Whilst the crowd simmers after the intro to Riot, the lights go down and the titan tron comes to life with old footage of Jook Marley...then "Jah Army" begins to seep throughout the arena. With the clips cutting between shots of him with his old EX Division Title, to shots of him with his old stablemates. Suddenly the audio begins to distort, and the video changes...

Brian Wilson: "Jook isn't scheduled to wrestle until later tonight, he's not coming out now is he?"

Kalix Eastbrook: "I wouldn't put money on it, this isn't normal."

And with that the images quickly change to various men and women tied up and gagged. The cracks of whips can be heard with screams that are somewhere in between orgasmic and death rattles. The music has completely faded and all that can be heard are the faint sounds of torture and or pleasure, then a voice silences everything.

Voice: "Last week was a very interesting week for all of OCW. Not only did we have our Season 11 Premiere on RUSHTV...we also witnessed a domino effect begin! As you can see, Jook Marley has had his fun here in OCW...and last week, heh, I put a stop to it."

The crowd begins to cheer a bit louder as the lights come back on and Nathan Carter is standing in the ring. He paces as small bits of the crowd try to chant his name, it does not catch on.

Eastbrook: "More leather than usual, he must mean business!"

Nathan: "Hiiiiiiiiiii."

The crowd answers back "HIIIIIIIII", Nathan smirks as footage from his match on last week's Riot plays.

Nathan Carter: "Like I said, Jook has had his fun here in OCW. Now, it's over. Don't get me wrong, last week we had one hell of a match. I could actually think of no better way to debut here in OCW! I mean, we took it to the limit! And you can rest assured that I made Jook lick more than his wounds afterwards!"

The men in the crowd begin to boo at his arrogance. The ladies are into though, so Nathan shrugs it off.

Nathan Carter: "Now, now, don't get me wrong...it wasn't an easy, and I am glad it wasn't. It helped me go out and do exactly what I said I was going to do and that is make an example out of people who get in my way. And while Jook's fun may be over: NATHAN CARTER'S IS JUST BEGINNING!!!"

More of the crowd is starting to get behind what he is saying, and you can tell that he is feeling them too.

Nathan Carter: "While I love to brag and boast, it wouldn't be right to come out here and do that for five minutes. EEEEEEEven though, I could. It's just not my style. I don't get loud, I make you get loud. And as Jook learned last week, once you are in 'Nathan Carter's Pleasure Palace', it's not getting out that's hard... It's wanting to leave!"

Brian Wilson: "He truly makes me uncomfortable. He can't just leave well enough alone."

Kalix Eastbrook: "So far it's seemed to work in his favor."

Nathan Carter: "Before you get your hopes up, I'm not out here to wrestle tonight" Loud 'Boo's'. "But I do have a message. You see, I wont come down here and blabber just for the sake of hearing myself. There's plenty of videos on the internet for that."

More women begin to scream while other men chuckle.

Nathan Carter: "I wont come out here and tell you how I deserve a title shot at THIS title, or THAT title. I refuse to come out here and demand respect from people I could care less about. And I sure as hell wont come out here and waste your time!"

The crowd cheers again!

Nathan Carter: "Just like last week, I will let my actions speak louder than my words. But what I will do is say this; whatever or whoever is in my way here at OCW, you better be ready to STAND UP AND ADMIT! And you better be ready to FEEL THIS SHIT!

"Are You Ready for the New Shit" by Marilyn Manson floors the P.A. as Nathan jumps up on a turnbuckle to hype the crowd! He slithers his way up the ramp, and doesn't exit until he blows a kiss toward the frozen still of Jook Marley. Lights.

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The camera cuts backstage as Jookie Marley makes his way to his locker room. The SEFCU Arena starts to rumble with “GUY” chants. Marley smiles as he enters his locker room. Jim Black rushes in right behind him.


Marley quickly turns around and swings on Jim Black, nearly hitting him. Jim Black rushes to the other side of the locker room in fear.

Jim Black: Take it easy, it’s just me.

Marley turns back around and continues to unpack his duffle bag.

Marley: Don’t ever sneak up on a black man like that. You of all people should know th-, nevermind.

Jim Black: What do you mean nevermind. You tryna say I’m not black?

Marley: Jim, sorry to break this to you but, you’re not black. You’re more like a Raven Symone. Black on the outside but not on the inside.

Jim Black: Whatever dude! On to the next subject, what happened last week? You came back for like your sixth or seventh time, I lost count. Jay was nice enough to give you another shot and, he was nice enough to give you a match against Nathan Carter. You let the kid beat you.

Marley: Beginners luck, plus I haven’t been in a ring in awhile. He put me in the ring with a kid who wears latex as his attire. The kid was slip and sliding all over the place. It was like I was fighting an oiled up porn star.

Jim Black and Marley begin to laugh.

Marley: Don’t worry though; I’ll be back to the guy that I use to be.

Jim Black: What guy? The guy that used to job to tables, ladders, and chairs?

Marley starts to laugh as he approaches Jim Black. He then grabs Black by his collar and pushes him against the wall.

Marley: You think that’s funny huh? That’s funny to you? 


Marley lets Black go. Black falls to the floor gasping for air.

Jim Black: You wrinkled my new Ralph Lauren, bro.

Marley: Sorry, I blacked out for a second.

Jim Black: You still smoke?

Marley: No!

Jim Black: Well you need to start again. The Marley I used to know wouldn’t put his hands on me. He would just find somewhere to smoke and get in his zone. Your head is all messed up. I’m about to get the hell out of here and let you get ready for your match.

Marley: Against?

Jim Black: AC Cobra,so you better do what you have to do to get a win this time.

Marley: I’m not gonna lose two weeks in a row. I don’t give a damn how big he is. My hand is gonna be the one raised when the bell rings.

Jim Black: I hope so.

Jim Black exits the room as the camera zooms in on Marley’s face and fades out.

The camera opens upon darkness, total darkness. Then whoosh, two torches shoot to life on the opposite sides of each other. The camera proceeds forward, torches continuing to light on both sides as it goes forward. Finally, it reaches what seems to be the end and multiple torches come to life around altar, revealing a man kneeled, wearing a dark cloak covering him completely, leaving an unknown worshipper.

The camera raises slightly, looking up at the wall where the man is kneeled before, only seeing darkness, leaving the man’s target of worship a mystery.

????: What is a God?

The voice seems to come from kneeled mystery figure, and he stands now, his back to the camera, still staring at the wall of darkness, focused on his idol of worship.

????: A God is someone who stands above, who sheds his love upon the world, who wants the best for all of his children and wishes for joy to be brought to all of his children, their deepest wishes granted, their deepest desires fulfilled.

????: A God is someone who fights the battles so his children don’t have too, someone who isn’t afraid to fight for his children when it is needed, to lash out with his power and strength so that the children can stay happy and stay safe

????: And some may say….who is this God?

At this question, torches illuminate the wall revealing….a picture of Jacob Trance. And the mystery figure turns, lowering his hood as he does, revealing The Hammer, Justin Raze.

Justin Raze: Bishop, you dare call this man, this GOD a demon? How can you be so blind? How can you not see the grace that he brings upon us all?

Justin Raze: Yet I do not hold anger or hate against you for your blindness, for you have been tempted and guided from the lost who oppose this man. Do not let the ways of ego, of lariat, of the kicks, or the garden guide your direction. Do not let the dark sails of a pirate narrow your views, but break from these things and look and see the light! See your redemption!

Justin Raze: You speak of this ‘Lord’ who chose man, who says that they are the object of his love and…..that they are perfect in every way. Well, this is a...LIE. There is no Lord who chose man, who loved us, who thought we were perfect in every way, no there is none!

Justin Raze: However, a God came and helped me see the error of ways, my sins, and helped me rise above my sins, helped me leave them in the past and move on to newer and better things! He made me see that It’s not about me, but about helping him remain a God!

Justin Raze: You haven’t seen this light yet young Bishop, you haven’t seen the true purpose of you being here is help lift Trance above all and to keep him there, to be the idol of our worship. And I will help you by hammering your views to the right one. I will hammer away any speak of this ‘Lord’ or these ‘angels’, but turn your worship and your eyes to the true God.

Justin Raze: And young Bishop, if your ‘Lord’ does exist, I will show you that he is no ‘Lord’, that he is no target of worship and that you will walk alone during our match, no one there by your side to help you overcome me, a disciple of the true God.

Justin Raze: And as your body lay broken and tangled on the mat after I have beaten you upon, you will see that you have been sent upon a path of failure, that you have come to take nothing from me nor my God. And finally, you will see...that you are no angel but a false prophet.

Justin Raze: So go, run and hide Bishop, because you know where I will be...in that ring.

With that, the flames of the torches disappear, bringing everything to total darkness, but leaving the torches around Trance’s photo, illuminating him in light and the scene fades out with the picture of Trance filling the entire screen.

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The camera cuts into the interview room and we see our favourite lady Stacy Clark with a smile on her face as she has been laugh. As the camera pans out we get a view of Ron Portman, the man who was introduced by Smythe D. Wonder last week. Stacy and Ron are smiling as the audio starts to kick in.

Ron: Are we on?

Stacy: Yes. Let's get this moving shall we?

Ron Portman you are the talk of OCW. In controversial fashion, you were brought out last week in place of Smythe D. Wonder for the number 1 contenders tournament. Talk about being thrown into the spotlight. Every other rookie would have killed for your match last week. Tell me about how you got here? Cause I've done a bit of research and you aren't even an official wrestler. Yet alone eligible for a championship contenders match...

Ron: Stacy, 

Ron breaks out into song

"I'm just a regular Joe, With a Regular Job, I'm your average white, Suburbanite slob.
I like Football and porno and books about war.
I got an average house, with a nice hardwood floor,
My wife, and my Job, My Kids and my car.
My feet on the table, with a Cuban cigar."

Do you know where that's from?

Stacy: Dennis Leary???

Ron: I love you. But seriously, I was a guy that worked 10 hour days to feed my family. I knew that this boredom would kill me and I wass capable of so much more. One day OCW was in town and I snuck into the locker room of Smythe and I told him I would do anything for a shot at what he had. 

Stacy: So you left your entire life behind for a shot at OCW???

Ron drops his head in a bit of sadness. As Stacy looks concerned about him dropping his entire life to be here.

Ron: I told myself I have to make it, so I risked everything and signed a deal with the devil for a shot at heaven.

Stacy: You know who Smythe D. Wonder is right. He makes and tosses away alliances and Allies like the flu for his own personal gain. He's the most hated man in the history of this company. He has no pride, no loyalty and if you upset him he'll have you tossed out in the street as fast as he brought you in here.

Ron Portman takes a deep breath.

Ron: You see, that what people say about that man. But for me I know him as the man who took a chance on me. Took me from a mediocre life in Delaware and trained me to wrestle. Paid for me and my family's expenses while I was away from them and gave me a shot at my wildest dreams. 

I know who he is. I know what he's done. But I owe him everything, we don't see eye to eye on a lot of things. But you don't bite the hand that feeds!!!


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Illuminati paces the ring he grabs a mic from one of the ring hands and stops in the center of the ring

ILLUMINATI: Why hello, I didn't notice you there.

Illuminati pauses for the crowd reaction who is now chanting ADAPT OR DIE he circles the ring taking in the chants. As the crowd finally dies down he continues.

ILLUMINATI: There are two kinds of freedom. There is the freedom of Order, the freedom of Laws. Give up your freedoms and you can live in peace, subdue your passions and you may live in peace.

ILLUMINATI: Then there is TRUE freedom, the freedom of Chaos, the freedom of ONE Law... LOTUS LAW.

The crowd pops, Illuminati spins in place and opens his hands wide to accept the cheers.

ILLUMINATI: For too long I have deluded myself into working within the bounds of OCWs laws, compete, win, dominate and be rewarded with NOTHING. Then finally when I FINALLY have the opportunity to get what I DESERVE.

ILLUMINATI: I lost that opportunity when I was forced to put it on the line against 7 other men. However, when one opportunity ends others arise. I realized I was less than I was, I lost what made me strong I lost my killer instinct I lost my THIRST.

ILLUMINATI: But now I remember, now I know. There is no World Championship, there is no Ex Championship, there is no competition. There is one thing, one Law above all others.

ILLUMINATI: OCW... ADAPT or DIE. You are the resistance.

Illuminati drops the mic, he traces the fearsome smile on his mask with his two fingers and then twists them into his cheeks.
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Following AC entrance the scene opens in the ring. The ring girl runs the side of the ring and hands AC a mic. The camera pans towards the fans with some "G-Unit" gear on. Cobra is wearing the signature shirt as he begins to speak.

AC- Following OCW down year regarding the tv deal I took a mini break. Wrestling for me at the time wasn't becoming fun to me anymore. Being stuck in The Family with Ghandi and the rest of the Adams Family became a drag. I became a completely different person, cutting hair, actually eating right, all for an lost cause.

The crowd begins to cheer for AC following his bashing of The Family.

AC- Every living moment with that group reminded me I'm wasting my talents. Gaming, hardcore gaming has been my passion not playing dress up with Gothic freaks!! So after realizing my wrong doing I took a much needed break from the OCW ring.

Crowd begins to boo AC

AC - I want on to host X-Play on G4TV and became fairly popular in the gaming community. It was still something missing from my life though. I had the Gamer Unit on my side, very happy with my new job, most importantly late nights of drinking A& W Root Beer and Minecraft!!

The crowd begins to pop and cheer for AC, he smiles and waits for the cheers to stop before continuing.

AC- I missed this crowd, this ring, and this company! I missed the countless hours of the grind and grit and trying to beat Devil May Cry before a match!

AC- The weight is lifted off my shoulder and I feel like a new man. So everyone in the Gamer Unit say it with me! G-G-G-G UN.....

Before AC can finish his coined slogan, "Jah Army" floods the arena with a sweet groove. The crowd begins to cheer for Jook Marley as his titan tron video is displayed! Soon, however, the audio and video begin to distort and change.

Brian Wilson: "Oh not this again. A.C. Cobra is facing Jook Marley tonight folks, but things are starting to get weird."

Kalix Eastbrook: "You got that right!"

Just as before Marley's video slowly distorts and flashes quick clips of scantily clad women dancing. Screams of terror or pleasure echo throughout the arena. The lights go out and the music changes suddenly... 

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The crowd is confused, for earlier, Nathan said he was leaving the building. Now he is back, not having left at all. Some of the women begin to cheer! Others chant "DTF" over and over! Nathan, with mic in hand, takes the moment in. Enjoying the confusion set upon the crowd, his smarmy smirk reveals little.

Brian Wilson: "Aw, I just got my appetite back! Here we go again!"

Nathan Carter: "Cobra, I heard you while I was back there. I have to say, while I may not be a family man myself, it sounds like you may have some bad blood with these people."

The crowd begins to boo at the mention of The Family. Carter is quick to silence them!

Nathan Carter: "There, there. Life can be a bitch sometimes that is true, and I could care less about this Family." Nathan smirks as he continues, "For instance, take Jook Marley..."

This time the crowd has a more positive reaction. Nathan turns around and looks at the distorted picture of Jook, and blows it yet another kiss!

Nathan Carter:"...Just last week he was excited to get ahead here this Season in OCW! Alas, he lost his initial match. And you know what's funny? He is scheduled here tonight to face you, one on one!"

The crowd cheers!

Nathan Carter: "Sadly, that wont be happening!"

The crowd BOO'S Nathan full on for the first time! He closes his eyes and looks as if he is in some sort of Tantric state. He slowly brings the mic back up...

Nathan Carter: "Yeah, life can be a bitch. So it seems that last week the pleasure I put Jook through was FAR TOO GREAT! And while I was back there, oiling, and rubbing, and oiling, and rubbing..."

Kalix Eastbrook: "I want to vomit."

Brian Wilson: "If you're gonna spew, spew into this." He holds up a cup.

Nathan Carter: "...So, after I left Mr. Sensation's office..." Laughs and shock from the crowd. "I decided I would come out here and make things better for you, Cobra. You see, you really reached out and touched my heart with the things you said, and hell, I just wanted to come down there and get to know you a little bit! So if Jook can get out of my fuzzy wuzzy handcuffs, he can come out and play. Until then, you're in Nathan Carter's Pleasure Palace! And baby, nothing you have built in Minecraft has prepared you for this CREEPER!"

Nathan stares down Cobra from the top of the ramp.

AC face palms and begins to reply to Nathan Carter...

AC- Fuzy, wuzzy, handcuffs huh? Here, I am in my early 20's no girlfriend, no social life, just body slamming dudes and shooting noobs. I ask myself, all the time am I weird? No, no, no, Mr. Nathan you're a weird character sir. No grown man should ever to anything as fuzy, wuzzy!!

Cobra takes off his entrance shirt. A referee sprints in the ring as the crowd cheers. One half of the crowd is chanting DTF the other is saying G-Unit. The referee signals and the match begins!

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Narrated by a Morgan Freeman impersonator.

The bane of Flyboy Buddy Burns' current existence is overweight security guards with maglites, and can you guess what stands before him? An overweight security guard with a maglite, a blue one...

Last week Buddy had an unfortunate accident when he tried to get into Terminal 5 where Riot was held. This accident landed him a night in jail and a god awful pounding headache. As newly contracted wrestler it often takes time for your name to reach the right places. In Flyboy's case he's not even popular enough to make it through the damn door.

So here we are again at the side entrance where most the wrestlers enter the small arena out of plain view and Buddy is prepared. This time he will make it to Riot or at least into the hallway, maybe even the lockeroom. Buddy puts on the final prop to his disguise, a dreaded Rastafarian wig.

Dawning a lime green Addidas jumpsuit and his dreaded wig, Buddy looks exactly like the child Smythe and Jookie Marley wish they had. With the swag of a star on the red carpet Flyboy Buddy Burns struts up to the security guard.

Buddy: Eh guy...guy..guy...I'm That Guy.

The pudgy security guard thinks to himself...he looks like a goddamn Jamaican leprechaun. The guard smiles and looks down at the 5'4" Buddy Burns in all his glory, checks his clipboard then speaks.

Fat Guard: Let me see....Buddy Burns right?

Buddy freezes in mid step.

Buddy: Seriously guy...

The guard shrugs his shoulders.

Fat Guard: They told me to look out for a funny looking short guy...I guess some higher up had to pay your bail last week...Don't know what that's about...but you sure are one funny looking short guy.

Buddy rips off his wig and slams it on the ground.

Buddy: You know what's not short and funny looking....Guy?

Dumbfounded the guard shakes his head. Buddy has a familiar get original half smile of his own. Wait for it...wait for it....


Buddy grips his package like he's moon-walking with a sparkling glove and high water slacks. He smiles and continues down the wrong hallway thinking his owns the place. The camera fades as you can hear Buddy's outrageous laughter and see the fat security guard's face turn beet red.

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Smythe asks for a microphone and looks at the crowd before he addresses them. Half Cheers half boos Smythe is simply walking around the ring soaking it all in. Smythe is the center of controversy once again as he gave his spot in the number 1 contenders tournament to a wrestler who isn't technically under contract to OCW. Critics were enraged while true fans were entertained. One thing is for sure. OCW's biggest draw is clearly in mid-season form as he starts to address last weeks shenanigans.

Smythe: OCW came back last week. Aries came back and wrestled the champion Jacob Trance. Pugh fought Crowe, Mugen fought Mcgee, K Dangelo fought Masumoto, Hell my little homie Jookie came back and he fought a rookie... Tons of rookies got TV time. It was a great show... 

The exact same show that was cancelled because it was so boring that The Bachlorette passed it in the ratings. The exact same show that has us on RushTV instead of on national TV where sponsorships and TV ads keep our superstars payed beyond anyone's imagination. But one thing happened that doesn't happen every week. One thing happened that got people watching their PVR's and going back to Youtube clips. One thing happened that made people interested. 

I gave up my spot in the number 1 contenders tournament to bring you all a new kind of wrestling superstar. One you can all relate to, because he is ONE OF YOU.

Smythe walks around pointing at people in the crowd saying "There's Ron Portman in you, and you" then he points at a hot chick in the front row "You wish there was some Ron Portman in you don't cha?" for the cheap pop 

Smythe: You see Ron Portman is a guy with a chance. The only difference between you and him is he'll do whatever it takes to change his life. I have set up an interview with the beloved Stacy Clark for Ron to tell you a bit of his story. I promise you'll want to hear it. 

But Enough about Ron... Let's talk about me for a second!!!

"You Bleeped up" chants start getting louder and louder until Smythe starts to chuckle a bit before silencing them by talking

Smythe: Let's talk about how I walk into this place after over a year away to find that we're in full rebuild mode and they want to throw the big draw into the title picture on his first night back. 

Then let's talk about how we get back onto the air and the show looked like the exact same show that was cancelled 6 months ago because it didn't make people watch.

Then let's talk about how I come back for 1 week and deliver the best television this program has seen in the past year and a half. 

The SDW chants slowly but surely start to outweigh everything else as Smythe has his crowd ramped up.

Smythe: I didn't come back here to entertain a crowd of 14,000 people. I didn't come back here to become an internet streaming Sensation and definitely did not come back here to be OCW World Champion when OCW can't be seen by anyone without a broadband internet connection. 

I came back here to be a guest on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, I'm here for the video game licenses, I came back to be the spokesperson for Smirinoff and Redbull. 

Smythe climbs the turnbuckle and shouts into the microphone


Smythe leans into the camera to finish his promo 

Smythe: Listen to me closely. If you don't book it... I will create it. But OCW will be back on Prime time Television. Because I refuse to supply other people's blood, sweat and tears for anything less.
The screen is lit up, because wouldn't you know it there are rooms in this world with lights, and centered in the screen is a man standing at an easel. His lone distinguishing mark being his long, black, hair as he stands with his back to the camera. Only the top corner of the canvas, apparently stained black, can be seen. The man standing at the easel picks up a paint brush and dips it into silver paint before forcing the beginnings of a circle onto the paper. A voice that seems vaguely familiar comes from the direction of the painting.

The Monster:
 Life is cicular. It takes place in intervals that repeat themselves. It is from these intervals that we derive most of our characters, our heroes, villains, and the events that shape them. Every generation people grow up to play the same roles. This is where the concept of destiny finds its origins. The idea that these roles need to be filled and God has pre-selected the actors for them. 

The Monster places his brush down and reaches for another, thinner, paint brush and dips it into a darker color before returning his hand to his circular object and drawing smaller circles inside of it and adding shading.

The Monster:
 That's one way to look at it. I look at it as a rut. It's what happens when life gets stuck. When those actors are content with what they have and are afraid to strive for more. OCW is currently stuck in a rut. I've seen this same situation before. The question that needs asking is: "how is a rut broken?".

The Monster: Look at the most dramatic example: The Dinosaurs. What was it that ended the pre-historic era? What killed the dinosaurs and made the Earth habitable for humanity? It was the crash landing of a massive comet. The destruction of the world as it was heretofore known. 

The Monster: It takes drastic measures to shape a world to your liking. That kind of resolve is so rarely seen. I've been brought here to shape the OCW landscape, but I'm not prepared for such an undertaking just yet. Last week was evidence of that. 

The Monster: In my time away from the industry I've become weak. And weakness is simply an opening for an enemy to exploit. So I've taken this time to rid myself of these weaknesses. And once that's over, we can truly begin. 

The Monster turns to a small side table set up next to the easel with a bottle of Jameson
and lifts the bottle up, keeping his back to the camera the entire time. 

The Monster:
 So here's to getting stronger. And here's to reshaping OCW. And not because it's what you want, but because it's what I want.

He takes a swig of the bottle before replacing it roughly on the table. The impact seems to awaken a small radio that was sitting unnoticed behind the bottle. It begins making static noises. The Monster raises his arm and lets it fall on top of the radio. After the strike the radio seems to begin functioning normally again and tunes into what sounds like a newsbroadcast. 

 Welcome back to WTOP in Washington DC, we have an update for you about last nights scene out in the suburbs. The mother and her two children all made it out safe, but their father has gone unaccounted for. Emergency response personnel report that they have recovered no remains and all signs point to foul play. This investigation is ongoing. 

With that The Monster turns and walks out of the picture entirely. After he has moved we can see that the circle he was working on was actually a moon. And underneath the light it's giving off are bright yellows, oranges, and reds. An all too familiar suburban house in flames standing behind a broken, white, picket fence.


Amidst deafening cheers and applause, OUR BENEVOLENT VILLAIN remains on one knee in the center of the ring beneath radiating spotlight and far from dark rooms. Without looking to ringside, MATSUDA dramatically outstretched a single hand to his right, to which a responsible ringhand obliged the KING OF KICK with a microphone.

He is slow to speak however, soaking in the moment, absorbing the adoration of the OCW Universe allowing it to fuel his undeniable overness. On camera he shines like the brightest star in the sky with a charisma so powerful it seemed almost like an entity one could reach out and touch. This was your Eternal Ex Division Super Junior Heavyweight champion.

Matsuda: This is a public service announcement, sponsored by Online Championship Wrestling and the good folks at the Matsuda Zaibatsu.

The ETERNAL EX CHAMPION spoke in a low tone, drawing in the crowd before speaking again in a loud shout.


Matsuda raises the microphone above his head signalling for the crowd to complete his statement, to which they are compelled to eagerly perform.

Crowd: MAT-SU-DA

Brief chants of “BOM-BAE-YAE” break out, although they are quieted as the Villain spoke again.

Matsuda: And while I’ve gone by many names:

Crowd: NANI?!

Matsuda: Spider.

Crowd: NANI?!

Matsuda: Unbeatable.

Crowd: NANI?!

Matsuda: Devil.

Crowd: NANI?!

Matsuda: Villain.

Crowd: NANI?!

Matsuda: None of which are more important than what I am and will always be--the uniter of four titles, the ETERNAL SUPER JUNIOR HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, the FINAL BOSS of the EX DIVISION.

By now the crowd is incessant.

Matsuda: As I look down from my ivory tower, I see that the landscape of my Ex Division has changed. Superstars young and old, chomping at the bit for a shot at what is mine and mine alone.

He motions to the belt now on his shoulder.

Matsuda: So I am formally issuing a challenge. A challenge to the entirety of the Ex Division unworthy of being counted as my peers. Impress me. I will determine the most worthy and bless you with my presence. Until then know that I am watching you, as all of these people here tonight will be watching you, wishing they were watching me.

Matsuda: So if ANY of you sons of b*tches have ANYTHING to say, now’s the f*cking time.

Matsuda pauses for someone’s music to hit, however there is no response.

Matsuda: I didn’t think so.

Matsuda drops the microphone and rolls out of the ring, C4’s theme Ground Zero Funk hits as we cut to commercial break.
Stacy waits backstage after the outcome of Raze’s match and hopes to the young star for a insight into his match. As quickly as she thought it, Raze appears through the curtain that leads to the arena and hastily starts to make his way past her.

Stacey Clark: Raze if I cou-

Justin Raze: No, not now. The only thing I seek is praise from my God.

Stacey Clark: Raze please! We just want a moment of your time.

Raze stops dead in his tracks, tilts his head to the side thinking, and then turns his head facing Stacey, leaving her surprised.

Justin Raze:....Well?

Stacey Clark: I...uh...what did you think of your match?

Justin Raze: Really? This is what you waste my time for?

Justin Raze: It doesn’t matter what I think, it matters that I destroyed a false prophet, someone who thinks that they were sent by an imaginary, long-haired loser to, ‘make me pay for my sins’!

Did I pay? Did suffer? NO I stood over him because I had the blessing of true God, I had the guidance and have the guidance of a true celestial being that is here with us right now.

Justin Raze: And as far as that goes, anyone that stands before me will have no chance because of the power that is bestowed upon me from my God.

Stacey, obviously uncomfortable with Raze’s answer, moves on to her next question for the young star.

Stacey Clark: Well Raze, if no one can beat you, then you will undoubtedly when the tournament and become the #1 Contender for the OCW World Heavyweight Championship, which means, you would face your God…..Jacob Trance. What are your thoughts on that?

Justin Raze: So you’re asking me will I stand before my Lord and fight him, slam him, throw him and beat him to ultimately win a inanimate object? 

Stacey, this man saved me from continuing to fall into a horrible place and lifted me to new heights that I thought would never be possible. I love this man and will serve this man till my last breath, with every ounce of strength that I have left.

Justin Raze: That’s all Stacey, I will give you no more.

Justin begins walking down the hallway to the Family’s locker room with great speed and disappears from view. The camera swings back around to Stacey.

Stacey Clark: He did answer the question, but he never really said what he would do if it comes to that….
The scene starts with a shot of a sprawling building behind a series of barbed wire fences. Numerous armed guards are seen walking around securing the area. The camera zooms in towards a plaque on a sign that's says United States Facility.

Voice off Camera: This is where you can find him....if he's still there

The camera turns around to reveal The Lord of the Lariats Mugen with a government official and an armed guard not far behind.

Mugen: Fantastic, I really appreciate the favor. I know its not easy to get into a secure facility like this especially one that's overseas and super secure.

Government Official: Not a problem, I owed you one anyways.

The camera follows as Mugen walks by the series of armed guards with the flash of a pass each time. Eventually he makes his way to an administrative desk with a butch women who could easily pass as a OCW Bombshell on her off days.

Mugen: Well hello.....miss?

Woman: What can I do for you?

Mugen: Excellent question, I'd like to post bail for a friend.

Woman: You understand that you don't just post bail here right? This is a facility for some of the world's most dangerous criminals.

Mugen: I understand that. My friend was apprehended last week trying to come back from America and I'm assuming the worst that he was sent to here. Can you at least take a look for me in your system if he's even here?

The manly woman sighs deeply as she reluctantly nods.

Mugen: Excellent! Can you look up a Bobby Minio?

The woman types before she looks up from her screen and nods no

Mugen: How about Boobman?

The woman gives Mugen a look that just reads "Come on Now"

Mugen: Okay okay, Tits Mandu?

The woman sighs as she types it in to the system

Woman: Still nope, can you be serious and give me a real name?

Mugen: Okay, how about Robert Mineo

The woman looks back down at her computer. She raises one of her eyebrows as the search makes a hit.

Woman: Well it looks like he was in the system, but he wasn't here. He was just released from custody in New York.

Mugen: New York?! Off to the Mugenchopper!

Mugen runs out of the room as the manly woman sighs deeply again, disgusted at everything. The scene fades to black.
The scene opens....

A large hooded figure sits in a dark room , the only light in the room comes from a cell phone the man scolls through.

???- I can't do this ... 

The man jumps up and tosses the chair into the wall as he makes his way over to the doorway. Flipping the light switch to the on position the camera goes blurry for a split second to regain focus.

BUFFNESS- I'm not doing my promo in the damn dark.... Does Sensation have to pay part of the electric bill to rent this he'll hole!!!

BUFFNESS pulls his hood down as he begins to remove his gear from his bag.

BUFFNESS- I'm going to keep this short and sweet.... Congrats to everyone that is still in the #1 contenders tournament. 

A wicked smile crosses the big man's face as he reaches down.

BUFFNESS- I'll see you soon.

BUFFNESS raises the F.I. briefcase into camera view as the scene fades to black.
D. Y. Nasty's music fades away to a rather decent ovation from the crowd. Though the venue is small, there are clearly fans who have followed Nasty around the world.

He takes a moment to take it in with a smile before equipping his weapon.

He powers up his weapon and begins to deliver destruction.

D. Y. Nasty: Well. It's nice to see you too.

The crowd pops which brings a smile to his face as he enjoys the chants from the crowd. 

He takes another moment to survey the crowd before refueling his weapon.

D. Y. Nasty: That's good. That's really good. Ladies and gentlemen. We are gathered here today to mourn the loss. We all need to take a moment of silence.....please join me.

*The crowd grows quiet for a couple of seconds before a couple of trolls yell random things like "I don't follow rules" and even a small "SU-PAH DRAGON" chant can be heard.

D. Y. Nasty: Well. I see the disrespectful trolls are here as well. It's official. OCW is back and everyone in attendance has one great memory that will last forever....The memory of the day of which destruction was brought to OCW.

The crowd now seems uneasy as D. Y. Nasty's smile looks a lot more sadistic now.

D. Y. Nasty: That is correct. I am not your savior. I am not "your hero." I am not a one man Revolution and I am not your saving grace. I am the grim reaper. I am destruction in every sense of the word. I am chaos and I am Omega. I am the end of OCW and you all in attendance can say "I was there when the day of reckoning begun."

The crowd heavily boos OCW as they are excited to finally have their favorite wrestling program back.

D. Y. Nasty: Oh I'm sorry. Were you expecting some epic return of OCW? Were you expecting everything to just go back to normal? With great decisions comes great sacrifice. The decision "your hero" made almost ran this place out of business. And sometimes, when you burn a bridge...those flames come back to haunt you. 

The crowd starts booing and even some start out in a "boooooooring....booooooooring chant.

D. Y. Nasty: Wrestling fans are so predictable. Boring huh. Let's see how boring I am when there is nothing left. Let's see how boring it's going to be when OCW no longer exist. Let's see how boring it's going to be when you are all visiting your favorite superstars in hospital beds and retirement homes. Boring. I got you. You want boring. I'll give you boring. 

He paces around the ring thinking as the crowd continues to boo heavily and starts a "Na-sty sucks, Na-sty sucks chant.

D. Y. Nasty: So I'm boring and I suck. Excellent. Part 1 is complete and part 2 is coming. You people are the reason for this destruction. You people didn't show your true love of this company and this business. You were put to the test and you failed. You have relied on the big wigs here for too long. So if you want OCW to stay for good....you're going to have to prove it and I am the disciple here that you have to prove it to.

I am going to systematically destroy this place and I'm going to start with the people you adore the most. I am going to physically and mentally destroy everything that exist here. There will be no champion. There will be no general manager. There will be nothing but destruction, chaos, and memories. I feel like a kid in a candy store and I'm so giddy I can't wait. We are coming....and we're coming soon!

He pauses and the arena goes quiet clearly stuck on the "we" part of what D. Y. Nasty is speaking of. A huge smile all of a sudden comes across his face.

D. Y. Nasty: This is exciting! Can you feel the anticipation. The roar of the crowd, the sweat in the air, the bodies in the hospital, the smell medicinal fluids and rotting carcasses, the sight of flames engulfing everything you all love......(he takes a deep, slow breath)...it's quite exciting and you all get to have a front row seat at the start of the apocalypse.

OCW...we're coming. I've spent a life time planning out your destruction and you'll never witness another like it. It's like I've had no other function other than bringing you your destruction. My reintroduction is the artistic production of the business discussions that were stemmed from greed and corruption.

Hide. Because we're here and you may know our purpose right now, but you'll never figure out the plan. 

Welcome to the final season of OCW. The question is....who will fight to save this place and who will join me in aiding it burn.

He drops his mic as a black smoke fills the arena. The ring is surrounded by this smoke. In the ring, it looks like 3 figures are there. 

After some moments pass, the ring is empty and the only thing that can be seen is the microphone.

The crowd stays quiet as the camera's fade to the next segment.


We cut backstage to a head and shoulder view of a calm looking Paul Pugh in front of a giant RushTV banner. He seems to receive the cue that he’s live and nods.

Pugh: So here we are. A new landscape for OCW right?... Right?

Pugh shakes his head

Pugh: I mean. Not really. We’ve still got the same Champion leading the same merry band of muppets. Every promo, we’re in a dark room. Every person? Wearing a hood… talk about same old, same old…

He breathes in deeply

Pugh: Boring, predictable… why are you even watching me talk here? Surely there’s something better over on a different channel? Go. Pick up the clicker and go…

A grin cracks his face.

Pugh: …and yet you’re still here, aren’t you? You’re not going anywhere… and why?

He grins again

Pugh: …because of me… right? See. In a landscape of no marks and yahoos, there I stand. The most decorated Pro Wrestler on this roster. The leader of the biggest faction in OCW history. The man who still sits atop the pile despite not being involved in the World Title picture in 2 years… Ego? Not even. Just the truth…

He shrugs

Pugh: …has set me free. As it were. Tonight. KD… we make like its 2012 again and I’m capturing my first Hardcore Title against you. Tonight we head back to the future. Tonight KD… I put you in your place, and I march on to Devil’s Night… Where I do the same to the guy who calls himself our World Champion…

He makes the C4 OVER sign to the camera and heads out of shot as we return to ringside.

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