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The camera pans to the announce team.

Welcome to the big one!

The super show as the road to Summercide winds down!

We got some bangers tonight!

Lets go!

The scene opens with Wrex arriving at the building after his extended trip home to find a missing Scottish League.

Jim Black Finally came back?

Wrex Yeah, was about as successful as the actual Scottish League, so a waste of my time. Anyway I'm back so what have I missed?

Jim Black Well Jack was fired from OCW

Wrex S**t seriously? This mean I'm finally gonna start getting payed again?

Jim Black Probably not.

Wrex Yeah that figures. Damn Turmoil budget cuts. Anything else?

Jim Black Drago is facing Dennis for the world title.

Wrex What? How the hell did that little spray tanned midget finally pull that one off?

Jim Black He.. kind of just took the contendership in a ladder match. He wasn't even in the match.

Wrex So he just shows up, takes it and we're running with it? Does it work like that?

Jim Black I have no idea.

Wrex Well that's great, so its Drago and Dennis? If the small one wins it does that mean we unify the belt? Hmm, I hope he pulls it off.

Jim Black Seriously?

Wrex Yeah, all the power to him. Go for it champ, beat Trance, beat Drago, beat the world. Or whatever it is he's doing this all for.

Jim Black Speaking of that show, you won't be on it. Got any idea why?

Wrex Yeah see, when I was away I was trying to figure that out. And I think I finally have it. See for the first time in a long time, since I've been here actually. I don't have anyone I'm fighting with, no clowns, no cancer.. no more clowns. No one I'm even that angry with actually. Besides Flipp that is, and I will rectify that at some point. But besides him, nothing bad going on. And that leads to the main issue.

Wrex pauses his point and takes a deep breath for dramatic effect before getting to the main point.

Wrex The main issue is, that's kind of a requirement to find any worthwhile work here. No one to fight, no one to go to war with hell no one to have some friendly rivalries with means no one's going to come watch you. And if you aren't drawing. You aren't working, that's why I am not working Summercide. It's not a huge loss, I can afford to skip one Summercide, there's always next year. But to make sure that this isn't the case next month I'm going to have to deal with this.

Jim Black So how do you deal with this issue of yours? 

Wrex It's simple Jimmy. I'm offering anyone or hell anything out there I don't judge, an able working body, for someone out there that's in my situation and that's looking for work an opportunity to go up against me.

Jim Black You really think someone is just going to come to you?

Wrex I really hope they do Jim, because if someone doesn't want to do this the easy way. I'll be forced to do this the hard way, I don't care if I have to drag someone kicking and screaming to the ring, I'm getting back on track and back to work one way or another because I am sick and tired of sitting on my ass watching. This can be an easy fix, or a living hell on earth. Its anyone's choice to make. That is all.

Jim Black Well if you need quick fix can't you just use the case?

Wrex No, that isn't happening, not yet. This is being saved for a very special day. Soon, but not now.

Jim Black Well, there you go. I think we're done here.

As the interview is being finished. A familiar face in a striped shirt walks on by.

Wrex Wasn't that that damn referee?

Jim Black Yeah, why?

Wrex Scuse me Jim, I have something to discuss.

The scene closes with Wrex running off in the direction of the ref. Probably still a little agitated about the whole Flipp thing.

The camera pans to the announce team.


I love it Scaggs!


It's a Match!
ACE vs ??????

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The camera pans to the announce team.

Good god almighty!


Scene opens with a completely nude El Segador standing in a lake. He moves his hands throughout the water and then splashes the water on his face.

Water is weak. Easily changed from what it once was. All it takes is inclement weather. Water is fickle, much like your claim to being the head rookie.

Segador: How quickly you gave that up. Was it the heat from Paul Pugh that evaporated that dream? Or the ice cold stare from Dennis Black that froze you in your tracks? We’ve all in been inside water, had our way with it. Something your former love has in common with water.

Segador: I respect you, H20. You're an athlete unlike any other I've done battle with in Mexico.

Segador approached the camera slowly as he exited the lake. His massive Mexican pride was blurred out. He then turned to face the lake. His backside was also blurred out. Segador glanced over his shoulder to look at the camera.

This is what I think of your claim to the lightweight Championship.
Segador let's his pee free, adding his fluids to the lake.

The camera pans to the announce team.

That isn't sanitary!

Nothing in OCW is!