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The camera pans to the announce team.

It muggy outside but inside its on fire!! as we welcome you to RIOT!

The King of OCW is in full swing! it's getting crazy out here.

Tonight's a big night as we go through some First Round Matchups!

Strap in! it's go time!

Timestamp: 6/28/16 7:45pm EST

It is about 15 minutes before showtime and about 2 hours and 30 minutes after all talent is supposed to arrive at the Manhattan Center. In the distance, you see one Lacy Love making her way to the talent only entrance. The Purge orderlies are in tow as well. Lacy is jamming to whatever she has playing thru her wireless hot pink Beats headphones.

Almost at the door now, she randomly begins to “Drop it like it’s hot”.

Lacy (Singing): My anaconda don’t… my anaconda don’t… my anaconda don’t want nothing but the buns in the air.

Those aren’t even the right words. Anyways, the now infamous Orderly Number 2 stops dead in his tracks and is mesmerized by Lacy shaking her rump like that. Number 1 and 3 continue on to the door, check in with building security and #3 heads inside to scope out the area while #1 remained just outside the door.

As soon as Lacy realizes #2 is googly-eyeing her backside, she rises and gives him a spinning back fist to the side of the head. #2 stumbles around but doesn’t fall to the ground. She steps closer to #2 and Lacy begins waving her finger in his face.

Lacy: These lady lumps are for MYYYY Dimmy’s eyes only turd burgler.

#3 walks over to help guide #2 into the building. Lacy smiles and bats her eyelashes at the security guards as she walks in behind #3 and #2. Just as she walks in, her iPhone begins to ring. Checking the caller ID, she sees that it is Lord Mugenta.

Lord Mugenta… Yes I’ve just arrived.

Lacy: …Wait, what??...

Lacy: … Are you for serious?... That’s wonderful news.

Lacy: … I’ll be sure to inform MYYYYY Dimmy the news.

Lacy: … And yes, the orderlies will be on high alert for Mr. Tibbles. Toodles.

Lacy hangs up the phone and begins to dance around again. #1 and #3 stand close to Lacy and put their backs to her to keep an eye out for Tiberius Dupree or anyone else that may pose a threat. #2 slowly makes his way into position.

Lacy (Still dancing):
Do one good sweep of the building then meet me and Dimmy back at Lord Mugenta’s office.

#1 & #3: YES MISS LACY!!

#2: Yes Miss…

Lacy assumes #2 is giving her bedroom eyes yet again. She stops mid dance move, grabs #2 in a Muay Thai clinch and begins to give him textbook knee strikes to the sternum area. She gets about 4-5 off before #1 and #3 step in to separate them. #1 and #3 drag a half conscious #2 away to patrol, while Lacy dances herself in the other direction. Back to ringside we go.

The camera pans to the announce team.


LIAR!!! He sexually assaulted HER with his GAZE!! and SCREW YOU TIBBLES!!!

The Xtron Flickers On!

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Ohh that boy gonna get put in a body bag!


On The Last Episode of Riot Four Thirty Eight!

Location: Angola, Africa

Time: 1:30AM
Date: 6-22-2016

Just 17 Kilometers outside of Benguela in a town.

The camera pans sand and dust covered jacket of One Birdie, the Assistant/Soldier/Best Assistant/Friend of Our Hero. Many weeks have passed since we seen Our Heroine, we are quickly brought up to speed with MONTAGE Technlogy to see that Birdie has been going up and down the Coast of Angola, from the beautiful beaches of Luanda, to the jungles of Mavinga, and even to the desert like border of Cazombo!

The trails gone cold now, it's not looking great.
We pan into a small festival just winding down, as droves of people are heading back home a huge bonfire is burning bright! some stragglers are seen dancing around the fire and having a grand old time. In the pitch darkness we see a bald man busting a move!! Birdie adjust her eyes as one of the people dancing is shacking his money maker!!

As she gets closer she observes this person doing the "Running Man" and then the Butterfly! She begins to pick up the pace and jogs towards the bonfire finally the man starts doing the "Milly Rock" Birdie is practically sprinting now, as this person is getting funky he starts to "Dab" to the delight of the remaining party goers!

As Birdie makes it to the bonfire she calls out!

Birdie: BOSS!!!!

The man stops dancing as his ears perk up!

As he slowly turns around Birdies eyes uncharacteristically light up! could it be!!!

As the man turns we see its an older tourist who just happens to be bald...As Birdie becomes to come face to face with the reality that this might just be a lost cause she notices the man has something around his neck. A very plush slightly dirty but still super awesome, aquatic, dangerous, guardian!, LORD SHARK!!!!!

Birdie grabs the man by his collar!


The man begins to stammer, he is speaking Portuguese, which Birdie does not speak she begins to shout if anyone has seen Mr.Sensation. It finally hits her that she's in Angola, she remembers a few key phrases from her guide.

Birdie: Nosso....Nosso...(our)

Everyone looks at Birdie with a confused look on her face.

The man speaks up!

Man: Nosso?

Birdie: Nosso...Nosso..Nosso Heroi! Nosso Heroi!!! (Our Hero)

The Man's Eyes Light up!, The people near the bonfire also light up!
The Crowd of People at the Bonfire start chanting: Nosso Heroi!, B over and over, and they all begin to Shadowbox!

Birdie: Onde(Where) Nosso Heroi!!!!

They all point West!

Man: Lusaka, Lusaka, Nosso Heroi! Lusaka! he (smiles)

He motions with his 2 hands the reving a of a motorcycle and points to a small shack!

Birdie checks her Codex, Lusaka aka Zambia!

Birdie: (Birdie speaks softly almost to herself)So Zambia it is! You get that?

Yawning can be heard over the throat mic!

Heaton: (Yawns), Roger, Roger, we got a small air strip in Lumbala, couple clicks from you meet ya there!

Birdie nods to say thank you as The Man in question stops Birdie, he looks at her and says!

Man: Senhor Tubarao!!! (Lord Shark) He removes The Lord of Awesome from his neck and hands it to Birdie, Tubarao, HEROI!!!!

Birdie thanks the man as she hops on dirt bike with Lord Shark in tow and peels off to the west! as the rumbling of the TOP JET can be heard faintly in the east!

The camera pans to the announce team.

We in on some flashbacks!

The hell is this the 90s? How you gonna play the entire Riot Finale from last week in the opening segment of this week? You trying to fill space? YOU TRYING TO FILL SPACE????

It's a Match!
Wacky R.W.D vs K.D Angelo

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The camera pans to the announce team.