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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Riot Episode 444! LIVE FROM THE HEART OF MANHATTAN!

It's gonna be a banger tonight! we got Championship matches ans great bouts!

You said it with Summercide just around the corner OCW is heating up for the hottest party of the Summer!

And it starts HERE!

The Camera Pans To The Ramp

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The recently crowned World Heavyweight Champion and reigning North American Champion looks around at the crowd.

He wipes his face with his hand, unable to imagine that this was reality. He grabs a mic from an official.

He tries to start speaking but is interrupted by the crowd chanting his name, almost to a deafening volume. He laughs and motions for them to settle down.

Drago Cesar: How thing can change so much in so little time! Going from being North American Champion.......to King of OCW.......and now World Heavyweight Champion.......is one hell of journey. I know is going to sound like, uh, how you say.....

Drago scratches his head.

Drago Cesar: Cliche, yes? But if not for every single person here.....

Drago points to everyone in the crowd, turning to each side.

Drago Cesar: ...Chanting my name, making voice heard, then this would never happen.

Drago puts the mic down for a second as he takes in the crowd popping for him. He nods as he resumes talking.

Drago Cesar: Pughffer Fish thought he was best in OCW. Thought he was best in universe. Think he special because he had to survive war with the Mugen.

Drago Cesar: You forgot that I'm had to do double duty in King of OCW, I'm had to survive HELL with Dinosaur King! You complain that title match was on free TV, insult these people!

Drago Cesar: Yet I'm not complain even when Mugen put me in handicap North American Championship match!

Drago Cesar: Why? I'm know he desperate to get this off me, because he could never be real champion like me!

Drago Cesar: He spend months living lie, thinking he was true champion. But he KNOW in back of his head that he could never be called champ. So when I'm come back and take North American Championship, it was worst nightmare for him.

Drago Cesar: So even if I'm lose against Savage U tonight, least I could call myself real champion! I'm said months ago that I'm defend it against anybody, and same hold true for tonight!

Drago Cesar: If it have to be 2 on 1, 3 on 1, 100 on 1, don't matter! I will fight, even if my arms and legs were broken......It was what I was born to do.

Drago paces around the ring.

Drago Cesar: And if you think tha-

Drago is cut off by a familiar song.....

The Camera Pans To The Ramp

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Pugh saunters about the ring in front of the newly crowned OCW Champion as the white hot crowd bustles with anticipation. He points at Drago and wags his finger

Pugh: Boy you're spending too much time thinking about Mugen here... Mugen isn't on this level - Mugen isn't on this plane.

He points at the World Title

Pugh: Mugen wants it because he can't have it. You know why he can't have it?

Drago shrugs

Pugh: ...because that's mine. My property... now I'm very pleased that you brought it to the arena tonight - security is a bitch - but you can hand it back now... turn it over... make with it...

Pugh stretches his arms out as the crowd boo. A confused smile crosses Drago's face

Pugh:... back where it belongs. C'mon...

The crowd continue to boo as Pugh nods at Drago, mouthing "good boy". Drago shakes his head and pats the title


He points at the X-Tron as his high pitched whimper pierces the very foundations of the arena.

We see footage of last week's World Championship Match where Drago hits the Tiger Uppercut on an airborne Pugh - knocking down the referee in the process

Pugh: See! SEE! That official was clearly concussed - in no fit state to make a rational call to signal the end of a Championship Match and for that reason... THE ENDING OF THIS MATCH SHOULD BE DISREGARDED!

Drago smiles as the crowd boo the insanity of the former Champion


Pugh lurches forward to grab the World Title and Drago immediately sidesteps him. Pugh quickly dusts himself off and tries again, before being sidestepped again. This sequence continues again, but this time we're interrupted by some more music

The Camera ONCE again Pans to The Ramp!

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Mugen: Why don't you two shut the hell up especially you dummy.

Mugen points at Pugh to a slight roar from the crowd.

Mugen: No, seriously, if I have to hear from the lead candidate in a European remake of Coming to America and............I don't even have anything witty to call you Pauly P. You just plain suck.

Mugen pokes Pugh in the chest as he walks in a circle around his two adversaries.

Mugen: Now, Pauly the Pedophile, I couldn't help but hear you get two things wrong before. 1.

Mugen holds up one finger as he continues to pace around Pugh and Drago.

Mugen: That belt is not your property. It's not Drago's property. It's OCW's property. And since I own OCW.....according to the theory of transitive properties. I technically own the belt no matter what. True story.

Mugen holds up a second finger now.

Mugen: 2. I'm not on your level? Me? Moi? Not on your level? Really?

Mugen stops for a moment and starts laughing almost to the point that he is hunched over.

Mugen: Oh you make me laugh. Wasn't I the one in complete control of our match a few weeks ago? Wasn't I the one who ruptured your eardrum and nearly broke your face off your face? You say I'm not on your level, yet, here we are and neither of us have the OCW World Championship around our waists. Which.........

Mugen points at Drago.

Mugen: Leads to you. I don't really hate you, in fact I kind of resp............

Mugen starts laughing again this time to the point that he is almost on one knee.

Mugen: I'm sorry, I make myself laugh, I don't respect you. Which is why, you will be facing two of the most Savage people on our roster.

Mugen pokes Drago in the chest as well.

Mugen: Good luck buddy.

Mugen drops the mic as he leaves the ring. He looks back at the ring at Drago and Pugh and stares them down.


The camera pans to the announce team.

Talk about an opening salvo!!

This is only going to get worse!