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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to Episode 479

480 is next week!!! Can you belive it?

Everyday is another Blessing Al!

You rite! And with that we have a great show for you tonight! So lets stop yacking! and start the show!

One of OCW’s most tenacious woman music hits. A dead silence fills the entire arena as the presence of the most beautiful and most dangerous beast walks down the aisle.

A few derogatory comments were made towards Heather from a man sitting near the ringside steps. She walks over towards him slowly and with no hesitation.

He stands up and steps back away from the barricade. He didn't realize how big her stature was until she came close to him.

She continues her way into the ring as a trickle of boos and flash photography pokes thru the… eerie silence in the arena. She stands dead center of the ring absorbing the unsettling energy the crowd is giving to her.

As lights turn on, she snaps her fingers and the ring announcer throws her a mic. She catches it with grace and then begins to speak.

Mark this day that this is the first time a woman has drawn real attention from you creatures.

Crowd boos.

I haven't really expressed myself the way I'd like to because I've been busy dealing with men in need of my assistance.

Heather: From the weak minded ex that is, H2O. To the mentally psychotic, Dennis Black. To the now the biggest and baddest specimen to walk the garden, Big Ed.

Heather: All of them has become better warriors because I've unleashed a beast that was within them.

Heather: Then last week, I ran into Holly Hunter; A real thoroughbred. She told me to put my effort towards being something better than who I am.

Heather: So now I'm here to tell you. That something is unleashing my own inner beast.

Heather takes a moment and struts around the square circle in her high heel stilettos.

She moves her hair from her eye to the back of her ear. The atmosphere from this very audience; she can tell is annoyed by her arrogance.

Eerie Sunshine. You're the reason why I really like to stand alone in life. Most women hate to see real women do something for themselves. They'll do anything to tear them down.

Heather: Do you realize that all this chaos that you and I have been involved in is off of sheer jealousy of me?

Heather: It's not my fault I'm focused on my career and you're focused on… whatever you and Anna like to focus on with each other.

Crowd says, “Ooooh”. Heather waves them off as if she said nothing bad.

I'm going to cut to the chase because it feels like I've already wasted enough of my valuable time with you Eerie.

Heather: In my eyes I thought I'd had to fight the best of the best to get to the top. But sometimes you have to do what you must to rid yourself of these crabs ass bi(beep)hes who want to keep you down.

Heather: So I've come to terms that if I want to embark on a journey to becoming OCW’s Women's Champion I will have to go one on one with people that are inferior sometimes.

Heather looks deeply into the camera. As if she was looking into your soul.

Eerie, I challenge you to go face to face with me at Summercide. I know you're used to fighting. But I don't think you're used to fighting for your life.

Heather: After facing me, I promise you'll never EVER disrespect me again.

Heather’s music, ”Till I Collapse” hits. She nods and raises her eyebrow as she makes her way out of the ring. The scene fades.

The camera pans to the announce team.

The gauntlet has been thrown down!

Oh I can't wait!


It's a Match!
Molly vs Kat

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Download here!

The camera pans to the announce team.

That Velocity!

Good heavens!

The scene opens on Wrex being interviewed (more so forced into it) on the upcoming match with Flipp. Or was it Kik? One of TKF anyway.

Jim Black So Wrex what's your gameplan going into this match?

Wrex Gonna drop him on his neck..

Jim Black What kind of strategy is that?

Wrex Can't kick out if you're paralyzed from the neck down.

Jim Black Aren't you supposed to be the good guy?

Wrex Okay can you explain this 'good guy' s**t to me please? I as much as I disagree with the wording of it steal my case from the guy who won it, which If I recall this match correctly was dressed as something resembling a Nazi for.

Wrex: Torment the guy for damn near a month to get a rematch for it and then win it. And I'm the good guy in all of this? How does this work?

Jim Black People hate Austin.

Wrex ...Yeah I guess that works. Still makes no sense to me though.

Jim Black Remember where you work Wrex?

Wrex Yeah suppose fans cheering for f**king Nazis probably isn't the strangest thing that'll happen here.

Jim Black You don't know the half of it. Anyway is that seriously your only plan?

Wrex Hey I just want to be out of here as quickly as possible. Break his neck, roll him up whatever.

Wrex: I got a vacation planned and I want to enjoy it. Gonna be hard to do if f**kstick kicks me in the face a lot. Beat him quick, go to Turmoil and I'm free for a few days. Now are we done yet?

Jim Black I suppose.

Wrex Great, F**k off.

The camera pans to the announce team.


Who the heck does he think he is?