In the women’s locker room inside the world-famous MSG arena, the de facto leader of the House of Faith Lady Morgan Blackheart sits alone on a bench, staring up at the would-be stars, as she waits for Joanna Silver’s HOPEFUL victorious return.

Morgan Blackheart:
 This is it. We've come so far in such a short amount of time.

The Lady raises her arm up and extends her fingers, tracing the unseen constellations.

Morgan Blackheart:
 We’re not going to let anyone stop us. Not La Mujera Oscura, and certainly not Lotus FloJo.

At the mere mention of Lotus’ name, Lady Morgan’s hand crunches into a fist. Her arm begins to shake and her eyes sharpen, staring daggers through space and time.

Morgan Blackheart:
 The most ungrateful, weak-minded fool I’ve ever come across. Whatever happens, she must not win. Do you understand me? I want YOU to bring home that gold. The moonlight is waning...becoming dull and cloudy.

Lady Morgan’s eyes soften as her face fills with worry.

Morgan Blackheart:
 ...I understand. I understand everything. Fate has charted my course. Next week, the light’s soldiers are in for a rude awakening. The Poser and The Fool will both learn that the Night Queen is coming, and they will understand that there is no stopping her. No quelling her wrath. No quenching her thirst for the golden blood of light.

Morgan’s face changes once more to a smile. A genuinely happy smile.

Morgan Blackheart:
 Joanna will do us proud tonight. She’ll carry on our mission, just like I’ll make the Night Queen proud. Lotus FloJo…

Lady Morgan Blackheart tilts her head down and looks directly into the camera.

Morgan Blackheart:
 Your darkest night is coming, and you’ll forever regret leaving the House of Faith. I’m going to open your third eye by force. I’m going to show you everything you could’ve been, and everything you’ll never be.

Morgan Blackheart: Fate has spoken to me. I will be the next OCW Women’s Champion. No...WE’LL be the next OCW Women’s Champion.

Morgan leans back into the locker, raising her head towards the sky. The cameraman backs away out of the room, leaving the leader of the House of Faith to count the stars once again.

As we cut back from commercial, Jim Black is standing backstage, microphone in hand.

 Please welcome at this time, the Women’s Champion, La Mujera Oscura.

The name of the Champion is met with heavy booes from the crowd as she smirks.

 So.. Did you watch the triple threat last week or not ?

Mujera: Of course I did, 3 of the best superstars this company has to offer tangle up and have a dance, was really great to see.. And the CCW Champion was very impressive.

JB: Hum.. I wasn’t referring to that Triple Threat actually..

Mujera: ? There was another ?

: We all know you like to play mind games with the other women on the roster, and we know..

 You know absolutely nothing, Jim ! Just like everybody in this arena. I don’t play games. I didn’t watch it because I don’t care about these so-called “competitors”. Matter of fact, yes they compete, only to know who is 2nd or 3rd best. Because in my book, I am alone at the top.

Mujera: I proved it, I AM IT.

Mujera: So as far as my opponent at End Games goes..

Mujera: I am taking the night off. Find me someone called “Empress” or a worthy 2nd best and I will evaluate the situation, but the Champ is dictating what is happening at the top.

 Not you, not Dupree, not Sensation, not anybody. Get this in your tiny little minds.

The crowd is furious as she pushes the microphone into Jim’s chest and gets out of the scene.

It's a Match!


Turmoil 271 goes live as all the fans in attendance are roaring for one of their favorite OCW shows. The cameras pan all around the crowd showing the excited fans until it pans back to the backstage area showing El Parca and Dennis Dillinger.

The two men are seen exiting out of a limousine as Dennis taps the roof of the car, having it drive off. Dennis adjusts his suit and tie as Parca straightens out his mask. The two begin walking into the venue as their conversation can be heard.

Parca: Last week was quite a week for DDE if I don’t say so myself. But, there’s something that’s been on my mind Dennis. And that is that match we owe Mark Reese. Dillinger

Dennis gives Parca a wandering side eye.

Parca: Now I know you might think I wanna avoid it. But, that’s actually the last thing I want to do. I actually want to end this. I want to end Mark Reese, end this pipe dream of him walking around all happy go lucky. Not anymore Dennis no.

Parca: He’s ruined too many of my plans, our plans. And enough is enough I’m sick of it.

Dillinger: I think we all are. Even this guy

Dillinger stops an intern in the back.

 Hey, food stamps… You’re sick of Mark Reese too, right?

The man looks around confused, whimpering out a few “ums” before Dillinger throws a $5 bill at him and tells him to “shut up and get something nice for yourself.”

The two men keep walking in the backstage area making the way to their locker room.[/b]

Dillinger: What did you have in mind, Primero?

Parca: I don’t want him in a normal wrestling match. I want to hurt him, I want to show EVERYBODY exactly why IM the new age GOAT and why IM their El Primero.

Parca: End Games is in Toronto right?

Dillinger: Yes, yes it is. We’ll be sending Mark Reese running through the “six” with his woes.

Parca chuckles before regaining himself.

 Oh you like that do ya? How about this one…

The two men stop as Dennis throws his hands out wide, as if he were presenting a grand idea

 “The Street Fight in the Six?”

Parca: You really are a crafty man, and a great name decider Dennis. I’ll always give you that one my friend.

Dillinger: Your wish is my demand Primero. Should I let the others know about this?

Parca: Uh.. no. Garcia has been elsewhere and I’m starting to worry about his loyalty to DDE. And Ross? Well Ross is Ross he’s always been the wildcard for us. We’re gonna start talking about the future, possibly it being just us.

Dillinger: Wo-hooooaaah. Slow down there, Primero. I know you’re fired up from how great I am at this wrestling business thing, but let’s take it one match at a time. Garcia and Ross have their issues, but there’s a LOT of money in that bag as well.

Parca and Dillinger arrive at their exclusive locker room and enter into it.

: Fine… But you decide how you’re gonna make that match stipulation happen. Tonight I'll make sure Reese knows he still is getting that match. If that hillbilly didn’t wanna stay down for the GOATs moves he’ll sure as hell stay down for mine.

Parca exits the room leaving Dennis by himself.

: RUNNIN’ THROUGH THE SIX, WITH MY WOES. You know how that ish goes.

The cameras pan down away from the cringe and fade to black.

OCW’s newest stud tag team consisting of Claudio Stardom and Quan Jay, QC Connect, are seen rampaging through the halls after their first defeat. Quan slaps food off of the catering table as Claudio aggressively shoulder bumps a member of the production staff.

Claudio Stardom:
 You think this loss means anything?!

Claudio motions towards his partner Quan as they spot the cameraman following them throughout the hall. Both meat machines charge up to the poor lad as he quivers in his Chuck Taylors.

Claudio Stardom:
 Don’t worry little man. We ain’t gonna hurt ya. We just wanna talk to the people.

Quan Jay: And by people, we mean the bitches that we met in the ring tonight! Owen, you doughboy. You dropped my man Claudio on his neck. HIS NECK!!

Quan walks behind Claudio and holds an ice pack to his ailing neck.

Claudio Stardom:
 I know your pasty asses don’t know what it means to be an actual star, but you crossed a line! I am MONEY! Quan is MONEY! QC Connect?

Claudio Stardom: You guessed it! MONEY! You knuckle-dragging spud! You’re all about respect, right Owen? Well guess what, bitch? Respect is earned, and you haven’t earned a damn thing from us!

Claudio Stardom: The next time we see you, and you better hope we don’t, but you better bring your A game, because we’re bringing our A+++++ game.

Quan Jay: And don’t even get me started on that Men in Black worm Sheldon Tremblay! You’re looking at the future World Tag Team champions, chumps.

Quan Jay: That goes to everyone in the back. Tonight may have been a setback, but we’ll be back. Next week, the week after, and the week after that.

Quan Jay: These two untitled documents getting that W means NOTHING to us. Puro Country, you best be ready when we come for ya. It don’t matter who you make us fight to get there, but we’re getting there.

Claudio shoves the cameraman away, as the behemoths march in the opposite direction, eventually leaving the camera’s view.

It's a Match!



Stacy Clark: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back! We are here with Puro Country, the now tag team champions, but first, Aisu. You were recently crowned tag team champion alongside a surprise friend, Mark Reese, how did that come about?

Aisu: I wasn’t planning anything to be honest. But since I was involved in this chase for the Tag Titles before, I was interested in what happened with Lucha Country..

Aisu: My former student and protege, El Parca, broke my heart, turning his back on everything I taught him. The respect, the pride. Gone.

Aisu: And then, my fellow friend, who I haven’t heard from for months, decided to come back to swerve us all...

Aisu: It was a rollercoaster for me, so many feelings, I felt betrayed.. And I was feeling Mr.Reese's pain as well.

Aisu: It was about time I got up from my chair, and put an end to Dennis Dillinger's plan and all that madness. And now, you are looking at your Undisputed Tag Team Champions, Puro Country.

Stacy Clark: Understandable, now Mark, rumour has it you’ll be set to finally get your hands on El Parca… Having not only upheld your part of the bargain to give DDE a tag team title shot, but also defeating them in the process.

Mark grins, and looks around at the crowd who are now chanting for SLAMS.

Mark Reese:
 Y’know Stacy you’re one hundred percent right. See, I remember back in the day, the very first time I was on this show… I thought you had asked me out on a date, changed times, right?

Mark Reese: Now, I’m proud as punch but still hot enough under the collar to boil a squirrel… Parca and I, we ain't finished, not by a long shot. Now, I’ve already spoken to Mr Dupree, talked real nice like in order to try and make sure it happens…

Reese sighs.

Mark Reese:
 I never wanted it to come to this, I thought we were gonna be buddies till the end of time, but he’s a greedy, lyin’ bottom feedin’ snake that was obsessed with money and championships… I guess it half worked out for him, right?

A blaring noise can be heard out of nowhere.

: Yoo-hoo is this thing on?

Everyone starts looking around.

: Over here you big idiots!

El Parca can be seen on the X-Tron in an undisclosed location smirking at the camera.

: Hey there big buddy! I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to be there in person tonight. I just figure you missed my sweet face. But hey! I heard you went and talked to Dupree but that wasn’t necessary you see, me and Dennis we did some talking and well I’ll give you your match Mark.

Parca: Because you are one-hundred-percent correct. We are not finished, not by a country mile. But here’s the thing, I don’t want just any normal match no. If we’re gonna do this again we’re gonna do it the right way. So what does that mean? Well, we’ll be in the “Six” so Marky Mark!

El Parca turns around and a table is seen in the background. On the table is a chair, kendo stick, baseball bat, and a sledgehammer, Parca picks up the chair and turns back toward the camera.

: I’m gonna crack this over your back, and then I’m gonna use each and every other thing on that table INCLUDING the table to send your fat country ass packing.

Parca: You don’t get to mess around in MY business and not reap the consequences Mark. What I had Garcia do to your father WAS NOTHING compared to what I’m gonna do to you.

Parca turns around and looks like he’s about to leave but turns back once more.

: Oh yea I forgot to mention. When all is said and done you’ll never be the same ever again, the G2H from the GOAT kept your ass done for a little bit, but the Trouble in Tijuana will keep you down for good. Tootles!

And just like that the feed cuts off as Parca disappears from the X-Tron.

Derek and Mac appear on the screen both in WoV jackets as Derek is sitting down and Mac is pacing around.

JD:Alright El Puta thank you for your time. DDE y’all gone get y’all piece soon enough. But let's focus on these two right here. Puro Country. The world tag team champions. The people who took out my brother-in-arms shamelessly.

Derek shakes his head in shame as Mac looks even more pissed.

JD: Yo Mac you wanna sit down?

Mac picks up his chair and launches it down the hall hitting a nearby backstage hand.

Aisu: You got it all wrong, fellow competitors. Puro Country never attacks from behind. We accept and take on every challenge. So if you want excuses to come at us, just go ahead. Do something about it.

Mac:You know what you did! But, frankly, deny it, admit it, maybe I’m wrong, either way it won’t stop me from kicking your asses just the same! Dig that!

Mac: And I don’t care if it’s in the ring, in the parking lot, or on a scaffold 30 feet in the air, the Wild Wolf has been let out, and you can’t hide from an unpredictable predator. The Iceman Cometh, accompanied by the most ferocious pack of wolves ever seen. Dig it.

Mark Reese, who has been quiet for sometime just thinking at what everyone has been saying pipes up.

Mark Reese:
 Dig it? No thank you fellow big guy… I’d rather slam it.

Mark continues.

Mark Reese:
 Now I feel like people are probably tired of listenin’ to all of this talkin’ so I’ll cut this short. If the Wolves want a fight they can get it, but when you get in the ring with me and my best buddy, you’re gonna come short as nothing more than some spoiled dogs.

Mark Reese: If you think for a second my eyes aren’t on the ball because I’m busy tryin’ to rid the world of El Primero then you’re as wrong as church on a Tuesday. So officially…

Aisu: We accept your challenge!

”Dangerous Grounds” plays as the Undisputed Tag Team Champions close the segment out, playing up the the crowd as we fade out to commercial.