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The camera pans to the announce team.


Four Hundred and Forty Three Episodes!!! that has to be a new world record!!!

We break Records every Tuesday, AL!!!!!


The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

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He's back right? The OCW universe is ferocious as the man they call World Champion stands before them, and for the first time in weeks, he's carrying a microphone.

After his suspension, and his demolition of Mugen in his last defence, he looks confident - arrogant even, as he prepares to address the millions.

Pugh: ...and millions.

The crowd pops in confusion.

Pugh: So here I am right? Back to the grind - in the shape of my life, after the match of Mugen's life on Sunday... and for what?

He grins

Pugh: To give away the biggest World Title match in OCW for free... that's right. Free of charge. Not one extra dollar... like an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta... which is apt in a way... i mean - when you think about it. We're pretty damn similar.

A "Pugh Pugh Pugh" chant has started but he's ignoring it

Pugh: I mean we've got Lady Tiberius Dupree sitting back there throwing around shade like the jealous broad who's husband doesn't quite make as much money as she'd like, but its ultimately her fault because she hitched her wagon to the wrong breadwinner - Hey Sean McGee!

He waves into the camera

Pugh: ...Then there's our pal Mugen - out there spending all her husband's money while he's away... kindapped... buried... whatever the ****. Abusing her power like she's some high level hoe but all the while continuing to be a basic bitch...

He smiles again

Pugh: ...Now we hear rumblings of the new hoe on the block. The one they call Parker.

Pugh: Couldn't get anywhere in life because she wasn't quite good enough - until she steps out and gets all this surgery... stat - and now look at her. Waving her new dick around like she's been somewhere before.

"Parker Stevens" "Parker Sucks" chants are dueling as he continues

Pugh: ...and then we come to the Belle of the Ball. Our very own Prom Queen... Bubba herself. The people's choice - the anointed one. Carried towards the jungle on a wave of good will... carried to tonight...

The fans pop for Drago

Pugh: ...to a demise. See amongst all the bellyaching, the bitching, the side eyes and the basic cunts revolting on the yellow show... don't eat yellow show by the way - it's as disgusting as it looks... Amongst it all... I still stand.

Pugh: The alpha. The guy who was thrown out of the ######## building by a sociopath, dropped 30lbs and walks back in here like the guy you all wish you were.

He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and continues looking right down the camera - no longer addressing the audience.

Pugh: ...You all look at me - you question me. You question my ability - my word?

Pugh: My word is golden - and not the Tre kind. Actual solid 24 Carat. If I say I'm doing something, I'm doing it with bells on.

Pugh: As you all look into this ring... you need to understand something about me. About how things run around here.

Pugh: As long as there is air in my lungs, and a hole in my ass - I'm the top dog around here. Whether I'm working butt **** house shows in Nova Scotia on a friday night, or showing up once every 6 weeks - it's me.

Pugh: It always has been me. It always will be me. You doubt my credentials - you doubt me. But take a look around. On my worst day, I can run rings around anybody in this building - no ifs, no buts, no coconuts.

Pugh: ...if any of you have anything to say to me, then I'll gladly meet you in this ring and slap the words out of your damn mouth - but tonight.

Pugh: You... all of you. Top to bottom... Jobbers to big mouthed dweebs on desk based podcasts... all the way up to Management lets be clear...

Pugh:Be honored by the very fact that I've shown up tonight. The fact i've been shafted into a money match on free TV mere days after the battle with Mugen, in front of these dirty excuses for human beings is a travesty!...

Pugh: The fact that you people sit around and doubt me is staggering - but be glad I'm even here. When I'm here, you all feel the trickle down of my power.

Pugh:The most exciting, complete, ferocious professional wrestler in the history of time and space - the man who turned flaking into an art form and then turned that art form into the best Wrestlution Main Event in history...

Pugh: What I do is legendary - and the very fact that I choose to do it here should be celebrated... and tonight Drago.

Pugh:...Bring your best - because you might be the King of OCW - but I'm the King of the ######### Universe.

He launches the microphone into the crowd and raises the OCW World Heavyweight Championship above his head

The camera pans to the announce team.

Big words from the World Champion!

He should keep his words soft and sweet! he might have to eat them!!!

We find Flynn backstage looking through his bag. He takes out all sorts of things from it; a wallet, a jacket, t-shirt, drum sticks, etc. He shakes his head as he frantically starts tossing things out the bag. He growls as he throws the last thing out, as he's unable to find what he's looking for.

Flynn: WHERE IS IT???

He throws the bag against the wall.


Flynn starts screaming and storms off the room.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Someone's missing his Xanies!!!

It ain't me I got mine!!! (shakes bottle)


It's a Match!
Tyler Rose vs Charles Young

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Thats going to sting in the morning!

Gawd Dam!!!!! Not the match but I think I heard that Tune somewhere before!!!

Riot is jammed packed tonight as the world is waiting to see the OCW championship match which is taking place later in the night. However backstage, Leon is sat in the hallway on his phone when he is interrupted.

Tre Golden:
"Well look what we have here."

Tre Golden comes barging in. Leon doesn't acknowledge Tre.

Tre Golden:
"I just came to wish you good luck before our match tonight Leon."

Leon laughs but doesn't look at Tre.

"I highly doubt that Tre."

Tre Golden:
"You're right. Tonight I am going to make a statement Leon and after I beat you? You and everybody else will start to take me seriously."

Leon doesn't respond. You can tell Tre is getting frustrated.

Tre Golden:
"and what's this about you going after the North American championship? I been after that belt for months and it's mine. Not yours , not Tobins but mine.

Leon gets out his headphones and plugs them into his phone.

Tre Golden:
"You see what I did to Kass and Xander? They didn't take me seriously and now look at them and where is this order 66 at? You and Parker went on about an order 66 and I don't see S**T"

Leon just isn't paying any attention. Tre is angry and frustrated.

Tre Golden:

Leon stands up while taking out his headphones. He looks at Tre.

"Order 66 is basically me just kicking your ass Tre. It's something me and Parker do when people like you get out of line."

You want people to take you seriously? Just stop talking and instead of saying you are going to do something why don't you actually do it? All you are right now is talk Tre."

Tre Golden is now truly frustrated.

Tre Golden:
"I will beat you Leon."

"The last time you told me that I beat both you and Nathan in the same match all on my own."

"You have ran your mouth and now you have been given the opportunity. So you want to make a statement? Then do it!"

Leon leaves Tre to think about what he just said. You can see that Tre is ready for this match.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Legend vs Young Lion!

It's on later tonight!

Scene opens to Versus and Ed are walking down the streets of Prague, Ed using GPS on an iPad, and Versus using a traditional map. Versus is struggling to hold the map up using one hand, the other is eating an ice cream cone.

Ed: You know this would be easier if you put the ice cream cone down.

Versus: Wouldn't be as tasty. Apparently, you've never hunted for someone before...you don't find anyone, ever, on an empty stomach. Write that down, that's a keeper.

Ed: Sure thing.

Ed pretends to write something down on his hand.

Versus: So, according to this map, we're like two blocks from a place that makes Prague crepes. We could swing by there an..

Ed: V! Focus man, we're near, everyone we asked says that the guy that has the panda face paint is somewhere around here, and that his house has the largest fence that they have...

Ed notices that Versus is stopped, and is leaning against a fence that must be at least 8' tall, with an "M" monogram at the entrance.

Ed: You think this could be the place?

Versus turns around to see the "M" monogram, and giant fence. He nods a bit in approval and begins to walk to the speaker box.

Ed: Wait! What the hell are you doing?

Versus: Ringing the bel....ooooooohhhhhhh, yep...yep...I'm with you. Don't ask for an invitation in.

Ed: Ya think?

Versus jumps up and clears the fence with relative ease. The camera focuses on Ed who makes one attempt to jump over the fence.

Ed: Nope! Ok, so I'll figure another way in. Just go get in there somehow, get past Mugen, and get Jay outta there.

Versus: Check.

Ed:...and whatever you do, don't use the...

The sound of knocking at a door can be heard.

Ed:...door. Ugh...

Ed picks up his phone and speed dials a number as he's walking out of scene.

Ed:Birdie? Hi....

The camera focuses back on Versus who is eating the remainder of his ice cream cone and knocking at a grand front door, with yet another "M" Monogram on it.

Versus:Hellllooooooooo? Anyone there?

The door begins to open, and Versus looks elated.

Versus:Dude, perfect! How'd you know I was here, this is gonna be way easier than I thought...

Suddenly, you hear someone out of frame.


Just then a barrage of darts come shooting out of the doorway and into Versus chest. The camera focuses and it's in the shape of a smiley face.

Versus:What the hell man?! When did you become such a good sh...sh...

Versus shakes his head, trying to fight the effects of the darts in his chest. He starts to stumble around, and falls forward onto the doorway, using it to keep himself standing. Suddently, Versus phone begins to ring and he stumbles to grab it, the screen shows the Majin "M".

Versus:Heyyyyy Margey...Majo...Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Majin:Hey, where are you? You knew I was coming back tonight right?

Versus: Pshhhht life...ya know...havetoshaveJay...dartgun

Majin: Are you high? Wait, of course you are...this isn't the time for jokes man. Where are you? Where were you?

Versus: Icecreamcone...mouthtastersshhh

Majin: You can never take anything seriously can you?!

Versus: Shhhlf...smileyfacedarts...

Majin: Whatever man, I thought we were brothers, and you'd rather be somewhere getting messed up as usual...I see how it is.

Versus: Youseenmyunicorn? Onetime...on the ferris wheel...Idontknowwhoyou...thinkYOUareBurtReynolds but...butthatsmycheeseburger!

Versus drops his phone and falls to his knees, still mumbling things about food and Burt Reynolds. The voice from out of frame begins to speak again.

...:Bring him in.

A figure walks out of the doorway, still carrying a dartgun. The man puts the dartgun into his pocket and walks towards Versus.

The camera turns and gets an angle on the man picking up Versus, and it's none other than Our Hero, JCS. Mugen steps out from the doorway, smiling.

Mugen: Put him in the cube.

Jay puts Versus over his shoulder and walks into the house. Mugen smiles and takes a deep breath in, his face showing a prideful grin.

Mugen: Ohhh Prague...you never disappoint me.

Scene closes with Mugen walking into his compound and closing the door with the camera focused on the "M" Monogram.

The camera pans to the announce team.