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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Riot 441 LIVE ON OCWFED.TV

Don't forget NYC!!!

NEVER!!! its another scorcher here in the Big Apple and its only fitting that OCW Turns up the HEAT! on the King of OCW 2016 Tournament!

I....I Can't!

Make Riot Great Again


Mugen appears on the X-tron in front of his podium with a big grin on his face.

Mugen: ATTENTION Riot locker room, tonight I will not be around to SUPERVISE YOU DUMMIES. So.................please...........for your own sake......

Mugen tosses the podium to the side.

Mugen: Behave or else................Or else I will take care of you dummies when I get back from my important international business trip.

Mugen walks up to the camera.

Mugen: And you will not enjoy a punishment from me. GOOD DAY!

The scene fades out.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Wait he can do that? he's the owner he needs to be here!

Ohhh no you didn't how many times was Sensation here? It's ok I will wait!!! EXACTLY!!! He has important INTERNATIONAL BIDNESS! And we now take you to the Hardcore Championship match already in progress!

The first minute of the match is corrupted and will show black so please buffer past the 1 min etc mark.

It's a Match!

Crossbones vs Anthony Baker

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Good heavens

(Checks Watch) JAYZUS



It's almost impossible to traverse backstage at the Manhattan Center without running into someone you dislike or wish to avoid.

Which leads us to Tiberius Octavian Dupree and Leon Valentine crossing paths near gorilla, not for the first time and definitely not the last.

For tonight they face off in Round 2 of the King of OCW Tournament.

Dupree: "If it isn't Leonshart."

"I hope you still have that same sense of humor after our match tonight."

Dupree: "Wow. Did Parker let you borrow his balls in exchange for your loyalty?"

Leon goes to answer but Dupree cuts him off.

"It was a rhetorical question. Just like, is The Betterness going to win KOCW?"

Leon: "
Probably not. I actually had to earn my way to the next round. I didn't get a free pass like you did."

"First of all your NEVER supposed to answer a rhetorical question, it just kills the whole back and forth banter thing, such mediocre showmanship on your part."

Dupree: "And Second, having your head bashed in with a chair isn't a free pass you tipdrip."

Leon laughs, but not at the insult.

Leon: "I went to sudden death with a 7 foot Beast inside a steel cage to advance, you faced a 90 pound child in face paint and still nearly loss. All your forced wit and jokes won't save you from being the true disappointment you are now."

Leon: "While guys like Parker and me have found our stride, our second wind, your barely keeping up. When is the last time you actually won a big match Tibby?"

Dupree goes to answer but Leon cuts him off.

Leon: "That was a rhetorical question."

Leon smirks for getting one up on his opponent.

Dupree: "A 3-count isn't winning, waking up every morning as The Betterness that's freaking winning. Sure herniating every disc in your back and making you look up at the lights later tonight will be a supervelous feeling."

"See I WANT to win KOCW, neanderthals like you and Parker NEED to win KOCW to be relevant to believe you still got it."

"Tonight I'm going to make you feel just like that pathetic rookie you were when you first came to OCW."

"No one was old enough to remember when you were a pathetic rookie, are they? Another rhetorical question by the way."

Leon: Mine was a RHETORICAL question too.

Dupree: Just stop.

Leon: "I would but you kinda keep replying to all my RHETORICAL questions."

You can see Dupree slowly losing his patience. The two men stare down each other as the camera fades to black.

The camera pans to the announce team.

I can't wait for this!!!!

It's gonna be a barn burner!