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Chapter 3

Against his pleading, Madison entered into the OCW one night tournament to crown a new women's champion. Dennis paced around in Madison's dressing room, anxious about what she had planned. She had been gone for a while now and the show had already started.

Dennis: "It shouldn't take this long to get a couple of coffees."

There was a soft knock at the dressing room door. Assuming it was Madison with her hands full, Dennis rushed over and opened it. Standing there was Alex Robinson with a smile.

Alex: "You're looking much better than last night. I told you Leon was crafty."

Dennis: "What you call crafty I call cowardly."

Alex lowered her head and walked under the arm that Dennis used to keep the door open. He turned to face her and left the door open.

Dennis: "So what can I do for you, Ms. Robinson?"

"I wanted to try and warn you. Just one more time. I know you see it. There's something going on between Madison and Leon. This is the second time he's attacked you in front of her while saying this is what she wanted."

Dennis: "Mind games. Nothing more."

Alex: "This is what Leon does. He made a Hall of Fame career off using people. He used me, he's using Skwad, The Butcher, and now Madison. What are you going to do if she betrays you in the worst way and helps Leon take your title? Who knows Leon and Madison better than me?"

Dennis places both of his hands on her shoulders.

Dennis: "I appreciate the warning. And I know you and Madison have history. But no one knows her better than me. Things are good with us, thick as thieves and all that."

Alex: "Then why are you here with me and not her?"

Madison: "Very good question, Alex."

Madison tossed both cups of ice coffee at Dennis’s back. The cups exploded almost immediately. He was soaked! She then pointed at Alex.

Madison: "I can't wait to see the poster child for Black Lives Matter shove her affirmative action boot in your ass. Mind you, the inside of your ass is the size of the grand canyon because half the roster has already been there!"

Dennis: "Can we not?"

Dennis asked, wringing his soaked Rev Inc. shirt. Alex looked back to Dennis.

Alex: "People make comparisons all the time. Your run of dominance is similar to Leon’s. He had me at his side. But the difference is...I stood by him for every title win, and rubbed his shoulders after every title loss. When your lose the belt, she's gone. She told me herself long ago."

Madison: "I never! I was drunk and mad him. How dare you!"

Dennis and Alex looked to Madison, who was turning red in the face.

Alex: "I should get going. Some of us don't have an easy bracket like you do."

Alex walked by Madison, bumping shoulders on her way out the dressing room.


The Camera pans to the announce team!

How rude!

Oh stuff it!


Round 1 Match

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The Camera pans to the announce team!

She did it!



Round 1 Match

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She is moving on!

With authority!