is hugging him but, he then pieces it together that this is the missus that James always talks about.

Colby: Pleasure to meet you Bev! Where is the old geezer at? Surprised he isn’t running around causing mayhem.

Ironically enough as Colby says that, out comes James Fraser sprinting around the house as soft giggles can be heard as he passes by. Colby and Bev make their way into the house as she shuts the door behind them. Colby notices James running around with what everyone at home would assume is his daughter on his shoulders.

James turns around and sees his newly found friend and current rival in OCW. Without missing a beat James shouts to Colby.

: Oi! Cuntby! Yo-

Within an instant both Bev and their daughter smack Fraser’s head as both women shout at him.


James immediately looks like he has seen a ghost as he tries to shake off the smacks from his wife and daughter.

: Ahhh.. well, as you see here Colby. This is Bev James points to his wife. that’s the missus, and this little bundle of joy James puts Mary down off of his shoulders. is Mary. The two gals that help me get out of bed every day. Whether it’s voluntary or not is a different subject though!

The family laugh together as Colby looks a bit offset as he has never seen such a side from Fraser. Only seeing the brute, drunk, obnoxious sides of his rival is off-putting, to say the least.

Colby: Well, thank you all for having me in your home. It’s been a rough week, and it would do me some good to get away from my own ghost house.

James walks over to Colby and slaps his back.

: No worries, mate! Let’s get to the dining room. We’re just setting up dinner.

Colby: What’s on the menu?

Fraser smirks.

: Hopefully Momma Reese.

Bev: Excuse me? Is my cooking not good enough anymore?

James: With an arse like that yer cooking could be awful and you’d still be too good for me. Dinner tonight Colby will be Bev’s specialty, corn beef, and cabbage!

As the two men are making their way into the dining room Colby can see a few pieces scattered on the walls. Two, in particular, is a sword that looks like a navy officer’s sword, and, an old rugby uniform that is in a frame with a picture of James in it.

Colby: You really weren’t lying about being a former Rugby pro. You had hair, too?? The hell happened, mate?

James: Ah yes, my beautiful locks. I do miss them. But yes, was a rugby pro for oh I wanna say four years? Joined the navy at seventeen, done twelve years in there.

James and Colby take a seat at the table as James continues.

: After the time in the navy I traveled around Scotland for a while. Wanted to take some me-time I guess you’d say, that’s when I met that fox over there. Fraser points toward Bev who blushes. After about two years off I done rugby from the time I was thirty-one to about thirty-five.

Fraser looks around to make sure Mary isn’t nearby.

: Fat cunt of a Samoan lad got me good though. Done fucked my knee, and when I refused to leave the game he cracked me extra good and that gave me neck issues. After that Bev said no more rugby.
Colby: That’s rough. Sorry to hear that. You at least knocked the big lad on his arse, aye?

James: Oh yeah, you see this? He points toward his upper left bicep where it looks like chunks are missing out of his skin. Shoved me arm so far into the cunts mouth his teeth were lodged in there for almost a week. Was my last game so I made sure his ugly mug would be even uglier.

Colby: It’s nice to see that were always a rowdy arseh--

Bev: Hey! Watch it!

Colby blushes.

: Sorry ma’am. Your husband has kind of been a bad influence.

Bev: James? Oh yeah, no doubt. He certainly has a way with words.

James: Hey! Those words are how I landed you lassy!

James: But Colby, we invited you here tonight because I saw what happened on Chill Faktor. Don’t lose your head over rage, revenge, and blood. Trust me, I know how it is. Yer paw will show up sooner or later I’m sure he is more than okay.

James leans back in his chair as he lets out a deep exhale.

: And regardless of what happens between us in our last match. You see that over there? James points to the sword without breaking eye contact with Colby That sword has been mine for a very long time. And my friendship with you will not stop. You have my sword and I will help you in any way possible to get your hands on Nate Ortiz.

Colby hangs his head, showing some shame for the anger he showcased at Chill Faktor.

Colby: You know...I never felt such rage before. I sat there in that gym thinking. Thinking about all of the time I’m missing with my paw. All of the regrets I have from before he disappeared. We argued before his match at Summercide. I told him it was such a stupid idea to have this match, but he just wouldn’t listen…

Colby: And now he’s missing. And now his thirst for vengeance has been passed on down to me. They say that if you’re thinking of revenge, dig yourself two graves, but...the only grave dug that day was his.

James: Yer paw is one tough son of a bitch. What Nate did that night was unjust and shows how much of a coward he is. Mate, you see what Mark Reese did to him and what El Parca did to him at Chill Faktor. Those lads were running circles around him in that match.
James: One day you will get your vengeance for you, and your father. And if what they say about digging two graves is true then ya best get to digging three lad. Cause you aren’t doing this alone nah, not when I’m here.

Colby: Nonsense. I wouldn’t invite a family man to fight my battles for me. Either way, it doesn’t really matter. I haven’t wrestled since our last match. I think I know why that is..

James chuckles

: Oh Colby, you haven’t learned yet have you? Ask ole Bev over there once I give my word I stay true to my word. Through hell and back lad I’ve got yer back. Dominion, Lucha Country, anybody and everybody I will be there if you need me.

Colby: You and your family are too kind, James, and that’s a sentence I never thought I’d say about you. You’re a hell of a man with a hell of a family. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a long, hard battle. They’re doing to me what they did to my paw. It took my dad three years to even sniff a world championship.

Colby: No matter who he beat or what he did, there was always someone else ahead. They even tried to erase him from their history books. Just look at his Hall of Fame entry. A big fat nothing. Now I have to make things right. I have to walk that path, and I have to show these people that I’m worth every minute of TV time, even if it’ll be by force.

Colby lets out a sigh of relief.

: My dad had no one in his corner, not even his best friend Jacob Trance. It seems lucky that I met a tough son of a gun like you, James.

Bev and Mary both walk-in carrying trays filled with delicious-looking food and desserts.

James: I’ll be in your corner Colby don’t worry about that one lad. You have my sword.

Colby: And you got my shield, mate.

James: Perfect! Now enough mushy gibber gabber let’s eat!

The four all are seated at the table as Colby is smiling for once in a long time. They all begin to eat as Fraser gives the camera crew a middle finger and mouths “Fuck off cunts.” As the cameras fade to black.