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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to another night of OCW!!!

I'm still trying to get over Summercide it was one for the ages!

But like all things in OCW we got to keep moving forward!

It's now time for the Summercide 2016, Fallout!!!

Camera Pans To The Ramp!

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As Mugen circles the ring he is greeted by Molly, Dimsmore, AJ Phoenix and Lacy who were waiting ringside and are clapping for the new champion. Smiles across all the faces except Dimsmore, this little celebration is getting off to a great start.

As mostly boos rain down from the crowd, Mugen throws the belt over his shoulders and pats the belt. He looks over to Molly as he is laughing, who hands over a microphone with The Purge logo on it.

Mugen: O C W. Welcome to The Era of the Overlord. This is not the Golden Era that you all loved dearly, this is not the Ambition Era that produced stars we know and love, this is not the short lived Savage Era, hell The Era of Drago lasted a MATTER OF WEEKS.

Mugen: Summercide was the unofficial start to The Annual Purge and you better believe that I will hold on to this lovely championship for a lonnnng time.

Mugen starts laughing as he walks around the ring for a moment. With the rest of The Purge surrounding him, he feels virtually bulletproof.

Mugen: Now, don’t get it twisted, this is not me claiming a championship from an injured employee of mine nor is this me gifting myself a championship. I AM YOUR UNDISPUTED OCW WORLD CHAMPION AND…………….I did it at the expense of your beloved Drago Cesar.

The crowd roars at the mention of Drago but boos start to rain down as the disrespect towards Drago.

Mugen: I can go on and on and on about who I want to thank for bringing me to the promised land of obtaining this championship but I am going to limit myself to just 5 things.

Mugen holds up 5 fingers.

Mugen: Number 1, ME. ME ME ME ME ME. I put my body, my soul, my heart on the line and worked my ass off to win this belt.

Mugen takes away a finger and looks at Molly who jumps up in joy.

Mugen: Number 2, my dearest Molly. Thank you for sticking with me, thank you for sticking with the plan this whole time and seeing it through with me.

Mugen leaves 3 fingers up on his hand.

Mugen: Number 3, ME. This is just to remind myself of how great I am again.

Mugen and the rest of the Purge start laughing.

Mugen: Number 4, my family back home and my family in the ring here. Look at what we have accomplished Dimsmore and Lacy in just the past few months that we have been in power. We are a FORCE. WE CAN NOT BE STOPPED. Ill admit it, we might have setbacks here and there but WE ALWAYS GET THE JOB DONE.

Mugen looks at AJ Phoenix and puts his hand out for a handshake. With a smile on his face, AJ shakes Mugen’s hand.

Mugen: I didn’t forget about you my friend. How did it feel OCW Universe when I announced my brand new business relationship with Mr. AJ Phoenix.

The crowd start to boo heavily at this new friendship.

Mugen: Oh please, you guys loved him! The Sensei could do no wrong for you but now…..now you are going to boo him because he's aligned with me? Dummies.

Mugen: AJ Phoenix and I come from a similar upbringing, a similar culture of thought and hell, rich people hang out with other rich people. That's just how the world works.

Mugen laughs as AJ Phoenix nods in agreement.

Mugen: Now, the last person I would like to thank is…...Mr. Sensation. Thank you for being a loser. Thank you for letting me know that even on my worst day, I am better than you. Thank you for letting me know that I have done everything that you can't and won't. I have the money, the power, the gold, the gal, and this group. I am the literal embodiment of excellence. I'm the one who should be revered as a hero, not Our Zero Sensation.

Mugen: Speaking of losers, I have to talk about Rev Inc and The Skwad. How dare you. How dare both of you idiotic groups RUIN MY CROWNING MOMENT.

Mugen: Not only do we have a faction with a bunch of losers and has been legends. Now we have a fraudulent "shkwad" consisting of the ambiguously gay duo, a couple whores, a brat, two coneheads and a whiny DUMMY. Jesus christ, shoot me now.

Mugen forms a gun with his fingers and puts it next to his hand. Then he points at his belt.

Mugen: You know what this means? I'm in freaking power more ways than one and I WILL NOT LET YOU SLIDE. Your little mean girls feud is pissing me off and I will personally END It!

Mugen: Do you dummies here me I will END..........

The Xtron Flickers On As Mugen Is Cut Off!

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During the entrance from the Skwad, the members of The Purge have cleared the ring and started bantering back and forth with the Skwad members.

As all the members of The Skwad are in the ring, Casey pulls a microphone from her back pocket and hands it over to Majin.

Majin: Mugen, Mugen, Mugen, you might think you did something special at Summercide but.........you weren't the only one that shocked the world at Summercide......

As Majin points at each and every member of The Skwad a familiar theme starts to play in the arena......

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The camera pans to the announce team.



The Super S Cup 2016


The camera pans to the announce team.

Are you excited? Because I'm excited!

Who you telling?

An exhausted Mugen, Dimsmore and AJ Phoenix are seen backstage trying to catch their breath from the brawl outside. Not far behind are Molly and Lacy.

Mugen: Jesus Christ, you see how many of them were out there? What was that like 15 people?

Dimsmore nods as he knocks down a large stack of heavy duty storage boxes in frustration. At that moment Stacy Clarke runs up to The Purge members with a microphone in hand.

Stacy: Care to elaborate on what happened out there?

Mugen: What happened? What happened? Jesus, Stacy they are who we thought they were. A bunch of savage, ungrateful, pitiful excuses of human life forms.

Lacy grabs the arm of Stacy and pulls the microphone towards her.

Lacy: The actions of Rev Inc and The Skwad were de-despi-despi......TERRIBLE. They will pay for this!

Mugen grabs the microphone out of Stacy's hand this time.

Mugen: I know what this is about.

Mugen reaches back for his OCW World Title that Molly is holding and drapes it over his shoulder.

Mugen: You want this....

Mugen pats the belt.

Mugen: Guess what, I won it fair and square and NOBODY is going to take it away. How dare you jealous degenerates ruin MY MOMENT.

Mugen: Rev Inc. Skwad. You guys and gals are fighting the wrong war. As of this moment, I am making it my mission to destroy all of you. We may lack in numbers at the moment, but trust me, we do not lack in destructiveness.

At that moment, something behind Stacy catches the attention of Mugen.

Mugen: Hey kid!

The cameras turn around to reveal Kassidy Hayes casually walking in the hallways. He stops to look back at Mugen and The Purge.

Mugen: I like what ya did out there at Summercide. Anybody who can beat up a client of mine means that they are doing something right.

Kassidy: Thanks, I guess?

Mugen: No need to thank me, how about you come take a walk with us. Let's walk and talk.

Kassidy looks hesitant at first as he looks back and forth between the Purge and the hallway of doors. Mugen gestures for him to "Come on" and take a walk. Eventually, Kassidy walks calmly towards Mugen who promptly pats him on the back.

Mugen: That's what I'm talking about.

The scene fades out to black.

The camera pans to the announce team.

This is turning into gang wars!