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The camera pans to the announce team.

Summer may be over but OCW still keeps it hot!

Welcome to Episode 449, on the eve of the BIGGEST RIOT IN THE HISTORY OF OCW!!!

We are setting the table if you will, and as always tonight OCW looks to impress!

Lets get started!!!

Camera Pans To Ramp

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The Overlord of the OCW, The Messiah of the Multiverse and Metaverse, The Lord of the Lariat, Mugen pulls a microphone from his Championship Robe.

Mugen: Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you haven't missed me too much since last week. I know, I may not have ended on a high note after.............Drago's actions. BUT, nonetheless, I am still your Overlord and still your OCW World Champion so HA DRAGO SUCK IT.

Mugen calms himself down with a breathing exercise.

Mugen: Let me focus on the positives. So, at this moment, I'd like to take this time out to introduce you to the new and improved, Purge. Look at us, look at who I am surrounded by. I am surrounded by excellence, by championships, by proven experience, by high potential and by UNLIMITED DESTRUCTIVENESS.

Mugen points at each and every member of the Purge that is in the ring and claps for them. Mugen then walks over to Molly and puts his arm around her shoulders as he casually points at Lacy and Dimsmore.

Mugen: Of course around my arms is my ride or die chick who needs no introduction but I'm pointing at my right hand man over there and his lovely lady. This guy has been The General since Day 1 of the Purge. The first person who understood my vision of a perfect OCW. And, oh my friend, we are almost there.

Lacy: And to this day, we are continuing to strive towards our vision of a perfect OCW. And Lord Mugenta will lead ALL of us to the promised land.

Dimsmore walks up to Lord Mugen, remaining stoic as always. Dimsmore extends he hand to Mugen, Mugen grins as he returns the favor for a "Brotherhood" like handshake where they grasp each others forearms. Once they are done, Dimsmore returns to Lacy's side.

Mugen nods in approval as he motions towards The Sensei, AJ Phoenix.

Mugen: The Sensei. We have been familiar with each other for years and for you to finally be on my side of a war, I really appreciate it. You bring plentiful insight and experience that even a man of my intelligence can not overlook.

Mugen walks over to AJ Phoenix and they exchange a firm handshake. Mugen then turns and points at Amazing Pine & Bertha.

Mugen: Wilma, your brothers were my trainers and your new found friendship with Bertha made it an easy decision to bring you into the fold. As we all saw on Turmoil, these girls are a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH. What should I be calling you girls?

Amazing Pine leans into the microphone that Mugen is pointing in their direction.

Amazing Pine: All the little girls in the back can refer to us as The Poets of Pain.

Bertha, Amazing Pine and Mugen all share a hearty laugh as Mugen works his way to the next newest member of The Purge, Kassidy Hayes and pats him on the shoulders.

Mugen: Kassidy, one of my newest recruits. You did a good job last week taking care of Versus, bet he didn't expect you to be the one to shoot him with darts.

Mugen and Kassidy laugh at the events of last week when Versus went sleepy bye once again.

Mugen: You have placed me in a very interesting position because as most of you know, Tre Golden, the man you beat at Summercide, is actually one of my clients at the C4 Sports Agency.

Mugen looks at the camera and nonchalantly shrugs.

Mugen: Oops I guess? See, I like to surround myself around winners and Kassidy here, is a winner. And as a result of winning, you get to pick a punishment for Tre. Now what will it be?

Mugen leans over to the side of Kassidy's head and starts whispering something into his ears.

Kassidy: TRE! Your punishment has been Decided. Dupree lost his Marvelous hair to my brother Dimsmore and now your Not so Marvelous Afro is tamed. No one is respecting the fro because your fro needs to be tied TIGHT! KEEP IT TIGHT! Call me the fro tamer and braid that hair until or if ever, you win the NA Title.

Mugen: Exactly, well put, I couldn't have said it better.

Mugen finally moves down the line to a very eager looking Anthony Baker who is covered in paint on his face and body.

Mugen: Um.....I wasn't going to say anything but I really can't ignore it anymore. What's with all the paint son?

Anthony: Dad! Well I thought that you know since we are a father and son duo now, we could you know, bond over face painting and stuff.

Mugen's expression turns to a combination of concern and confusion, lets call it concefersion.

Mugen: You know what son, I'm gonna let you speak right now. Tell everybody in the back how you feel champ.

Mugen flips the microphone over towards his "son" Baker.

Anthony Baker: *Clears throat* Ahem. Dingleberrys and Squirrels.

He begins to pace back and forth in the ring.

Anthony Baker: You see, since I found my Asian dad over there I've been thinking lately. I actually think it's more of a calling.. A Purge calling if I may say.

The crowd instantly started to boo Baker.

Anthony Baker: HELLO?! What're you all booing about?! This is a good thing! A very good thing. And a big change! A change for this entire company! Look at all of us.

He gestures towards all of the other Purge members behind him.

Anthony Baker: This is what success looks like. Especially with a few of these.

He taps on Mugen's belt before raising his own.

Anthony Baker: You dingleberrys, didos, Analbeads. butt plugs. Any of you. Don't know what it is in store... But it's..... PURGING TIME! This is The Era of the Overlord and you better understand that it's also the Era of the Purge. Beware.

He looks over at his "dad" before handing the mic back to Mugen and just sitting in the middle of the ring, smiling at the camera. As Mugen receives the microphone back from Baker, he flashes a big grin for the cameras.

Mugen: The group of talented individuals that stand here WITH me.......we are not some "squad" of misfits and half-witted DUMMIES and we are certainly not some faux corporate revolution. We are the uncontrollable tsunami wave that will wipe OCW clean of the weak, and when it is all said and done, the only ones standing tall will be us. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are The Purge.

A smirk forms for the camera as he looks at the rest of his comrades. The smirk fades away as the X-Tron starts to flicker and the Rev Inc Logo turns on.

Mugen: NO NO NO NO, YOU SONS OF.........

The logo fades out and a video feed of Drago from somewhere backstage starts to roll.

Drago: I want something that you have The Mugen.

Mugen is shaking his head repeatedly saying "no no no" as Drago continues.

Drago: Give me match NOW.

Mugen: Instead of a match with me, you can have a match with DEEZ. CUT THE FEED DUMMIES!

The video feed is cut from the X-tron as Mugen is still visibly fuming in the ring. The scene cuts away from the ring as Mugen is still trying to figure out how Rev Inc. were able to hijack the X-tron feed.

The camera pans to the announce team.

All tough talk till he is called out huh!

How do you have a job here being so disrespectful?

Previously Recorded!

We fade in to the Harambe Mobile, where Flynn is driving whilst Matt Sheldon is sleeping in the passenger seat. Flynn seems to be drifting between staying awake and sleep, his head keeps dropping and popping back up. He slaps himself in the face pretty hard, causing him to reel back a bit. The noise stirs Sheldon. He yawns and looks around.

Matt Sheldon: We at Ohio yet?

Flynn: Only have a few more miles left til we take the exit. Then he shouldn't be too far.

Matt Sheldon: Good! Now when we get there; I need you to do me a favor....Just stay in the car while I talk to the guy.

Flynn: W-Why? Are we in trouble?

Matt Sheldon: No, don't be silly. Just trust me on this one.

Flynn shrugs.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Oh dear!

I feel this can only end poorly!

The X-Tron Flickers On!

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Well then looks like we got ourselves a match!

This gonna be interesting!

The SKWAD locker room door swings opens faster than the legs of Madison Cox when she sees a good credit score. It’s the OCW North American Champion Leon Valentine making an energetic entrance. He practically runs over to Tiberius Dupree, sitting next to him like the best of bros.

I think I’ve found it Dupree!

Tibby just looks at him, Leon’s enthusiasm reflecting off his shiny bald forehead.

Leon: The Necronomicon, The Book of the Dead! Guy Fausto never burned it, we can bring your hair back, you don’t have to suffer anymore my friend.

The theme of Dia de los Muertos plays in Tibby head, and he starts humming it. Leon takes this as instant approval.

Leon: All we have to do, is go to this bookstore in Chinatown and not that south Detroit museum that idiot Deuce told Willow over the phone. Now I know it’s Purge territory, but I figure we can get in and out before anyone knows we’re there…what do you say?

Dupree: If you turn on me then join General Tso’s Army I will travel back in time and dropkick your fetus.

Leon: I don’t think that will happen, let’s go.

The NA Champ puts on his driving gloves, grabs his NA Title and waits by the door for Tibby who seems to be moving through time at his own speed.

Dupree: They better have some bourbon chicken.

Before Leon and Tibby can leave, nearly every member of the SKWAD chimes in with orders for Chinese food. I guess eating The Purge’s lunch just isn’t enough so we fade to black.

The camera pans to the announce team.

You can't use the Necronomicon to bring back hair!

What do you know? Have you ever raised the dead? NO EXACTLY, SHUTUP!