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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome everyone to the first Riot of Season 12!!!! Coming to you from our NEW HOME in MADISON SQUARE GARDEN!!!!

MUGEN DID IT!!!!! OCW is rolling in the green and Mugenta Corp has sealed a deal with MSG Inc, to host all of Riot Shows this is amazing! SUCK IT SENSATION!!!!

That's very inaccurate, but never the less we have a great show for you today as OCW KICKS SEASON 12 OFF!!!!


The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

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Drago grabs a mic from an official and surveys the crowd. He notices that the crowd is split; half seems to be shouting "Vengeance" while the other half is chanting "Glory". Drago nods and strokes his chin. Drago raises one arm toward one side of the crowd.

Drago Cesar:

One part of the crowd pops.

Drago raises the other arm toward the crowd.

Drago Cesar:
....or Glory?

The other part of the crowd cheers.

Drago Cesar:
Sensation, I'm have to give you little bit of credit. Your ultimatum made me think little bit. Actually made me think a lot......

The crowd listens intently.

Drago Cesar:
....Made me think how much you are fool for think I would turn on my comrade. One thing you should know about me, I'm never fight for glory. I'm fight because is who I am, if I'm like it or not. You can say you are "sorry" all you want, I'm still have to get even with you! No matter what you do, no matter how many people you have on your side, you can't stop the Revolution! And I will take my v-

The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

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Dennis and Madison receive a standing ovation when Dennis raises an arm. The crowd begins to boo when Madison raises both of hers. Though they download pictures of her constantly, they still hate her. She looks to him and shrugs before handing him the mic.

You are correct, Drago. The Revolution cannot be stopped. Our enemies have the numbers and attack us when we are down. But we overcome. In the eyes of many, we are the underdogs in this war.

Dennis pauses as the audience starts to chant ‘Underdoug’. He and Madison look to each other for a moment before he continues,

Somewhere, Skwad and The Purge are licking their wounds trying to remember what an important win feels like. But that's not why I'm out here.

Dennis begins to walk down the ramp.

I couldn't help but escape this feeling that you were going to choose Vengeance over glory. That doesn't sit well with me. You see…

Dennis stops at the bottom of the ramp.

Mr. Sensation can try to overlook me all he wants, but I've been seeking glory the moment I stepped foot into OCW. My thunder was stolen at Summercide, and then again at the Twelve year Anniversary. But not at Devil’s Night. I refuse.

Dennis points at Drago in the ring. Madison winces behind his back, disapproving of all of this.

I need you to choose glory. Beating on a man who is too weak willed to make his own decisions will leave you empty inside. Choose glory and you will see that I am no mere Pawn, but the King of OCW.

Drago Cesar: You are fool. Can't you see what Sensation is doing? He is trying to cause rift between you and me, us and Revolution. If you and me are out of picture, then who know what will happen to rest of Revolution. If don't understand what is going on, then you are lost! I'm can't choose glory. I was never about glory back then, and not now.

Dennis: What a surprise! The great Drago Cesar, once the pinnacle of this company, now a coward! Now you're just trying to make me look an idiot, aren't you? I'm not worth your time?

Drago Cesar: I'M TRY TO HELP YOU!

Drago leaves the ring and gets in Dennis' face.

Drago Cesar:
Why can't you see what you doing? Look at her.

Drago points to Madison, who is shaking her head.

Drago Cesar:
She think you are fool just like me and rest of Rev. Inc. You really think you are making right choice?

Drago Cesar: .....or maybe you were never for Revolution. Maybe you always were for yourself, not care about your friends or who you might hurt. Remember when the Mugen almost tear you apart? Who was there to save you? Think. We're supposed to be comrades, but if you continue down this path......

Drago just shakes his head and drops his mic, Dennis turns as Drago passes him by, but Madison quickly grabs on Dennis's arm, preventing him from catching up to Drago just as Drago is about to exit the ring!

The Camera Pans To The Ramp!

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The Crowd EXPLODES INTO HOLY **** Chants!
After nearly a year away Our Hero has finally returned to Riot!!!!

Our Hero paces around the ring surveying the area the former Champion Drago looks like a caged animal, he is fighting every urge in his being not to lash out at Our Hero. Dennis and Madison look on with brows furrowed!

Our Hero cautiously picks up the Microphone that Drago has previously dropped. Riot 451 has hit a FEVER PITCH as the crowd is on there feet chanting "WE WANT VEN-GENCE, WE WANT GLORY!"

Our Hero: I suppose I should thank you for not trying to rip my head off. But be forwarned hunter, This isn't the frail old man that went Toe To Toe with the Champion Mugen...I am...Different now......

Our Hero:
And time is running out....Mugen isn't here today so I find myself back here, back home in NEW YORK CITY!!!

The Crowd Cheers!

Our Hero:
As the arbiter of information. You see despite your inner struggle with Vengence and Dennis Blacks attempts are Glory. We must face facts, I am part of the Purge and Mugen is my Overlord, but understand this! You said my apology meant nothing, you cared not for the horrors I faced alone.....such honor Drago, such compassion......

The Crowd Boos

Our Hero: You see even as part of The Purge even with my will binded to The Overlord I am still Our Hero, I am Still Mr.Sensation, I am still the man who built this god damned company brick by freaking brick, from bingo hall back to the promise land.

Our Hero: Granted as it stands I must do the Overlords bidding as I am compelled to. That doesn't stop my free-will.

Our Hero: And my free will is going to tell you now that Mugen is afraid, he is terrified The Purge is reeling, He wants everyone to think he took the week off that he is in Maldeves, or Helsinki, or Tokyo or Purna, or wherever the hell he goes to to feel better about himself, but the fact is The Purge is just about done!

Our Hero: Last week Revolution Inc proved without a shadow of a doubt they are the dominant faction. Clean sweeping The Purge!!!!! Isn't it strange how we now find Jackson going after Mr.Blacks TV Championship!

Dennis Black looks at Our Hero who shrugs!

Our Hero: Isn't it strange Bertha Stiggletz tried to Stooge her way into a W over Sophia? Isn't it strange that rather then facing the OCW WORLD CHAMPION at Devils Night you are instead trying to make the choice between Vengence or Glory?

Our Hero: Are you so blind? The Purge is on life support. My Son in Law put Mr.Blood Tassels in the ground! Mr. Chocolate sent Anthony Baker right back into the Kitchen!!!.

Our Hero: It's too late for me....The Overlord has his tendrils in my psyche!!

Our Hero: But there is still hope for both of you....... You and Dennis are the Super S Cup Champions.... Open your eyes Drago...You can't be this blind...You can't be this stupid!!!!

Drago's eyes flash with red as he readies up nose to nose with Our Hero!

Both men are nose to nose as the crowd is once again at a fever pitch. Not one to play third wheel Dennis Black Jumps in between both men. The situation is proving volatile. As security rushes down to seperate the 3 men! Our Hero once again shouts into the mic!


The camera pans to the announce team.

Holy crap that was tense!

It's all part of Mugenta's master plan!

The Camera Pans To The Back!

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The camera pans to the announce team.

What the hell, that's uncalled for!

No chance in hell he is going to be able to compete tonight!

Prince Xander walks in front of the camera with a stern face ready to voice his first thoughts in OCW.

Prince Xander: Now many of you have not ever seen me before. Hell, some of you haven’t even heard my name, but let me make this very very VERY clear! I am not just some new guy on the scene who has no idea what in god’s name he is doing. I have wrestled around the world in damn near every place you can think about.

Prince Xander: What I do know is I’m not here to play games or make any friends. I am here set on one path; and that path is to win some OCW gold. And I already have my eyes on my first prize a title that I already KNOW belongs to me!

Xander giving a facial expression showing he is getting frustrated.

Prince Xander: Me being royalty of OCW I deserve a title I mean look at me. I’m great looking, can do just about anything better than anybody in this damn company, AND I can put on one hell of a match when I show you all very soon.

Prince Xander: Now I am the best cruiserweight to ever grace this company. And I have my eyes set on the light heavyweight championship; which has been disgraced already by letting some foul peasant Jookie Marley be the first champion absolutely pathetic. Now this is a personal message to YOU Jookie, I am coming for your title, I am coming for your pride, and most of all I am going to show the entire world sooner or later your reign as champion was a fluke.

Prince Xander walks away with a glowing grin after he gives his first royal decree.

The camera pans to the announce team.

Shot calling already?

Hah kids never learn!

Speaking of never learns. Charles Young and TJB took out Samsin earlier, and as such he will not be able to compete tonight!

It's ok Old Man Canada gets the returning ring General Wes Pepperton!


It's a Match!
Wes Pepperton vs Charles Young

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Gonna need a chiropracter after that!