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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Riot Episode 440, the King of OCW 2016 is well under way.

It's crazy are we even gonna finish in time for the Pay Per View?

Who knows! In OCW we fly by the seat of our god damn pants. With Savage Saturday in the rear view we kick it up a notch!

I can dig it hammer!

Timestamp and location Unknown

Purge Orderly Number 2 sits at a table in a poorly lit room. Wearing a plain zip up hoodie with the hood up, He seems to be the only one in the room. His fingers are interlocked and he’s resting his forearms on the table.

Then a door over his shoulder flies open and two figures are standing in the doorway. You can’t initially see their faces but the shadows they give off are pretty telling.

The first figure flicks the the light switch and a lone bright light comes on just above the table. They both slowly make their way in the room. The first figure walks right up behind Number 2. The figure puts their head right over Number 2’s shoulder and it's none other than….

Boy, do you have some ‘splainin to do.

Lacy backs away from Number 2 and walks with the other figure around the table. The other figure sits down directly across from Number 2. Of course it is “The End” of The Purge, Dimsmore.

Dimsmore has his usually stoic stare going on. He is staring a hole into the soul of Number 2. Lacy is pacing back and forth behind her Dimmy.

It is my understanding that someone infiltra… infiltra…. Someone snuck into the OCW HQ and uncovered top secret intel.

Lacy: And said person used that intel to foil our KOCW plans. And…. someone needs to be held responsible for this. But the only question is…. Who?

Dimsmore beings to crack each knuckle on both of his hands one at a time. Number 2 visibly does a nervous gulp. Number 2 tugs on his shirt collar that’s underneath his hoodie.

Number 2:
Man, is it hot in…

Lacy: SILENCE!!! (clears her throat) Now I’m not here to point blame. I’m just gathering information. So please, tell me what happened?

Number 2: Well….. Uh…… ok….

You don’t necessarily hear what Number 2 is saying, but he begins to tell his side of the story. The camera cuts to different angles from around the room showing Number 2 telling his story. Each time the camera cuts, Number 2 becomes more and more animated.

Lacy has now pulled up a chair next to Dimsmore more and is “thrilled” to be listening to his epic tale of what transpired. We cut back to Number 2 and for this part of the story he has one foot on the chair he was sitting in and one foot on the table in almost a surfing position. His arms are out as if he is carrying a broadsword and shield.

Back to the other side of the table. Lacy is leaning back in her chair fast asleep. Dimsmore is still staring a stoic hole thru Number 2. Number 2 is continuing on with his version.

This must be the part where he does the climatic final battle. He does a few very fierce sword slashes in the air and stumbles into his seat. Number 2 is visibly out of breath.

Number 2:
And that’s…. That’s how I lost my virginity.

Lacy is leaning forward and resting her elbow on the table. Her chin is resting in her hand and is clearly in disbelief of what just happened.

Hello Do-Do brain. I was referring to Tibbles and Bits interfering in MYYYY Dimmy’s KOCW match. He got MYYY Dimmy DQ’ed from the tourney. And I want to know how he got in HQ?

Number 2 scratches his head for a second.

Number 2:
Ohhhhhhhhhhh. When did he get into HQ?

Lacy slowly runs her hands on either side of her head thru her hair.

Oh my-lanta. Did you let anyone in HQ recently?

Number 2: Yes, Damien Dark.

Lacy: And before that day, when was the last time you saw him?

Number 2: Uhh.. I’m not sure.

Lacy: (sighs) And did this person have long jet black hair coming out from underneath his mask??

Number 2 thinks for a second. Then it’s as if the light switching on in Number 2’s head.

Number 2:
ohhhhhhh yeaaaaaa. He did. And I just thought he had let himself go.

Lacy: No that was the target.

Number 2: I knew he looked different.

Lacy leaps out of her seat, grabs Number 2 by the collar and drags him across the table. His legs are dangling off his side and from his shoulders up is off of Lacy’s side.

Lacy (Screaming):

Dimsmore stands and puts his hand on Lacy’s shoulder. She looks at Dimsmore and takes a breath before letting Number 2 go. Number 2 shimmies back to his seat and adjusts his now disheveled shirt. Lacy composes herself and takes her seat again.

Well, I’m going to give you a chance to redeem yourself. I want you to go out to the ring on Riot 440 and call out that Tibble Tubby. I want you to beat some sense in him for what he did to MYYY Dimmy. Do we have an understanding?

Number 2: Ye..ye..ye..ye..yes Miss Lacy.

Lacy: Good. Ok, you can go.

Number 2 storms out of the room and slams the door behind him. Lacy digs in her pocket for her phone and begins to make a call.

Yes, Lord Mugenta please? Thanks.

Lacy: Mugenta dear. I need your divine expertise. I want to teach Number 2 a lesson once and for all. So I’m thinking an extreme rules match with MYYYY Dimmy will do the trick. Can you make that happen??

Lacy: Excellent. We’ll see you there.

Lacy hangs up the phone and starts to laugh maniacally as we go back to the ring.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Dis ain't going to end well!

Ya think?

The X-Tron Flickers On!

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The camera pans to the announce team.

The Movement continues!!!

Word up!


Scene opens in a run down warehouse, only light coming in from the skylight windows, most of the warehouse is unused space and wall to wall cement but there is a small area with a few 100lbs Muay Thai bags and a few feet away from them is a wrestling ring built to OCW specification.

Kassidy walks into the warehouse from one of the holes in the exterior walls and throws his bag of gear next to the ring before taking a seat on the apron and resting his head back against the ropes while letting out a sigh. Kassidy reaches down and unzips his bag, pulls out a OCW branded Camera, Kass smirks and flips a few buttons till the red light turns on.

Glad to see this still works after kicking it off the camera man.

Kassidy places the camera down,

I have a confession OCW, the last few months, yea, haven't been my best showing but I have been mentally checked out and have not cared what goes on between those ropes in the slightest.

Kassidy: In my fall it would seem some have taken it that I'm done, I'm washed out as Bray put it and I'm here to tell you, that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Kassidy: Bray caught me but he far from being dominate in that match, even while being checked out I had you on your back longer then most have your sister down for. In a rematch Bray, you would not get the same opportunity.

Kassidy: There were also two other people running their mouth lately, Smythe DaWonder when he'll show and Tre I snort Golden rocks. Two men who really don't have any right to say anything about anyone.

Kassidy: Tre can go on and on about defending a title that no one had to earn a shot at but it doesn't compare to holding a show on your back while the rest of the roster plot against you and play politics.

Kassidy: Tre didn't and couldn't win a title in a one on one match against true championship material and if I wanted to take his belt or leave him out to dry to lose that belt to either Austin Lee or Sid Harrison, I could have.

Kassidy: Tre should still be grateful that his footnote of a title run was helped by ME! Congratulations Tre, you can sneak a win in a fatal 4 Way match just like Jimmy Henry but you lost one on one to Arnard.

Kassidy: Which brings me to Smythe, a man who says he isn't here because he has met his contractual appearances but I think he doesn't show up because the same man beat him and took away any opportunity he had at getting any title shot.

Kassidy: Smythe, You will never hold a title this season, not even fake ones you try to revive and definitely not the title of King of OCW, which yours truly can and will.

Kassidy: You may have won our matches but don't pretend you are above me, I stomped your ass in the ring for 23 minutes and I wanted to continue to embarrass you because I could have put you away many times when you pulled a fast one and then tucked tail, if you need a refersher just go watch the blu-ray of Riot 417.

Kassidy: The stipulation for your match should be winner faces Arnard, to see if either of you can redeem yourselves, my guess would be you can't.

Kassidy hops off the apron, runs his hands through his hair before turning back to the camera.

I'm coming back focused next time I step into the ring, Abbott will be carried out of my ring on Turmoil and Dennis will be the next champion, thanking me for helping his title reign as long as he doesn't run into me in the King of OCW tournament. A True OCW Legend spoke about having Ambition on riot and my Ambition to kick each and every one of your asses is back starting with my old friend, Xander Rane.

Kassidy: Rane, you will be the start of a reign of terror that bring me to OCW Gold once again.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Strong words from Twilight!

How dare you sir!

It's a Match!
Number 2 vs Dimsmore

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Well jesus christ!